Substance abuse counselor certification


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Substance abuse counselor certification

  1. 1. The medical world is now needing substanceabuse counselors that will serve the people whoare suffering from alcohol, drug or othersubstances addiction and abuse. They are peoplethat evaluate the patients and then give propergroup or single counseling to alleviate theirproblems and understand and determine theirbehaviors that are results of the addiction.
  2. 2. The substanceabusecounselorcertification areobtained bypeople and thisserves as aticket for themto work withprofessionallytrained andeducatedmental healthpersonally likedoctors, socialworkers andnurses.
  3. 3. This substance abuse counselor certification isonly capable for those who are steady and calmduring emergency crisis and situations.Those that already gain the certification aregiven chances to choose from different areas ofspecializations. They can choose any of thefollowing:
  4. 4. · Adolescent Treatment· Prevention and Education· Family Counseling· Criminal Justice· Eating Disorders· Compulsive Gambling· Assessment Services
  5. 5. They will be working on environments thatare more on mental health places. Examplesof these are correctional institutions, mentalhealth agencies, de-toxoficationareas, addiction treatment and rehabilitationcenters, therapeutic community and manymore.
  6. 6. Those that already receive the substanceabuse counselor certification are subject towork for 40 hours, generally, the holidaysand weekends will be essentially dependenton the set up.
  7. 7. The substance abuse counselor certification isusually obtained voluntarily and can be receivedafter passing examinations that are conducted bythe Certification Board for AddictionProfessionals. It is important that you know thethree levels of certification for substance abusecounseling:
  8. 8. Certified Associate Addiction Professional(CAAP-1) - This first certification is given topeople even without academic degreeattained. The applicants will be requested tohave a complete 2,000 hours of laborexperience, 150 hours of schooling educationand 100 hours of direct and expressedsupervision.
  9. 9. This alsoincludes thelessons incounseling, addictions andethics. Whenthey pass thewritten examfor thecertification, they’ll be able toget this.
  10. 10. Certified Associate Addiction Professional(CAAP-2) – The requirements for this level ofcertification includes a complete associatedegree or valid and original high schooldiploma. Must also complete 4,000 hours ofworking service for at least seven years, 270hours of school and 150 direct supervisionhours; for the associate degree.
  11. 11. For those who only have their high schooldiplomas, they must have a total of 6,000working experience hours for the past tenyears, 270 hours of education and 300 directsupervisions hours. There will also beexaminations that will be given that theyneed to pass.
  12. 12. Certified Addiction Professional (CAP)- This is thehighest level of substance abuse counselorcertification. The requirements are bachelor’s degreein any career field, completion of 6,000 hours ofworking experience for the last 10 years, 300 hours ofeducation and 300 direct supervision hours. Thereare exams that they need to pass, both written andoral exams. For renewal of the certificate, it needs tohave continuing hours of education.
  13. 13. This in demand program is now advanced to theposition of any program director. It is nowneeded in the mental health agency that’s whymany are trying to get these kinds ofcertificates. It can be very crucial when youbecome a substance abuse counselor, but it isalso rewarding and fun as time passes. Read More : Visit here