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Moba brochures

  1. 1. •• ~ ••• ®-~------~--------- ---- - ~ ----~ MOBILE AUTOMATION Benefits» Fully automatic on board weighing system MOBA WEIGHLOADER - DYNAMIC WEIGHING SYSTEM» Right first time loading MINIMIZING EMPTY TOURS - MAXIMIZING EFFICIENa» Faster loading cycles» Monitor loader production Accurate loading is essential in applications such as quarrying,» Improved safety through reduced wagon loading and waste handling to ensure optimum vehicle movements productivity, and for applications where loading of road vehicles» Track product movements is involved, to make sure road traffic regulations are compiled with. MOBAs Weighloader offers an easy to use, cost effective,» Reduced fuel consumption on board weighing system for plant such as wheeled loaders and» Ensure road traffic regulation compliance telescopic handlers. Using Weighloader offers productivity of loaded road vehicles benefits including right first time loading and faster working» Helps reducing congestion on Weighbridges cycles as well as providing an enhancement to on site safety by» Helps reducing recycling trips reducing vehicle movement.» Memory function to store material loaded on daily basis SYSTEM OVERVIEW» Transparent billing for contactors» Features Proven sensor technology TriggerAssembly c:I CabDisplay» Accurate dynamic and static weighing» Multiple bucket calibrations ~ Printer (optional)» Multiple products and sites» Easy to use operator interface» Operators trim facility for optimum SystemJunction Box performance ~:tO~~--Tx-drl_-D» live last bucket weighing/tip Jacility» Optional printer TXdr2~j Triggersensor» LED backlit graphic display and keypad Computer/display Suitable for use on: Weighloader uses two transducers to monitor the full side and rod side lift ram pressures. Proximity sensors on the lift arm» Wheeled Loaders determine when the weighing position is reached and this can also be used to monitor speed and acceleration. By activating the» Backhoe Loaders switch on the in-cabin display, operators can also compensate for ride control mechanisms.» Telescopic Handlers Technical Specifications:» Fork Lifts Operating Voltage: 10 VDCto 30 VDC EMC : Meets directive 89/336/EEC Protected against reverse connection and voltage transients 2 x 500 bar pressure transducers IP 67 protected to withstand harsh working environments 2 x Opto isolated proximity switch inputs
  2. 2. ••~.,.® ~- ---- - ---- -----~- ------ ~ MOBILE AUTOMATIONPRESSURE SENSOR MOUNTING The pressure sensors mounted in the IN and the OUT lines help componsating factors like vibrations and jerks that can produce Oil pressure sensor 500 bor incorrect pressure values.These sensors are mounted in one of the Hydraulic boom cylinders. The two proximity switches help understand the I Boom Cylinder Compressionfiffing for direction, speed and acceleration. Using these values we can ~ePiPediOme!er compensate the error in pressure values depending on the speed at ~~, ~ssure"" Isensor -IN IOmm which boom crosses the trigger point at different RPMs.This ultimately reduces the human errors and helps achieve accurate _____ Hydroulicblock Oil pressureline > weight values.PROXIMITY SENSOR MOUNTING Trigger bar mounted on the side of the arm n__ " Trigger bar mounted on top of the armON SITE PICTURES Wagon Loading Irurk/Iipper Loading
  3. 3. f---- ~~., .• ® ---- ------ ~ MOBILE -"""~ AUTOMATION Features: MOBA DEPTH MEASUREMENT SYSTEM MDM·l 00 » Precise depth measurement » Automatic drill stop action » Simple installation ,» Easy to operate » Robust design » User friendly interface » Measures the depth » Automatically detects drill rod » Displays the depth on LCD » Add on system » IP 67 protected change » Four buttons for easy operation » PWM and analog signal » IP 67 protected » Drill stop value can be set » Inductive type » Portable with flexible coil cable MDM-100 is a derivative of the high end SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE system - MDS 2000, for Drilling Machines Applications: which is well acclaimed by renowned OEMs. » Blast hole drilling This development by MOBA has completely changed the perception of possible automation on drilling machines and drilling » Drill Rigs rigs. This new development is backed up by market research and feedbacks from users, » Piling iohs focusing the mining industry which demands » Water Well Rigs for a cost effective solution for such applications. With fewer components it has become possible for quick and easy installations. On the basis of our expertise and knowhow of the drilling process we could enhance the system not only with the indication of the real time drill depth but also with controlling the drilling process and automatically stopping the operation at a preset drilling depth. Due to its low cost, compact and modular architecture we can install this system on an existing machine to achieve better efficiency for the drilling process. Precise drill depth control helps achieving better productivity, fuel efficiency by reducing active drill duration.
