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Program from VMUG 6, Leeds

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VMUG 6 Program

  1. 1. Tuesday 17th April 2012DoubleTree Hilton Hotel, Leeds VMUG 6 Event Programme
  2. 2. Welcome To Vmug 6 Brendon Higgins – VMUG ChairWelcome back to Leeds for VMUG 6 and I hope everyone enjoyed vBeers last night. Sinceour last event back in November we have added new committee members to our branch,moved to a two day format, published an event program and started repeating our nonecommercial presentations. Our user group is independent and run by system administratorsfor system administrator, so your feedback is valuable to us. In fact we have a newiPad (3) to give away to get it! So please make sure you let us know what you think about thechanges, the event in general and any ideas you have to make the next event even better.
  3. 3. Our Sponsors We are the emerging market leader in developing Thin Client Technology, focusing on VDI. Our devices are easy to manage, energy efficient and offer a low TCO. Our terminals are all certified VMware, Citrix and Quest ready to name a few and fully support PCoIP, HDX, EOP and RemoteFX. Arista Networks develops Ethernet switches to support the modern virtualised Data Centre. Arista’s founder was an early investor in VM Ware. This has lead to the two companies continuing a close partnership to develop new standards such as VXLAN as well as award winning integration platforms such as VM-Tracer (GOLD VM World 2011). Arkeia delivers backup and recovery solutions for fast, easy-to-use, and affordable data protection. Featuring source-side progressive deduplication, Arkeia’s appliances, virtual appliances, and software back up data to disk, tape and cloud and protect all major virtual platforms including VMware, Hyper-V and more than 200 physical platforms including Windows and Linux.    CommVault’s exclusive architecture gives companies unprecedented control over data growth, costs and risk. CommVault’s Simpana® software suite of products share a single code and common function set to deliver Data Protection, Archive, Replication, Search and Resource Management capabilities. Discover the unparalleled efficiency, performance and reliability only CommVault can offer… www.commvault.com Apex Plaza, Forbury Road, Reading RG1 1AX www.commvaul.com emeamarketing@commvault.com 01189546500
  4. 4. EMC is a global leader in enabling businesses and serviceproviders to transform their operations and deliver informationtechnology as a service (ITaaS). Fundamental to thistransformation is cloud computing. Through innovative productsand services, EMC accelerates the journey to cloud computing,helping IT departments to store, manage, protect and analyzetheir most valuable asset—information—in a more agile, trustedand cost-efficient way.Liquidware Labs™ is the leader in Assessment and UserExperience Management for next generation desktops. Thecompany’s Stratusphere™ and ProfileUnity™ solutions havebeen described by analysts as the industry’s first “On-Ramp toVDI” providing complete methodology and software that enableorganizations to cost-effectively plan, migrate, and manage theirdesktop infrastructure.Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwideleader in software, services and solutions that help people andbusinesses realize their full potential.NextIO provides rack-level I/O consolidation and virtualizationsolutions that maximize value, productivity and efficiencies ofcomplex server I/O. Our innovative architecture is based uponindustry standard PCIe switching technology. By separating thecompute from the I/O we create pools of server I/O resourcesat the rack level that can be shared, virtualized or dynamicallyallocated across servers within the rack. Data center managers’benefit from lower TCO and increased time to revenue. For moreinformation, visit www.nextio.com
  5. 5. Proact (formerly B2net) is pleased to be supporting VMUG forthe sixth year running.  Now part of the largest storage andvirtualisation integrator in Europe, and seeing huge growth as aleading Enterprise Cloud Services provider, Proact UK continuesto drive change and process for its clients through shared skillsand experience.Veeam Software, an Elite VMware Technology Alliancepartner, develops innovative products for virtual infrastructuremanagement and data protection. Customers can reduce costs,minimize risks and fully realize the promise of virtualizationwith Veeam.Learn more about company and products by visitingwww.veeam.com.WhipTail  provides the world’s first cost-effective entirelyflash-based storage array.  Not a caching appliance, not PCIe- nothing in-band that fails and complicates your storagearchitecture. WhipTail leverages MLC flash drives providing 200Kread & 250K write IOPS, 0.1ms of latency, in 2U using less than180W …and a 7-year guarantee on the SSD endurance.The Xangati Management Dashboard, a two-time award winnerof Best of VMworld finalist for Virtualisation Management,accelerates cloud computing, server virtualisation, and VDIinitiatives by providing second-by-second visibility into theinteractions of all objects across the entire virtual and physicalinfrastructure. 
