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Suburban Acres Halloween 2012


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Halloween in Suburban Acres, Norfolk, VA. See our newsletter and join the Suburban Acres Civic League at

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Suburban Acres Halloween 2012

  1. 1. Halloween 2012Suburban Acres Civic League Norfolk, VA
  2. 2. A spookytwilight inSuburban Acres…
  3. 3. The majority of these photoswere taken nearthe intersection of Suburban Parkway and Kirby Crescent
  4. 4. Santa Owen and friends, as featured in the NovemberSuburban, newsletter of theSuburban Acres Civic League
  5. 5. The annual Harvest Festival was blown away by Hurricane Sandy, but the bestneighborhood in Norfolk still had a great Halloween!
  6. 6. Thanks for the great pics, Kiernan family!