How The Traditions of Valentines Day Became Established


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Awesome new gift idea for Valentines Day

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How The Traditions of Valentines Day Became Established

  1. 1. ==== ====Awesome new idea for a Valentines Day Gift. ====Many of the traditions of Valentines Day come from the story of the priest called St. Valentine. St.Valentine was sentenced to prison where he became friends with the jailers daughter. When itwas his time to die, he left her a card which he signed Your Valentine. This is why the idea of acard for the one you care about is such a tradition in our world today. Though this happened in296 A.D., the tradition is still continuing to grow all over the world.Cards are not the only tradition on Valentines Day. Flowers are a very popular gift to give andreceive on this special day made in honor of St. Valentine. The flowers are thought to haveoriginated from St Valentine as well. While he was in prison supporters threw flowers into hisprison cell through the windows to show him their love and support. It is the symbolic gesture ofthe flower throwing that has led to people now sending flowers with their Valentines cards to theones that they love as a gift of appreciation. Sadly the vast majority of people sending the flowersdo not understand that St Valentine paid with his life.Valentines Day cards are now the most common gifts that loved ones give to each other onValentines Day. Todays Valentine cards are mass produced all over the world with China nowbecoming the leading manufacturer of them. Although many different styles are available rangingfrom rude, crude, funny, sad and romantic the one thing that they all share in common is the abilityto convey the message of love.Flowers that are sent out today are not like the flowers from long ago. Today flowers can be sentout as arrangements where many different kinds of flowers are mixed together as one gift. Modernday trends have moved away from large arrangements to sending roses. The sending of a singlered rose symbolizes love and today is the most traditional of all the flowers sent on ValentinesDay.The tradition of giving a gift to the one you care for has existed for quite some time now. Theoccasion is now however more commercialized and many people now send out other gifts as wellas flowers. Chocolates and jewelery are two popular gifts and if the girl is extremely lucky she mayreceive expensive diamonds. Many couples celebrate Valentines Day by going on a date whichbegan as a tradition in England where it was said that birds chose their partners on Feb 14.Celebrating Valentines Day by having a candlelight dinner is very common along with manypeople proposing to their true love on this day.Valentines Day used to be reserved for only lovers. It is now considered to be a holiday tocelebrate the love for the people in your life. Many people now send cards and gifts not only totheir lover but also close family members. There are many different traditions out there to choosefrom this Valentines Day. Remember that many of these traditions came from the story of the mannamed St. Valentine and the day is a day to think about his memory and to honor him.
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