  4. 4. •• ~ ••• ®---- -~ ---------~--------- ~~ MOBILE AUTOMATION MAST INCLINATION SYSTEM The electronic 2-axis sensing system with digital and LED indicator Slope Sensor Digi Level Duo LevelMeasure and display of the longitudinal The DIGI·LEVEL System III is a reliable and robust system for the detection and visualization of the inclinationand latitudinal axis of a tool, a machine, a vehicle or any other object whose current position is to be indicated to the operator. It consists of a wear resistant 2 axis slope sensor and a robust lCD dual slope indicator.» Precise mast inclination The Duo Level system IV is an lED based display which indicates slope/inclination in form of lED light. With» Easy to fit its ergonomics it becomes very easy for the operator to understand and align the machine to desired inclination.» Display in degree The fluid based slope sensor detaches every pitch and bank exactly and transfers the measured values via CAN}}Resolution of 10 and 50 interface (ISO 1898-24V-125kBit/sec) to a large lCD display where these values are indicated.» IP 67 protected» High zero point stability This display will be connected with two water-resistant, robust plug-in connectors to the sensor and the power» Protected against polarity reversal supply and therefore it is easy to fit.}}Wear less}}Protected against voltage peak Working example: Display option 1 Display option 2 Longitudinal Inclination Direction of travel Slope sensor 21.8° backwards and 7)0 to the right For applications where the mast of the drilling machine has to be inclined at the right position in order to achieve the right angle of the drill hole which is critical in cases of blasting. The DIGllevel is featured with two backlit lCOs and together with the MRS slope sensor it gives a precise measure of the mast inclination in X - Y axis in digits. The operator can thus incline the mast to the desired angle of the drill hole.
  5. 5. ••~.,.®-----~------------ ~ ----~ MOBILE - ---- AUTOMATION MOBA DRILLING SYSTEM MDS·2000 HIGHER PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCYAdvantages of the MDS-2000: Designed for the use in heavy duty terrain Sensors of quarries and special civil engineering » Complete system to automate (unclassified roads, slope protection, sur- drilling machine face blasting) the MOBA Drilling System » Cost reduction MDS-2000 reduces mechanical wear (e.g. drill bit), and allows an efficient » Drill hole data collection resource planning, the accurate completion » Engine data management and timely accounting of projects. The MDS-2000 is equip- » Telemetric data transfer by GSM Functioning ped with one 2-axis » Saving of time Sensors collect all available drilling data as for example slope sensor (MSS-322) drill hole length, drill angle, drilling time. It allows the with a measuring range » Direct data download to PC complete drill hole data collection as well as the ma- ± 60 and an extremely 0 or mobile device nagement of engine data. The modular conception of the flat design, which makes » Remote control via digital output system permits responding to individual customer requi- the sensor easy to install, rements. Drill data can be stored to a USB stick via the plus three rotary sensors » Higher security through remote controlled MOBA USB-l 00. (contactless rotary sen- engine shut-down sor, PWM and analog » Add-on-system signal). High quality electronic » GPS -positioning components and the ,.. 11III rugged ond wearless design ensure accurate working and high perfor- mance also under rough conditions that include high vibrations, dust, lIIiIiIilllllllIIIlIa_ •• dirt, water or shocks. MOBA India Pvt. Ltd. • B 210-211, GIDCElectronics Estate • Sector 25, Gandhinagar, Gujamt / India Samip Desai • Phone: + 91 9898556608 • I-moil •
  6. 6. ---- - ----•• ~ ••• ®-----~-------- ----- ~ MOBILE AUTOMATION changed by using the free programmable function keys. The HMI is designed for mobile use in rugged conditions (iP67). The MOBA mobile process controller MPC-120 is pro- grammed with CoDeSys and contains: Digital inputs 11! s (O/24V, PNP or NPN) Analogue inputs 4 (0-5V, 0-1 OVor 4-20mA) Digital outputs 8 (PWM or 0/24V) CAN·interface 3 RTC Application software programmed in CoDeSys RS232/USB 1 Operating panel (HMI) and controller The 1/4 VGA monochrome display provides the opero- The HMI GD-320 is equipped with the latest technolo- tor with all information in a clearly arranged manner. All electronic parts are completely sealed and protected gy in digital operating panels for mobile applications. The menus and parameters can easily be selected and against moisture, vibration and dust. TELEMATICS The telematic data module allows sending drill data, engine data and actual settings directly to a PC or a mobile device by using a commercial SIM card of a local provider. For wireless data transfer the MPC-120 is con- nected with theGSM module. So data, e.g. the position of the machine shown in a map, can be directly recalled on a PC, a mobile phone or a laptop. It is also possible Provider services/Router to accomplish a remote-controlled engine shut-down via digital output. GSMModuie MPC-120 ~:::7~~~~~ ~L- - . _=:~}¥::~~:~"~~:;~:<~~~~:~~-.-_:.-~~- -==~- ~. ~ -- < -:-~-~"--~~ -:----- •• .a-: •••-~--::-, - •.........• ~ . -.:i~~ ~ ~ .- -_- ---= -- -=-.- ---- - .- .,,~:··::;F-::.:~~r- - - _ -;- ~:~ - -- -~--7 - . .