Should You Replace Your EHR?


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More and more, physicians are replacing existing EHR systems that fail to deliver improvements in efficiency and quality. Should you?

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Should You Replace Your EHR?

  1. 1. Should You Replace Your EHR?
  2. 2. More and more, practices are replacingtheir existing ambulatory EHRs.According to a recent study, ambulatoryEHR replacement rates increased by 20percent since 2011.
  3. 3. Why are practices switching? • Lack of strong vendor support • Lagging product development • Consolidation of disparate systems • EHR fails to live up to claims made by vendor • EHR hinders efficiency and productivity
  4. 4. Should you make the switch?If youre thinking about replacing yourcurrent EHR, consider the followingseven questions to determine if EHRreplacement is right for you:
  5. 5. Should you make the switch?1. Could the issues be resolvedthrough remediation? If so, is thevendor responsive to your needs andconcerns? If your vendor is unwillingto work with you to resolve criticalissues, it is time to find a new vendor.
  6. 6. Should you make the switch?2. Could the vendor resolve theissues by making technicalimprovements? If so, will the vendorcommit to making the neededimprovements in a reasonable timeframe? If not, begin the process ofevaluating other EHR systems.
  7. 7. Should you make the switch?3. Is your practice at least partiallyresponsible for the issues? If yourorganization has done everythingpossible to resolve issues and yourvendor is unwilling to take thenecessary steps to resolve theproblems, swapping your EHR maymake sense.
  8. 8. Should you make the switch?4. Is your current EHRproduct/vendor stable enough to bein business for the long-term? If yourcurrent EHR vendor is not privatelyheld and financially stable, considermaking the switch to an EHR partnerthat can commit to your success inthe long run.
  9. 9. Should you make the switch?5. What penalties apply if youterminate the contact? Review thetermination clause in your currentEHR contract to find out what it willcost if your organization decides tomake the switch before your contracthas expired.
  10. 10. Should you make the switch?6. Can your organizations goals,such as achieving Meaningful Use,be accomplished using your currentEHR? If your current EHR is holdingyour organization back from meetingits goals, the switch to a new EHRmay very well be worthwhile.
  11. 11. Should you make the switch?7. Is your current system negativelyimpacting physician productivity? AnEHR that hampers productivity nowwill only grow worse as thecomplexities of health reforminitiatives increase in the future.
  12. 12. Now what?If your issues with your previousvendor cannot be resolved, select anew EHR vendor that can provide: • Rapid implementation • Smooth data migration • More results • Better service
  13. 13. Learn more!Our website hosts a wealth of freeresources, including white papers, casestudies, industry blog, newslettercovering current events in health care,tips and tricks for your practice, andother informative articles.