Kotak bank digital plan


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Few months back i'd pitched a digital plan to Kotak personal banking wing. thought of sharing it with all.

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  • Kotak bank digital plan

    1. 1. Kotak@Digital
    2. 2. Kotak online search trends Overall search trend for Kotak bank has grown in the last 7 years, with maximum searches in early 2011. Comparative search trends for personal banking and corporate banking has grown since 2011, indicating higher awareness levels and online marketing efforts. Investment banking trended low on search indicating low interest levels or less content available online.
    3. 3. Kotak online search trends Kotak bank Vs ICICI and HDFC bank search trends - Interest in Kotak searches significantly lower compared to ICICI and HDFC bank. However search trend for Kotak has remained constant. - Overall search trends for ICICI and HDFC bank shows a decline post 2011, due to high online reach and awareness. - States which showed high search trends for Kotak - Haryana,Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Delhi, Andhra pradesh.
    4. 4. Kotak bank Consumer profile Savings Working professionals Urban women Senior citizens Insurance Wealth management Credit cards Families Loans Corporates
    5. 5. Kotak bank Digital eco-system Mobile website ?? Service Personal Banking/cards/ loans website Mobile site Mobile app Facebook Twitter YouTube
    6. 6. Kotak bank Digital ecosystem Search Website Facebook YouTube Twitter Mobile email Facebook YouTube Twitter website mobile email Website Mobile Facebook email Website Facebook YouTube Twitter Mobile
    7. 7. Growing online segment -1 The urban Indian women -Only 26% Indian women have accounts in banks/financial institutes. -13.72 % of SMB’s are run by women entrepreneurs in India. -Key decision maker in household grocery purchase, holidays, renovations but may not control the cash flow. -Out of 150 million internet users, 60 million are women in India. -Email, search and social networking are the biggest drivers for women online. -24 million women access the internet daily, average age group of 15-34 years - Women account for 40% of monthly YouTube user base. -Women who are online are relatively more affluent and have higher disposable incomes. -Women accounted for 21% of online shoppers in 2012. -Apparels and accessories are the most searched categories by Indian women. - 80% women recommend purchased products to others and 25% share reviews online. -50% women who surfed online , were influenced by online research before buying a product. - 1 in 4 women buy baby products online.
    8. 8. Current challenges and opportunity Affluent working women is the key segment, current product emphasizes only on SAVING In developing nations Women are driving purchases and spending. Very few Indian banks promote online/mobile payment to women. COD is preferred mode of transaction. “Lifestyle multi-if-not-hyper-tasking: microconvenience, mini-experiences and digital snacks will rule in 2013.”  
    9. 9. Where to Play Gifts and deals “Become online shopping & mobile payment partner for women” – secure, easy and rewarding Special offers, cash backs, deals when using mobile/online payment, exclusively for women. Drive higher transaction volumes through credit cards / net banking.
    10. 10. Kotak e-life Need a secure, easy and rewarding payment option or else will use CASH ON DELIVERY -The cash back deals on clothes, apparels - multiple reward points when I shop with partners. -Redeem points for vouchers of online partners I get location based offers from Kotak bank mobile app Always have e Coupons and points handy to redeem. I get the latest travel deals, online gifts and subscriptions to women's magazines through Kotak - web & mobile Kotak lets me plan & buy my grocery, on my Mobile.
    11. 11. Kotak e - Life Website Mobile Search Social email Shopping E coupons Easy Payments Social currency Social badges
    12. 12. Kotak Facebook currency 52% of working woman and 55% of non working woman are using Social media in India. Corporate social responsibility initiatives generated maximum Engagement for Indian banks on Social media in 2012. 64,000 female fans for #Kotak Mahindra Bank and growing. Help a girl child in rural India open a savings account with Kotak Super girl India Every payment you make for online shopping with Kotak credit/debit card generates points, which you can donate into a Super girl’s account – from Facebook. As you donate more points to the super girl account, you start collecting Super girl batches. Super girl batches can be shared on Facebook/Twitter.
    13. 13. Kotak Facebook currency As you collect more batches, you go up The social ladder in the “Super girl India” community. Get featured as top contributor in the community and win a exclusive prize from Kotak. Facebook content “Social independence” •latest fashion trends (content sponsored by apparel e-retailers) •Kotak Women leaders – Women leaders •Online smart beauty contest •Cars women drive. •Travelogues from Women bloggers •“Best man for a job is a Women” Tupperware India – 993,796 fans and 25,929 talking “Social entrepreneurship”