  6. 6. A big thank you to Biomini who will be sponsoring the bar at theend of the event.Biomni’s mission is to provide the most cost-effective, powerful,and easily configured dedicated Front Office solution for IT.That’s all we do. Which is why we do it well, and do it fast.Today, Biomni has been deployed globally across hundreds oforganizations collectively supporting thousands of end-users.
  7. 7. Our Speakers Mike Laverick, rtfm Techknowledgist, Agent Provocateur, Laverick-by-name, Laverick-by- Nature-Mike is known for cutting through the vendor verbal diarrhoea and getting to point that’s in everyone’s mind. There are no elephants in the room in Mike’s sessions. A former instructor of 17 years standing, author, hack, podcaster, public speaker – Mike’s been active in the virtualisation community before there was a community to be active in. So come along and watch the legend in action.Presenation Topic: vNewsIn this round up of news in the world virtualisation – Mike will be bring up to speed with what’sgoing on in the last couple of months. This part news/part discussion group – so expect to beready to voice your opinions. Those who do stand a chance to win something from Mike’s boxof VMUG goodies. Sam Wong, Cloupia (partnering with Proact)Sam leads Cloupia’s Technical Operations. Sam was CEO of a CiscoVAR and served as VP Engineering for several companies. Sam has 25years of IT experience, including twelve years working in the channel,eight years in professional services/management consulting, ten years inIT operations, five years in sales, and four years in product management.
  8. 8. Phani Varma Penmethsa, Cloupia (partnering with Proact) Phani joined Cloupia from Proact and is responsible for our European consulting and systems engineering. Prior to Proact, Phani previously worked at NetApp, VMware, EMC, HP and GE. Phani has deep technical expertise with datacentre server/applications, network, storage and virtualization architecture and a wide understanding of datacentre infrastructure.Presentation Topic: Trending, Management and Automation for Cloud and FlexPod EnvironmentsThis presentation will provide an overview of Cloupia’s Cloud automation solutions. We willbriefly discuss today’s data center challenges and how Cloupia mitigates these challenges withits unified automation solution. You will learn how Cloupia solutions accelerate and automateITdeployments, management and operations. This presentation includes live demos ofmanagement, monitoring, provisioning and orchestration. This presentation will also showcaseCloudGenie, the most popular iPad / Android app for management. Alex Nichol - Arista NetworksAlex Nichol is System Engineer with Arista network, a company focused on building and scalingthe next generation cloud Data Centre’s. Alex has 15 years of Experience in the network industry,working across various technology fields; Data Centre, Service Provider and Enterprise withArista, Brocade, Nortel Networks and Bay Networks.Presentation Topic: VXLAN Technology OverviewThe presentation is a technical overview of the up and coming VXLAN standard, which Aristahas co-authored with VMware to order to build scalable virtualised network using standardLayer 3 methodologiesPresentation Topic: Challenges for building a Virtualised NetworkThe presentation will cover the challenges virtualisation presents to the network layer and theeffectiveness of new technologies (VXLAN, TRILL etc) and operating systems to meet thesechallenges.
  9. 9. Paul Beckett – Paramount Solutions I have a BSc (Hons) in I.T gained in Liverpool University in 2002. I was Young Entrepreneur in 2003 for a company i set up straight from University. I have a wealth of experience from sales right through to Business Banking. I have been with Paramount Solutions since October 2011. I have guided many contractors through the process of how our company can reach their needs.Presentation Topic: Permanent Employment into Contracting• rocess of becoming a contractor, Pro’s and Con’s of using an Umbrella company or P establishing your own limited company.• Taxation implications of both aspects of contract work.• Maximising your take home pay Andrew Fryer – MicrosoftAndrew Fryer is a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft UK Ltd, specialising in datacentre anddatabase management. When not blogging and making screencasts in the office he can befound presenting at IpExpo, TechEd Europe and the TechDays events run for It professionals inthe UK.Presentation Topic: Windows “8” Server an operating system for the private cloudYou might be forgiven for thinking that Windows “8” server is just Windows Server 2008 R2 witha shiny front end and some improvements to Hyper-V, but the changes are far deeper than that.
