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How to write blog posts that suck visitors in


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How to get out of debt fast.How to lose weitht counting calories,How to write blog posts that suck in traffic.

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How to write blog posts that suck visitors in

  1. 1. How to Write Blog Posts That SUCK Visitors In! Brought to You By: IMplrs.comIf You Want to Buy Private Label Rights to ThisReport, Please Click HereBONUS:Click Here To Download 10 FREE Private Label Articles onInternet Marketing!Limits of Liability / Disclaimer of Warranty:The authors of this information and the accompanyingmaterials have used their best efforts in preparing thiscourse. The authors make no representation or warrantieswith respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, orcompleteness of the contents of this course. They disclaimany warranties (expressed or implied), merchantability, orfitness for any particular purpose. The authors shall in noevent be held liable for any loss or other damages, includingbut not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or otherdamages.This manual contains information protected underInternational Federal Copyright laws and Treaties. Anyunauthorized reprint or use of this material is strictlyprohibited. We actively search for copyright infringementand you will be prosecuted.
  2. 2. --------Blogging is one of the most important things that you can doonline for your business. Whether youre using a blog as themain website for your business, or youre using it as a trafficbuilding device for other websites you need to learn to craftgreat blog posts.Blog posts can bring visitors into your website; visitors whowill join your feed and participate with your site in thefuture. When you take the time to create blog posts thatsuck visitors in, youll have a great foundation on which tobuild your online business.In this report, Ill show you the step by step process togetting your blog running and holding onto the visitors thatcome your way. Whether youve had a blog for a while andneed to update it, or youre brand new to blogging, youll beable to use my process to get traffic and potential buyers.Chapter 1: What is Blogging?Do you really know what a blog is and what it should do?Even if you have a blog, you may be missing the mark. I seea lot of bloggers out there who are making mistakes that arecosting them money. There is a big difference between ablog and other types of website. Blogs are a way ofcommunicating information but they are also about creatingcommunity.By paying attention to the quality of the blog you arecreating and getting your audience involved, youll be ableto create a community. When you have a community, youhave a ready market of buyers who will be more likely topurchase from you (or purchase your recommendations ifyoure an affiliate marketer).
  3. 3. If you think you can just throw a few articles up on yourblog and be done with it, youre wrong! Standard sites withstatic article pages dont create community and they dontcreate a ready body of customers. A blogging platform is notjust a substitute for HTML. If you use your blog like aregular site, youre leaving money sitting on the table.Chapter 2: What is a Sticky Blog?Not only does your blog need to create community but itneeds to be sticky as well. Stickiness is a term that webpublishers use to describe the ability for your blog to bringreturn visitors.Lets face it - there are a lot of websites out there frompeople to choose from! No matter what topic you choose,there are bound to be tons of other sites on the same topic.Your goal should be to make your blog stand out and getpeople coming back for more.When you create your blog and your posts, you have twospecific groups of people you need to be targeting - newvisitors and old visitors. New visitors need to be able toinstantly tell what your blog is about.
  4. 4. This means that you need to have a tagline at the top ofyour blog that explains your focus. This statement, displayedunder the title of your blog, will give your new visitors aninstant snapshot of what youre about. Make the sign up boxfor your RSS feed prominent and youll get new subscribers.Your old visitors need to be catered to as well. Keep yourcontent fresh and update your blog frequently. When youthink about it, each and every post you make is anopportunity to lose or keep visitors. Blog readers are fickle.If you dont provide them with something interesting andexciting to read, they will move on to the next blog on thesame topic. You need to approach each blog post withenthusiasm and a plan.Chapter 3: The PlanNow that you know a little about what a blog should be, itstime to create a plan to develop an exciting, visitorattracting blog that other people will want to link to. Themore that other people link to you, the more new trafficyoull get and the more youll have an opportunity to build arelationship with your readers.The plan for creating a winning blog with traffic pullingarticles is as follows:1. Create an attractive blog2. Brainstorm a list of traffic worthy topics and create aneditorial calendar3. Write quality posts that are interesting and buzz worthy4. Polish your work
  5. 5. After you read this report, youll be able to quickly and easilybring visitors to your blog again and again. This will give youthe potential customer base that you need to market yourproduct or be a successful affiliate for someone else.These are steps that Ive used time and time again to createblogs that not only draw traffic but build a real, responsivelist of customers. If you arent blogging this way, youredoing it wrong!Create an attractive blog:The content on your blog is the most important part of yoursite. But the package that the content comes in is almost asimportant. An ugly site with broken links and bad designchoices will have visitors leaving as fast as they can.It doesnt matter how good your content is if no one sticksaround to read it! Make your blog design choice carefullyand youll be able to display your content in a clean, easy toread format.Take a moment to look through some of the most popularblogs on the net in your niche. Just enter "keyword + blog"into a search engine and take a look at what you see. Youllinstantly be able to recognize the blogs that have the clean,simple look you should be going for.The design should be attractive but it shouldnt take awayfrom the content. It should be easy to read with dark typeon a light background.There are a wide variety of free blog templates availableonline. There are plenty of simple ones that you can use tocreate your blog. You can also opt to have a blog templatedesigned for you by one of the many blog designers online.
