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10 zig presentation


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10 zig presentation

  1. 1. 10ZiG TechnologyThin Clients for Desktop Virtualisation & Apps DeliveryGavin Nobles, Sales Executive UK & Ireland
  2. 2. VDI Surgeons have been ChoppingUp your desktops for years
  3. 3. TransplantingStorage
  4. 4. RelocatingApps
  5. 5. Re-ThreadingProcessors
  6. 6. RebuildingThe OS
  7. 7. Modern Thin andZero Clients
  8. 8. RELIABLE
  9. 9. No hard-driveNo FanFewer points to failure40,000 hours MTBF
  10. 10.
  11. 11. EWFNo company dataNo where to installGames, Virus‟ or iTunes
  13. 13. Low power and CO2 footprint6 – 14 wattsLong life span means less refresh
  15. 15. “10ZiG make our Thin Clients fit your environment” Martin Pladgeman – CEO, 10ZiG Technology Linux Zero WES 09 WES 7
  17. 17. Centralised management toolEnterprise License FREEEasy to useWindows Based GUI or MMCFREE webinar training
  18. 18. 10ZiG Manager Server Used to manage and store configuration Windows based MySQL10ZiG Manager Console Used to manage from client PC‟s Windows based MMC10ZiG Agent Pre-installed onto 10ZiG thin clients
  19. 19. Management via subnets/vlans Configurable choice dependent on network configuration Multicast discovery 10ZiG Manager broadcasts out to remote subnets/vlans Thin client based discovery Thin client queries DNS Thin client registers to 10ZiG Manager
  20. 20. Multicast discovery Used to discover thin clients which span different subnets/vlans
  21. 21. Thin Client based discovery 10ZiG Agent queries DNS for the 10ZiG Manager Server
  22. 22. GroupsShadowing and Remote ControlImaging and Firmware updatesPackage ManagerScheduled TasksReports
  23. 23. Groups Used to logically group thin clients Perform common operations Configure settings Configure separate applications Manual filtering (Drag and Drop) Department, Workflow, Location Automatic filtering Platform, IP Range, Device, MAC
  24. 24. Imaging and Firmware Updates Backup and Restore via the 10Zig Manager Clone and Deploy Images (WES) Clone and Generate Templates (Linux) Firmware Update Linux Thin Clients
  25. 25. Automating Linux Templates Capture template of your „Golden Image(s)‟ Apply to thin clients on demand Apply to Groups automatically Applies to any new thin clients automatically
  26. 26. Templates on Demand Template Captured onto Manager Template applied to thin clients
  27. 27. Templates Auto Configuration Automatic Configuration to Group Auto applies to any thin clients joining group London
  28. 28. Package Manager Deploy packages onto WES thin clients Used for pushing out Security updates and Application Updates Supported file types: .bat, .exe, .cab, .msi, .msu, .reg, .vbs
  29. 29. Shadowing and Remote Control Thin clients can be shadowed using VNC VNC connections enabled only by Manager (Linux) VNC connections require user prompting (WES) Perform remote shutdown/reboot/power-on actions
  30. 30. Scheduled Tasks Perform Scheduled Tasks against thin clients and/or groups Functions include: Power-on, Logoff, Reboot, Shutdown Update Agent/Firmware Deploy Image (WES) Execute Update from Packages Manager
  31. 31. Reporting Perform reports against your thin client estate Configurable content Useful for auditing and querying status CSV format
  32. 32. 10ZiG TechnologyNew devices and software
  33. 33. Project Everest 8848 Zero Client Ethos Simple configuration Auto Deploy configuration Fast boot Single user interface/Kiosk mode FREE Management tool
  34. 34. Project Everest 8848v Software Zero Client certified for VMware View 5; Includes an easy configurable GUI Supports 10ZiG Manager auto deploy Very fast, 15 second boot PCoIP and Offload Caching Locked down user interface Wi-Fi option
  35. 35. Project Everest 8848c Software Zero Client certified Citrix HDX Ready; Includes an easy configurable GUI Supports 10ZiG Manager auto deploy Flash Redirection Locked down user interface Wi-Fi option
  36. 36. New 5748v SOC DeviceNOS Zero Engine for Citrix HDX – Easy configuration and Deployment1GHz ARM CPU with SOCRAM 1GBDual DVIHigh performance GPU integrated with 3D graphics engine4 USBOptional WirelessEnergy Star 9WSmall FootprintVESA Mountable
  37. 37. v1200 and v1200qNew Tera2 Teradici PCoIP Portal ProcessorOperating System IndependentSupport for Graphic Intensive ApplicationsOffload Caching enabled with 512MB RAMSecure and Risk-free from VirusesUSB 2.0 supportDual and Quad Monitor SupportCertified Hardware for VMware View 5
  38. 38. 10ZiG No Touch Desktop Repurpose your PC in Minutes with NoTouch Robust, easy to use, centralised Management Certified for VMware and Citrix Ready Highly Flexible Works on x86 FREE Trial available
  39. 39. Privately held company Opened Australian Office in 2010EU office in the UK Company Focus on support andHeadquarters in the US developmentEstablished in the Thin Client Market Many first from 10ZiG include first tofor 9 years release;Expanded into Europe in 2005 VMware View 5 Certification Soft Zero Clients for VMviewFormally BOSaNOVA, Inc. VDI-In-a-Box Certified Thin Clients Citrix Receiver 12.1 support onBecame 10ZiG Technology in 2009 Linux
  40. 40. VMware - VMwareReady Certified 2X CertifiedCitrix- Citrix Ready – RedHat Spice ReadyHDX Ready IBM - Partner inQuest vWorkspace DevelopmentReady Certified Virtual BridgesKaviza Ready (VDI ina BOX) Microsoft MSDN PartnerRemoteFX Ready
  41. 41. Advice and Demo Devices easily available+44 1509 276 7738 789 010
  42. 42. Thank you for your timeANY