  10. 10. Ben Vaux, Xangati Ben Vaux, Director of Systems Engineering at Xangati, has vast technical experience in accelerating virtualization projects with companies in the EMEA region. He currently resides in Dubai leading a team of subject matter experts in the virtualization, cloud, network security, VPN and application acceleration spaces.   Presentation Topic: Stop the Virtualisation Blame Game Xangati will explore why virtualisation is being blamed for nearly everyproblem occurring in the infrastructure and what you can do about it. Topics include: Why thenetwork, storage and app teams (and even vendors) point the finger at virtualisation; Whatinformation you need to stop the blame war in its tracks and resolve the alleged virtualisationproblems; and Real-world examples when virtualisation was wrongly blamed and what or whowas the real culprit (or culprits). Ricky El-Qasem – LiquidwarelabsRicky El-Qasem Technical Director of Northern EMEA for LiquidwareLabs is a valued member of the virtualisation community. Ricky is highlyaccredited and with 19 years of experience behind him makes him asuitable all-rounder. Ricky is well know on the social media circuit anddevelops free tools for the virtualisation community.Presentation Topic: Optimising Virtual Desktops with Profile UnityLearn how to get the most of out of your virtual desktop environmentwith the Liquidware Labs Profile Unity solution. This session will cover some tricks and tips fortaking control of you VDI platform.
  11. 11. Tim Simons – Proact Tim joined Proact in 2007, initially part time to learn more about the industry and technologies, but quickly moved on to become a full time Technical Consultant. With Proact, Tim has gained a wealth of experience designing and deploying VMware farms for many customer environments. He has worked on many large scale projects for some of Proact’s high profile clients including legal, construction, banking, central and local government organisations. Tim is now a Technical Design Authority focusing on Proact’s Managed Services.Presentation Topic: Upgrading to vSphere 5Considerations around design principles and changes when moving to the latest version ofVMware’s hypervisor Steve Knodl – Director of Product Management, NextIOSteve Knodl is Director of Product Management for NextIO.  He hasover 15 years of I/O industry technology experience ranging from RAIDstorage to Infiniband to I/O Virtualization. Over that time he has writtencode, performed market research, and brought multiple productsto market, including the some of the first server based RAID storagearrays and iSCSI storage systems.  Previous to NextIO, Knodl servedas a Solutions Architect at Astute Networks and Sr. Product Manager atQLogic. In his free time, he is a pilot and developed an aviation app forpilots called The Digital Pilot.   Knodl holds a BSEE degree from the University of Wisconsin.Presentation Topic: 10Gb Network Consolidation AlternativesA comparison of different alternatives for network consolidation on 10Gb links includingVLANs,  PCIe IOV, VMware NetIOC and Switch Independent NIC Partitioning.