  6. 6. It can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 or more for a customblog design. Because of the costs involved, many people optto wait for a custom blog design until their blog has gainedsome popularity (and some revenue).Build a list of traffic worthy topics and create aneditorial calendar:Before you start blogging, you need to create a list of topicsthat will pull in visitors from around the net. Your blog postideas should be on topic and also interesting. Look at otherblogs in your niche and see if the topics there spark anyideas. Im not talking about copying other people! It isabsolutely wrong to steal other peoples topics. Plagiarism isillegal and its not what Im suggesting at all. Im talkingabout using their blogs as a springboard for your own ideas.For example, youre blogging in the health niche and youcome across a blog with a post titled "5 Ways to Cut Fatfrom Your Diet." The blog post has tips on modifying high fatrecipes to fit a low fat lifestyle. Obviously, people are lookingfor ways to cut fat out from their diet. Doesnt it follow thattheyd be interested in information on what foods to avoid?You could easily create a blog post about the top ten high fatrecipes to avoid. A follow up post would be ten low fatmodifications of the high fat recipes you mentioned in theprevious post.You can also brainstorm topics by looking at the list ofpopular keywords in your niche. Use Wordtracker or anothersimilar tool to find out what people are looking for. Some ofthe keywords wont be appropriate for blog posts, but therewill be enough information in your searches to come up witha long list of topics. When you deliver what your market islooking for, youll become more and more popular.
  7. 7. Google Alerts ( is a helpfultool that I use to stay up to date on the topics I blog about.You just enter your keywords and then you get daily orweekly updates on the latest news, blog posts and otherinformation on your topics. This can be a great source oftopic ideas and will allow you to stay on top of what is goingon in your niche.Once youve gone through these steps, youll have gathereda large list of topics to work with. Write them all down in anotepad file so you can refer to them later on. Each week,collect new topic ideas from your Google alerts and othersites you see around the net. It doesnt take a whole lot oftime to do stay up to date on new topics each week.Before you even think about publishing your first blog post,you need to create an editorial calendar. This will help guideyour posting schedule and give you a cohesive flow to yourblog. This is one of the most important things to do in orderto make your blog readable and interesting. You dont wantto publish a post on how to plant a winter garden and thenpublish a post on harvesting fall crops.You dont have to publish a formal series of topics all thetime, but your posts do need to make sense within the orderthat you publish them.You can also utilize an editorial calendar to publish in acertain order. I use this a lot on my most trafficked blogs tokeep the pace of the posting going. On certain days of theweek, I post different types of content.For example, on Mondays I have a top ten list, onWednesdays I create an opinion piece and on Friday Ipublish links to other helpful content around the net. Whenyou create a calendar this way, you make things mucheasier on yourself.
