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Making connections for your company,brand, or service.

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Be First Media

  1. 1. Be first media<br />Be First Inc., is a Social Media Advertising Group: we utilize a combination of Research, Media Relations, Publicity, and Marketing Communications to promote our clients to a wide segment of the public and business community.<br />We believe that the most significant person in an advertising campaign is the client. Our mission is to develop creative advertising campaigns that appeal to both the rational and emotional motivations of your customers, while maintaining your vision.<br />
  2. 2. Virtual Assistant Program<br />I would like to take a moment to introduce our Virtual Assistant Program.<br />We leverage today’s virtual technologies, allowing us to bring a larger Audience of potential customers.  We can support you and your company from any distance and anytime zone.<br />We have laid out a plan or road map to assist you in becoming a success, taking your Company, Brand, or Service to the top.At Be First Inc. we are experts in social media: We operate our own 14 twitter accounts with over 220,000 plus followers.  In a Viral scenario we are reaching between 750,000 to 3.5 million people a Day.<br />We have designed twitter presentations branding & marketing packages with more 1,100 postings per month, that bring Brand recognition, creating a 24/7 salesman out of your website for your company in 120 days.<br />Be First is Professionally set to create and maintain your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Viadeo, Youtube, and Blog accounts.  Our talented staff, can create and maintain your website.  Our top of the line hosting services with unlimited band width is only $9.95 per month.<br />Our talented staff can copy write  your press releases along with posting your press releases around the world.<br />If you are in the real estate business, we are experts at creating splash pages and posting your listings where they will be noticed.<br />Winning New Customers<br />Keeping Current Customers<br />Strengthening Your Images<br />Awareness in your Marketplace<br />Our aim is to improve our clients profitability — Creating your success is our success<br />Be First inc. is creating connections for your success.<br />Remember a Brand Lives in a Person Heart and not in their Head.<br />
  3. 3. Twitter Presentations<br />Our 14 Twitter accounts reach over 230,000 followers and are on over 2,000 lists. Our tweets get many re-tweets and we have great success when we ask our audience to re-tweet something important, like your message.<br />We will post your messages 5 days a week, 4 times a day for a month. We charge $149.00 per month for this service. That puts your message out there 392 times a week, 1,100 times a month plus the re-tweets. We will also help you write some of the tweets, so we get your message across to the audience.<br />We have found that it takes, like most marketing and advertising campaigns, commitment and due-diligence – initial results in improved ranking start almost immediately. (30 days or less) However, it usually takes approximately 2-6 months to see the full effect. It will transform your brand and website into “salespeople who never sleep”.<br />We’re excited to get started for you! Your secure payment will be processed immediately and you’ll receive a confirmation email for your payment, then we’ll send you an email confirming that your custom Social Media Marketing Service is ready to start and get all of the info to expand and energize your bottom line.<br />
  4. 4. WEBSITES<br />Our passion to help you succeed in the Online marketplace works hand-and-hand with our digital expertise to aid you in building a high Search Engine page rank designed to communicate with the people you want and convert them to clients.<br />When you work with us our goals are simple, concise, and three-fold:<br />Build Search Engine page placement and rank while expanding your Search Engine exposure.<br />Keep your placement consistent – while focusing on continued growth in Search Engine rank and listing.<br />Be effective.<br />“The Salesman that Never Sleeps”Open 24/7, the Internet is a digital marketplace. As a marketing tool, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can provide the means to transform your Website into a “salesman that never sleeps.” BE First Inc’s proven methodology lays out a step-by-step Internet marketing process designed to improve your business’s Online presence and effectiveness.<br />Our SEO services & consultative costs listed below reflect Websites built by BE First Inc.. With pre-existing Websites our hourly service rate applies. We always provide free estimates.<br />Our Website clients can chose to implement any SEO Package at any time.<br /><br />
  5. 5. Press Releases & Ad Placement<br />Reach your Audience around the World or Around the Block: <br />The reach of just one of services we use; <br />NewsBlazereaders are open-minded, curious, and connected globally.<br />• Our aim is to engage our readers and provide them with relevant news, information<br />and offers.<br />• NewsBlaze has over 350,000 pageviews to business-related news and over 350,000<br />pageviews to non-business news, each month.<br />• Total readers: 5.2 million<br />o Male/Female: 54%/46%<br />o Median age: 35-49<br />o College graduate+: 40%<br />o Professional/Managerial: 32%<br />o Median Household Income: $76,534<br />• Pageviews in the past 12 months 9,200,000<br />
  6. 6. Press Release & Ad Placement continued<br />Reader distribution by country:<br />Visits<br />1. United States 73.03%<br />2. Canada 4.86%<br />3. United Kingdom 4.18%<br />4. India 1.93%<br />5. Australia 1.39%<br />6. Germany 0.76%<br />NewsBlaze :: Content<br />NewsBlaze content is focused around five main sections: News, Business, Industry,<br />Entertainment, and Opinions. Each section offers features that are popular with our readers<br />and advertisers.<br />• News - World News, National News, Health, Food, Politics.<br />• Business - Business news, Business Columns, Business Travel.<br />• Industry - 50 Industries, Food & Wine, Travel, Art, Leisure, throughout the US and<br />from around the world.<br />• Entertainment - Daily Entertainment news, Movie Reviews, TV previews,<br />Horoscopes, Book Reviews and announcements.<br />• Opinions – Politics from many quarters, Entertainment and business commentary,<br />letters to the editor.<br />
  7. 7. Video Branding & Marketing<br />Be First Inc.’s Web-mercial’s solves one of the most vexing issues direct marketing and e-commerce retail advertisers face with online video ads. I thought I’d take a moment to talk about why I think this has tremendous potential.<br />Video Advertising = Motion = Engagement<br />One of the main reasons that video as an advertising medium is growing so fast has to do with motion. Like motion-sensitive security cameras, our Eyes are conditioned to notice motion—even on the periphery—and then almost subconsciously hone in on the source of that motion.<br />Of course, as with any “rule,” there are exceptions. Blinking and scrolling text also create motion that draws the eye, yet Both are considered a nuisance rather than a valid attention-getter. But for now at least, video ads possessing more quality creative are still in good favor with consumers, and will continue to for quite a while.<br />And advertisers like them too. Video ads on a website trigger that motion-sensitive aspect of our vision, and that Leads to more engagement (which, in turn, tends to lead to more conversions).<br />
  8. 8. Contact Info:<br />To Energize and Expand your companies bottom line. <br /><br />303-956-0569 <br />