  12. 12. Tom Dodds, Sales Excutive -10ZiG Technology10ZiG Technology is the emerging market leader in development of Thin Client Technology,with a primary focus in the desktop virtualisation market space. Our Thin Clients are optimisedfor virtual desktops and offer VDI clients with preinstalled support for PCoIP, HDX, EOP andRemoteFX.  Our devices combine the best of breed security, high performance,flexibility andoffer a complete desktop experience.Presentation Topic: Thin Client Technology at its PeakWe will look at why 10ZiG Technology should be your Thin Client vendor of choice, what 10ZiGoffers and how to choose which device will best fit your environment. We will see what is newfrom 10ZiG and what is planned for the future, whilst exploring how you can take this journeywith us and follow the path of least resistance in your VDI project. Hani El-Qusem – VeeamPre-sales professional with over 15 years of experience in providingsolutions to a broad range of organisations; including corporate,government, defence and intelligence agencies.Presentation Topic: Taking Backup and Recovery in a New DirectionAs organisations continue their journey into the world of virtualisation it willsoon become apparent they will face new challenges around their virtualsetup especially when it comes to their backup and recovery strategy.Failure happens when organisations look to use the same technologies for both physicaland virtual server backups and try to make old processes fit. Research has proven thatwhen it comes to virtualisation you need a fundamentally different approach to deliver therequired results.Veeam Software develops innovative solutions for VMware vSphere using breakthrough technologyto help your backup and replication processes.Attend this workshop and:• Discover Award Winning Data Protection with Veeam vPower• Learn the new features which set V6 apart from V5• earn how to restore an entire machine from backup in a matter of minutes with instant L VM recovery
  13. 13. Barclay Rae – Independent Management Consultant Barclay is the writer and presenter of ITSMTV and participates in the ITSM Rest of the World weekly podcast Barclay Rae has worked on approximately 400 ITSM projects over the last 25 years. Barclay has worked for a number of ITSM organisations and delivers strategic consultancy and mentoring, as well as analyst services to the ITSM industry.Presentation Topic: Service Catalogue Road MapPractical Guidance on how to set up and maintain a Service Catalogue.This includes both strategic Service Catalogue concepts plus some practical steps andexamples of how to make this work and demonstrate value from IT Services. Darren Williams – Whiptail TechnologiesDarren is the EMEA SE Director for WhipTail, WhipTail specialise inEnterprise Flash SSD Arrays providing 250K IOPS (4K Random Writes)at 0.1ms latency. Previous to this Darren was the UK Ireland Pre SalesManager at Brocade for 6 years. Before moving to Brocade Darrenhad a mixture of Operations and Architecture roles around Storage,for companies such as Clifford Chance, Churchill Insurance and HaysDistribution. In these 15+ years Darren gained first hand experience ofwhat users need and want out of Enterprise solutions such as Brocadeand WhipTail.Presentation Topic: Is Disk Dead for Desktop and Server VirtualisationDiscusses the use of Flash based solutions to replace Hard Disk Solutions in Desktop and ServerVirtualisation Solutions. Hard Disk solutions are great for capacity but not for performance,IOPS and low latency are key for both VDI and Server Virtualisation.
  14. 14. Philippe Guyard, Arkeia Philippe Guyard is Regional Manager for the UK at Arkeia Software and specialises in backup and DR strategies in virtual and physical environments. With over two decades in software in general and backup in particular he offers extensive expertise in these two areas. Prior to Arkeia Philippe has worked for Schlumberger, Wintershall or Option-Plus in France. Presentation Topic: Off-site protection of VMware DataBackup and off-site data storage strategies in VMware environments Adam Hartley – DLA PiperPresentation Topic: Social Media in the EnterpriseEmployee use of social media, inside and outside the workplace, can expose employers toserious legal liabilities. This session will consider the legal liabilities which can arise, and thedeveloping case law on social media in the workplace and highlight what steps employersshould be taking to ensure that their organisation is protected against the legal issues arisingfrom employee use and misuse of social media. Asif Malik – VirtualDCS Now a Technical Consultant at virtualDCS, Asif Malik has been delivering IT solutions for the past 17 years and was one of the original founders of the online payment service Nochex.com. Working with virtualDCS, Asif uses the latest VMware technology to assists customers in migrating to the cloud. Presentation Topic: A virtualDCS case study: implementing vCloud Director.The presentation will discuss how virtualDCS used and implemented vCloud director withinour second data centre. The presentation will cover the challenges and successes faced whenimplementing the solution.
