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How To Deliver Maximum Desktop Virtualisation Performance & User Satisfaction

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  • Ripple effect – ‘Traditional management tools fail to address today’s VDI performance challenges: too complex, too slow, too costly, too fragmented, too manual.”
  • eG Innovations, How to.. VDI Performance

    1. 1. How To Deliver MaximumDesktop Virtualisation Performance& User SatisfactionPresentersKeith Girt – Regional Sales ManagerStuart Kennedy – Senior Consultant
    2. 2. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comCustomer Examples
    3. 3. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe User PerspectiveUserUserPerspective“I start mydevice, log on, andexpect the sameexperience I hadwith my physicaldesktopenvironment.”
    4. 4. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comAre You Feeling Desktop Virtualisation Pain?• High cost of downtime• Slow applications• Poor user experienceUser Frustration& Low Productivity• Manual, complexand lengthy diagnosis• Requires many domain expertsRisingIT SupportCost & Complexity• Throwing hardware at problems• Oversized & inefficient environmentRisingInfrastructure Cost• Delayed deployment & rollout• Failed projects & initiativesDelays, CostOverruns, MissedObjectives
    5. 5. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comWhat is Causing the Pain?VirtualizationPerformanceChallengesRising ITSupport CostRisingInfrastructureCostDelays,Cost Overruns& MissedObjectivesUser Frustration& Low ProductivityTraditional tools fail to address today’s performance challenges:too complex, too slow, too fragmented, too manual.
    6. 6. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comRequirements For Delivering aHigh Quality Service (and Numbing the Pain) Rapid response when a user has a problem Reduce the time from problem to fix Minimise unplanned service outages Optimise current infrastructure usage Know when/where to add more capacity
    7. 7. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comRapid Response To User ProblemsWhen The User Calls The Help Desk, eG helps thesupport team by showing: Where’s the user session– which virtual desktop?– Which XenApp server? What applications is the user running? Is the problem persistent/spike/recurring?
    8. 8. Thin/VDI Clients option to find the userKevin is user name being searched and we immediatelyget the details of the server the user had logged onSCREENSHOT – Simple username search to find which virtual desktop or XenApp server issupporting the user session(s)
    9. 9. Click on themagnifyingglass whichgives thedetailedinformation asin the belowscreenKevin is using java application which is consuminghigh CPUSCREENSHOT – Administrator can now easily see what applications the user is accessingwith just a single click
    10. 10. Graph givesinformationabout theresourcesused by Kevinand timeperiodSCREENSHOT – Administrator can also immediately see some recent history for the issueand compare this with other metrics over variable time periods
    11. 11. Click on theServer whichtakes you tothe layeredview of theCitrix XenAppserver.SCREENSHOT – Administrator can also access full performance details of the XenAppserver (or VDI host) to check if other users are also affected.
    12. 12. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comReduce Time From Problem Report To FixeG Eliminates Bridge Calls & Finger Pointing By Showing the full service performance end-to-end Correlating performance events and automatingproblem root-cause analysis Prioritising alarms to separate cause from effect Showing what’s changed in the infrastructure?
    13. 13. SCREENSHOT – eG shows complete end-to-end service view with real-time status of allcomponents and prioritised alarm status.
    14. 14. Orders Tablespace has no free spaceSCREENSHOT – Drill down from Oracle DBS in service view shows what’s causing theproblem.
    15. 15. Oracle DBis in criticalstateFrom the alarms we can see thatthere is some configuration changedone recently on this database serverSCREENSHOT – eG’s Alarm Window has also indicated that there has been a recentconfiguration change on the Oracle DBS
    16. 16. From the above screen it is very clear that the ORDERStablespace size has been reducedSCREENSHOT – eG has not only identified the cause of the problem but has identified whyit occurred so that the fix is now obvious.
    17. 17. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comMinimise Unplanned Service Outages(Prevention Is Better Than Cure)eG Proactively Warns Administrators BEFOREUsers Are Affected By: Applying flexible alarm policies Self-learning of normal infrastructure behaviour Identifying recurring minor issues
    18. 18. SCREENSHOT – Administrator can see details of the tests being used for any metric
    19. 19. SCREENSHOT – This shows what type of threshold (fixed or relative) is used, whatgenerates minor/major/critical alarms and the Policy itself
    20. 20. SCREENSHOT – For metrics that normally vary by time/day, eG learns normal behaviourand uses relative thresholds for alarms
    21. 21. SCREENSHOT – Administrator can check if this has been an isolated event or has beenoccurring on a regular basis
    22. 22. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comOptimise Current Infrastructure The workload presented by user sessions &session patterns Distribution of user workload across serviceinfrastructure Resource usage and performancecomparisons across service componentseG Collects More Than Just Component PerformanceMetrics. It Shows:
    23. 23. SCREENSHOT – Detailed workload reports available for all user sessions (XenApp or VDI)showing resource consumption
    24. 24. SCREENSHOT – Reports show if the load is balanced equally across the infrastructure
    25. 25. SCREENSHOT – Detail to provided to understand if loadings are as expected
    26. 26. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comKnow When/Where To Add CapacityCritical to Satisfy All StakeholderseG ensures you get the balance right - Too little investment = unhappy users Too much investment = unhappy CFO In the wrong place = unhappy users & CFO
    27. 27. SCREENSHOT – Report shows what additional load the VM Cluster can support, comparingCPU and Memory
    28. 28. SCREENSHOT – eG Forecast Reports will use historic trend data to project what resourceswill be needed in the future.
    29. 29. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comRequirements For Delivering aHigh Quality Service (and Numbing the Pain)Rapid response when a user has a problemReduce the time from problem to fixMinimise unplanned service outagesOptimise current infrastructure usageKnow when/where to add more capacity
    30. 30. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comThe ROI of Performance AssuranceWith eG Enterprise•Reduce downtime•Increase application availability•Boost user experienceBoostUser Satisfaction& Productivity•Simplify, automate & acceleratediagnosis & troubleshooting•Optimize staffing levels & reduce OPEXReduceIT SupportCost & Complexity•Increase hardware utilization•Leverage investment in software•Right-size & optimize environmentReduceInfrastructure Cost& Avoid CostOverruns•Accelerate deployments & rollout•Reduce risk, deliver successful projects &peace of mindDeliveron Time, on Budget,on Target
    31. 31. © eG Innovations, Inc |
    32. 32. © eG Innovations, Inc | www.eginnovations.comNext Steps: Try eG EnterpriseFreeContact Us To DiscussYour Requirementsinfo@eginnovations.comPhone: +44 207 935 6721Total performance visibility to proactively discover, instantlydiagnose, and rapidly resolve service performance issues.