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This presentation teaches how an average individual can profit from books

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  1. 1. Outstanding DiscoveryOne of the most astoundingdiscoveries I made while writing andselling books was the fact that thesales from direct book sales should notbe the main or the only source ofrevenue for authors. This was new tome before I ventured into the bookselling business.
  2. 2. I used to think I can only make moneywith my books only if I can sell lots ofcopies of it. In fact, this misplacedthoughts actually deprived me ofcatching on some opportunities at theearly stage of my book business.
  3. 3. I will be using this money makingarticles to show you Top 7 DifferentWays to Make Money with Your Books.These are interesting ways you can useyour books to rake in lots of revenuefor yourself. The money from the salesof your book should actually be theleast revenue source for your book.I have practically used most of thesebook selling tips.
  4. 4. This is very common. Most authorshave relied on this as their main sourceof income. Just like I mentioned abovethis should not be so. However, this isstill a good source of revenue for yourbook especially if you know how todistribute or market your books.Writing your book is the first step inyour book business, publishing it isanother step, distributing or selling itis another and it is a very importantone.You cant make money from yourbooks sales if you dont have ways ofputting it in the hands of people whowill pay you cash in exchange for yourbook.Strategies in direct book sales or bookmarketing are beyond the scope of this
  5. 5. You can package your book and give itaway as a free report or as a free bookdownload on your website. Well youmay be wondering how you can makemoney when you are giving out yourbook as a free report. There are simpleand sure ways to make money usingthis strategy:
  6. 6. ● You can use your free report toshow your expertise and advertise yourexisting books or yet to be publishedbook.● You can use your free report togive publicity to your brand ororganisation. You can visit our websiteto see what I am using free reports todo.● You can include affiliate linksin your report and encourage yourreaders to visit the links. An affiliatebusiness is one that will give you theopportunity to sell other peoplesproducts to earn a commission on eachsale. There are many website onlineoffering affiliate opportunities tovisitors to their websites. Most of themoffer free subscription.
  7. 7. ● You can use your free bookdownload to build a customer base.Place the report on your website usingan auto responder form. When visitorscome to your website to pick thereport, they are asked to leave theircontact information and expect anauto response from you containing thelink to the book. Though, they arecollecting this report free of charge,they may become paying customers inthe future. You can always contactthem with the contact information theyleft with you.
  8. 8. A blog is an online diary where expertsput their thoughts for the people toread. Blogging is big business now.Authors are now running blogs toshow their expertise to the public andto promote their books. People willreadily buy from an author they haveread from on many occasions and theone they know is an authority on hissubject. If you have written a book, youcan break the book down into severalarticles and place them on your blog toshowcase your expertise and also topromote future books.
  9. 9. Blogging can be a very rewardingexercise if you can make yourself topost consistently on it and show toyour readers that you are an expert onyour topic. If you combine bloggingwith the idea in tip 2 above, then youwill be having a great sales system foryour books that will make you moneyfor a long time.
  10. 10. You can also break down your bookcontents into articles that you willdistribute on the internet free ofcharge. Webmasters have used articledistribution to promote theirwebsites, products, brands etc. on theinternet. They have also used them topromote affiliate products.Webmasters have visited articlesubmission websites to pick up thesedistributed articles for use on theirwebsites. If yours are picked, itpresents a wonderful opportunity foryou to obtain cheap exposure forwhatever you have used your articlesto promote.
  11. 11. Therefore, instead of selling yourbook, you can break it down intoarticles and distribute them free ofcharge on the internet to promoteother products.
  12. 12. I love this strategy. I believe my booksshould open doors of otheropportunities to me. After I publishedmy first book, Silly Mistakes inMathematics, lots of parents contactedme for consultancy work for theirchildren. I made more money fromthese consultancy works than themoney I made from the sales of thebook.
  13. 13. I have voluntarily given my books outto experts in my industry expecting ajoint venture opportunity with them.One of it gave me lots of money evenbefore I began to sell the book. Booksshow you as an expert (which you areif you are the author of the book).Other experts will be willing to dobusiness with you if they have seenyour expertise on the pages of yourbook.
  14. 14. Sometimes, you are not directlyinterested in making immediate cashwith your book. You just want to pusha book out and distribute freely toshow you as a voice in your industry.So you are just going to be distributingyour books in the right places to shoutout your brand to the whole world.This may not give you immediate gainsof more cash but an increasedrecognition in your industry willeventually make you wealthy in thenearest future.
  15. 15. Lots of businesses are now goingonline. Web designers are having afield day designing websites forbusiness owners. Now it is one thing tohave a website online, it is anotherthing to bring people to it. You can usea book to give great exposure to yourwebsite by distributing it as articles oras free ebooks.You should ensure that you persuadereaders of your book to visit yourwebsite. You can put other freeresources like free newsletterssubscriptions, free reports etc. in yourbook asking readers of your free ebookto visit your website to pick them up.Your website links should beconspicuously placed at strategicpositions in your ebook.
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