  15. 15. Chris Kiaie – Commvault Chris Kiaie has been a specialised Data Management Consultant since May 2005 when he joined the Oceania CommVault professional services team. Prior to joining CommVault he worked as a Microsoft Engineer specialising in Enterprise Platform design Implementation. Through his consultancy company Oriium, Chris’s team offer Consultancy Project delivery services for a wide range of blue chip/public companies. Presentation Topic: Chuck Out Your Chintz –Leveraging CommVaultSimpana Low Cost / High Performance Storage to take control of your Virtual Infrastructure.Demonstrating how software solutions such as CommVault Simpana can both complimentand in some cases replace expensive storage in the Virtual Enterprise. Utilising Global De-duplication, Block level site to site replication and high speed backup storage Simpana offersan attractive and cost effective alternative Disaster Recovery solution. Stuart Barker – Agenci LtdStuart Barker is the CEO of Agenci Ltd and specialises in PCI DSS,ISO27001, Third Party Assurance, Cloud Computing Security andBusiness Controls Assurance. Prior to joining the Agenci, Stuart wasthe head of Data Governance and Information Security at GE andsubsequently Santander. He holds professional qualifications like CISSP,CISA and CISM.Presentation Topic: Virtualisation – The Solution or an Enabler forBusiness Continuity?Understand what is Business Continuity Management and its various components. Discussand understand how virtualisation is one of the many enablers the business will need to recovertechnical capability that has to be delivered in a managed and secured manner in line withrecovery of business processes and staff
  16. 16. Chris Guest - Microsoft Chris is currently working as an SDET in Microsoft Mediaroom.  In the various guises of this role he has been responsible for Managing and Developing Test Automation, Lab Deployment Tooling and Test Infrastructure.  Not always in the test discipline, he began his career as a programmer in the games industry.  Since then he has obtained an MSc in Networks Distributed Systems, developed bespoke ICT software and worked on a leading Anti-Virus product.Presentation Topic: Development of a Customisable Test Lab Deployment SolutionThe intention is to discuss the project history for a bespoke internal test lab building tool.  Atthe time of its creation many of the latest technology solutions were not available or mature. But as we walk through we’ll see that many of the problems faced and solved are similar towhat you might now find in a commercial off-the-shelf system.  We’ll start with the initial basicrequirements and witness how they iteratively develop towards the current solution. Jon Hunt – BiomniJon worked at EDS in Procurement, and liked the Biomni offering somuch he decided to join them in 2000. He is an Electronics Engineerby background with over 25 years’ experience working in IT and waspreviously Operations Director at Applied Digital Devices.Presentation Topic: Biomni Front Office: Cloud Portal AggregationBiomni ensures cloud provisioning is positioned seamlessly within yourService Catalog, enabling the delivery and management of virtual serversand cloud resources within a ‘one-stop shop’ Service Catalog.Whether you’re adopting a private, public or hybrid cloud approach, the establishment of a fullyintegrated Service Catalog is an essential step in maintaining standards and enabling efficientuser self service with automated provisioning.
  17. 17. Steve McGovern – Point2Point Steve holds ultimate responsibility for the technical aspects of Point to Point and focuses on shaping the direction of our technical proposition and ensuring that his team is positioned to deliver this. Steve is also recognised as one of the UKs leading specialists in desktop and application virtualisation and is one of Point to Point’s key enthusiasts. Presentation Topic - The Reality of VDI This session will provide an overview of our project methodology, practicalexperience and customer engagements and should appeal to both those considering DesktopVirtualisation in its early stage as well as those working with it as our practical experience andcustomer success will apply to both.