  8. 8. Write quality posts that are interesting and "buzzworthy":Now that youve got a list of topics to work with, its time toactually do the writing. This is where a lot of bloggers comeup short. There are clear and simple rules to writing that youneed to follow. Blogging is writing, no matter how you lookat it. The reason many bloggers dont have a betterfollowing is because they dont know how to craft a readablepost.The first thing to remember is that your blog is a communitytool. That means that you need to write to your audienceand not "at" them. Not sure what this means? Basically, youwant to write with a tone and an approach that lets peopleknow youre interested in their feedback and theircomments.Dont pretend that youre some type of untouchable expertthat cant be questioned. Ask questions and encouragefeedback from your readers. The minute you pretend thatyou know better than everyone else, youre going to loseyour readership. Youre simply a conduit for information.Bloggers that pretend to be more than that lose readerspretty fast. Remember, youre not up on a pedestal. Yourblog is a place to build a community who looks to you forleadership.The title of your blog posts are going to be an importantfactor in how much traffic you get. Use your keywords inyour title but also make it interesting and "buzz worthy."One of the best ways to get blog traffic is to get otherpeople to link to your blog, or have links to your postsdistributed around the net. If your post titles are interestingand catchy, youll get lots of this type of traffic. Forexample, instead of titling your blog post "How to Fix Your
  9. 9. Credit", use "5 Quick Credit Fixes to Boost Your Score in 60Days." See the difference?There are a few tried and true types of blog posts that willwork every time. If youre hard up for how to change yourtopics from the previous step into workable blog posts, lookat the following list to get some ideas:-Create a list: Not only does this tactic give you an easyway to organize your content, but list posts are oftenbookmarked and distributed by your readers. Create a topten list on an important topic in you niche and youll seetraffic coming in from the social bookmarking sites.-Write a How to: Sharing a how to article on a helpful topicis another good way to get bookmarked and shared. If youhave special insight on a particular topic, share it on yourblog. Make sure youre offering something unique andspecial and not just rehashing what other people havewritten on the topic.-Tell a story: Anyone can write a blog post on a populartopic, but you can make yours stand out by telling a story. Ifyouve had personal experience with the topic you can shareyour experience, which invites others to share their ownexperiences in your comments section.-Interview someone: Blogs are a great promotional toolfor product creators and authors. If someone in your nichehas a product coming out, you can interview them. You getfree content, and they get free advertising.Above all, you need to involve your readers. Ask theiropinion at the end of the article or pose a question thatpeople can answer in the comments section. Keep repeatingto yourself that blogging is community building.
  10. 10. Look for different ways to get the audience involved byholding contests, having polls and asking for directfeedback. When you take these steps, your blog will soonbecome the "place to be" online for your niche.Polish your work:There are two basic steps to writing: the creative part andthe editing part. When you first write a blog post, youretapping into the creative side of your brain. Keep the tips inthe above section in mind when youre writing, but dont tryto edit yourself at this point. Once youve written out yourpost, let it sit for a while and then go back to edit it.Before you send a post to be published, hold it in draft modefor a day or two. This is why its a good idea to have aneditorial calendar. You can write topics ahead of time and siton them for a while before they go to press.When you edit, first youll be looking for spelling andgrammar errors. No matter how many people try toconvince you differently, blogging needs to be professionaland it needs to be polished. If you have rampant errorsthroughout your blog, no one will listen to your opinion orwant to participate.Run everything through spell and grammar check on yourword processor but most importantly make sure to re-read itline by line. There are plenty of errors that no spell checktool will catch.As youre editing spelling and grammar mistakes, also lookfor tone and theme throughout your blog post. You shouldmake sure that your blog posts are encouraging acommunity atmosphere and that youre touching onimportant aspects of the subject.
  11. 11. Read your blog from the perspective of someone else. Areyou really saying what you meant to say? If not, take thetime to change it. Its worth your time to read and edit yourblog posts so that you can be sure youre presenting yourbest work.Once youre sure that youve done the best job that you canwith your blog post, publish it and then get ready to have aflood of new visitors to your blog!----------------------------------------------------------------Did you like this report? Just imagine what would happen ifyou had private label rights to it! With private label rights tosuch informative reports, you can become an instant expertin the internet marketing niche, without having to hire aghostwriter or a professional! To Buy Private Label Rightsto This Report, Please Click HereFor more private label content on internet marketing, pleasevisit us at: IMplrs.comNOTE: You have Master Resell Rights to this Report. Clickhere for details!