    14. 14. Women on YouTube “Women account for 40% of YouTube monthly users In India” “Indian banks have total 9000 YouTube subscribers, of which Axis bank is the most watched and popular YouTube channel” Kotak bank YouTube Channel Current content focused on industry news and updates Campaigns around “Ask Subbu” created Good engagement. 2-3 videos focusing on women, highlighting Discounts and cash backs Education, health and fitness rated among The top 10 content viewed by Indian women
    15. 15. YouTube content Grow community, engaging videos, multiple topics Marketing & branded content Personal banking Credit cards/loans Investment banking NRI banking Product information Careers Tax saving tips Industry overview Super girl India Segment content – Kotak outsmart
    16. 16. Kotak outsmart 30 second videos, reflecting small winning moments for urban Indian women Just saved few extra bucks when bargained or asked for a deal This month I’ll pay the house bills before my husband/dad/brother does it.. Dinner is on me today… Back to office after maternity leave My Kids are just like me “ Smart”. Taught them how to save money Driving school test to Lavasa women rally “We are going to Bali” just booked the next holiday online. Ordered shopping vouchers online/mobile Link the videos across website home page, Facebook community, twitter and create high Engagement. Add tags and target videos for search results.
    17. 17. Growing online segment -2 The Indian youth – 15 to 24 years - 50% of Indians are below the age of 25 years - 98% youth believe they have the power to bring change in the world. - Almost 50% youth complain online if they don’t get good service. - More than 50% claim they derive power from social networks. - Nearly 42% believe they will participate in a cause or movement which affects them. - Only 10% look up to public figures as role models. - Spending behavior for Tier I/II and III city youths is the same. Mobile Laptops Tablet PC Device usage
    18. 18. Emerging trends for Indian Youth The Indian youth – 15 to 24 years - 67% students from urban colleges want to be “entrepreneurs” rather than doing a conventional 9 to 5 job. They are looking for quick success and have unconventional life styles. - Indian youth is more responsive to conservation of natural resources and protecting civic amenities. - More Indian youth are looking for real conversations and social networks are used to “update and connect” - Individual image and decision making are key to be noticed. They want to be known by the choices they make. - Collaborating with others who have similar interests and ambitions is the path for sustainable success. - 6 out of 10 urban youth are rediscovering India and show interest in it’s culture, mythology and rich history. #TCS survey for Indian students 2012-13
    19. 19. Where to Play - base activation Movie Tickets Online shopping Music & Concerts Eating out Mobile refills High engagement Travel Kotak makes these services easy, available and rewarding. Adoption
    20. 20. Where to Play Life Stage – College to Career Entrepreneur Post graduate Sociopreneurship College goer local outlook Technology change catalysts Frugal innovation Enables Base adoption Supports Higher education Lets you “DREAM BIG” mobile, website, social, email Digital choice of medium
    21. 21. Where to Play Sociopreneurship
    22. 22. Touch points & Content “College to Career” Website – On C2C section offers on movie shows, refill pre paid mobile and get shopping offers. Mobile – Kotak C2C app lets you share your food bill instantly, buy movie tickets and refill mobile . Keep a tab on expenses and upcoming deals on movies, concerts, shopping. App is connected to Facebook and Twitter and lets you share these offers with friends. See other friends who use the Kotak app. Facebook – micro community dedicated to Students and latest careers trends. Managing funds and finances early on. Cover latest college festivals, career events with a help of a youth community member/Influencer/Blogger. Technology, innovation and young entrepreneur news and events need to be covered.
    23. 23. Touch points & Content “College to Career” Instagram – contest for best college photos and moments, get rewarded by Kotak. “College to Career” logo – create and upload on Instagram. The best Logo will be selected and used on all the properties for C2C campaigns. “My India my rules” – Best videos from India depicting innovation, change, growth, sustainability. Best videos get prizes and recognition from Kotak (6 minute videos)
    24. 24. Touch points & Content “College to Career” 30 second Videos - “whacky tips to ace the first interview” Contest – Best video resume – Upload on YouTube and win prizes from Kotak. Live stream concerts and local music events. “Pep talk” from young sociopreneurs in India. Short video Stories. “Student abroad” series – short video compilations from International Indian students and experiences. Co-create Tell stories Share
    25. 25. One Kotak Consumer Insight Equity commu nication Digital CRM strategy Customer service
    26. 26. Thank You