  18. 18. . VMUG Manchester We’ve listened to our users feedback and VMUG is coming to Manchester 12th June at The Palace Hotel, Oxford Street. If you’re interested in attending, we will be enabling registration on the website soon at www.vmug.org.uk Spaces still available to sponsor, if you are interested, please contact: Dawn Kelly at dawn@vmug.org.uk for further information.Sponsored by:
  19. 19. Agenda Mull Keirra Iona Tire09:00 -10:00 Vendor Market Welcome Address Refreshments10:00-10:50 Mike Laverick -rtfm-ed. Chris Guest - Microsoft TOPIC: Sam co.uk TOPIC: vNews - A Development of a customisable Clou Round-up and Discussion of test lab deployment solution Man Virtualisation News for C Env11:00-11:50 Andrew Fryer - Microsoft Ben Vaux - Xangati TOPIC: Rick TOPIC: Windows 8 Server Stop the Virtualisation Blame Liqu an Operating System for the Game Opt Cloud with12:00-13:00 V13:00 - 13-50 Tim Simons - Proact TOPIC: Steve Knodl - NextIO TOPIC: Tom Upgrading to vSphere 5 10Gb Network Consolidation Thin Alternatives Pea14:00-14:50 Alex Nichol - Arista Networks Hani El-Qusem - Veeam TOPIC Dar TOPIC: Challenges for Building Taking Backup and Recovery in Tec a Virtualised Network a New Direction Dea Virtu14:50-15:15 Ven15:15-16:05 Asif Malik - VirtualDCS Brendon Higgins - VMUG Chr TOPIC:A virtualDCS case TOPIC: Back to Basics, How TOP study: implementing vCloud Computers Works Director.16:10-17:00 Mike Laverick -rtfm-ed. Cisco Sam co.uk TOPIC: vNews - A TOPIC: IPv6 - Time to Deploy? Clo Round-up and Discussion of Man Virtualisation News for C Env17:00
  20. 20. Tiree Coll Eigg Rum CannaOPIC: Sam Wong Phani Penmethsa Alex Nichol - Arista Networks Paul Beckett, Paramount able Cloupia TOPIC: Trending, TOPIC: VxLAN Technology Solutions TOPIC: Permanent n Management and Automation Overview Employment into Contracting for Cloud and FlexPod Environments : Ricky El-Qasem - Steve McGovern - Ciscome Liquidwarelabs TOPIC: Point2Point TOPIC: IPv6 - Time to Deploy? Optimising Virtual Desktops TOPIC: The Reality of VDI with Profile Unity Vendor Market Lunch C: Tom Dodds - 10ZiG TOPIC: EMC Barclay Rae - Independenton Thin Client Technology at its TOPIC: Enabling the Cloud Management Consultant Peak TOPIC: Service Catalogue Road MapOPIC Darren Williams - Whiptail Philippe Guyard Arkeia Adam Hartley DLA Piper ry in Technologies TOPIC Is Disk TOPIC: Off Site Protection of TOPIC: Social Media in the Dead for Desktop and Server VMware Data Enterprise Virtualisation Vendor Market Refreshments Chris Kiaie - Commvault Steve McGovern - Stuart Barker Agenci Ltdw TOPIC: Chuck Out Your Chintz Point2Point TOPIC: Virtualisation – The TOPIC: The Reality of VDI Solution or an Enabler for Business Continuity? Sam Wong Phani Penmethsa Alex Nichol - Arista Networks John Hunt - Biomni TOPIC: oy? Cloupia TOPIC: Trending, TOPIC: VxLAN Technology Biomni Front Office: Cloud Management and Automation Overview Portal Aggregation for Cloud and FlexPod Environments Bar
  21. 21. Other EventsProact is pleased to be partnering with Cisco, Intel, NetApp and VMware on its first EMEAVirtualization Bootcamp.Taking place on Wednesday, 25th April at Proact’s Head Office in Chesterfield we will demonstratehow to design, architect, install and operate a lean virtualization infrastructure based on CiscoUnified Computing System (UCS), VMware vSphere 4.0 and Nexus 1000v. Such an environmentallows you to consolidate mission critical servers on a fully virtualized infrastructure, achievingmassive cost and power savings. Also find out about Proact’s ‘FlexPod as a Service’ Private Cloud offering which brings all fourtechnologies together with highly skilled service management and monitoring, and a flexible‘pay-as-you-go’ charging structure.This one-day event covers theory in the morning and hands-on lab sessions in the afternoon,so you’ll get the chance to set up the complete environment on real physical hardware. This is aunique opportunity to not only gain more information, but to try it for yourself. More information on the day, including the agenda, can be found atwww.vbootcamp2012.com/uk/proact,and you can register for the event atwww.vbootcamp2012.com/uk/proact#~Registration. We hope you can join us and we look forward to seeing you on the 25th.
  22. 22. Notes: