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Victory Over Neck And Back Pain Dr Shriniwas Kashalikar

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Victory Over Neck And Back Pain Dr Shriniwas Kashalikar

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION I had following and many questions in my mind, about ailments and healing. Would I like to keep ailing like many others are? Would I like to go from doctor to doctor belonging to different systems of medicine as others are? Would I like to go through a vicious chain or cycle of expensive investigations and subsequent admonition [without any guarantee of health and happiness] as many of us are forced to go through?
  3. 3. Would I like to spend exorbitant money on treatment, as many have to spend? Would I like to be eternally dependent on medical professionals belonging to some or other particular system of medicine or a healer of some kind or other as many of us depending? Would I like to live in the threatening shadow of disease and death forever as many others are living? The answer was a big NO. This was probably why; I, as a medical student and later as a medical professional; kept on working on this issue and realized; that all medical systems of are part of one single PATH OF HEALING. In
  4. 4. fact in the course of time I realized that all the fields of knowledge and art, could contribute to the health or disease of an individual and society. This is the concept of HOLISTIC MEDICINE. But what was the HOLISTIC MEDICINE expected to do? Was it to impart only physical health? No. So-called health, which is determined by and endorsed by laboratory and other investigations, considers only physical well being. But physical well-being is not at all a true indicator of health. A person cannot be judged in the same way as we judge a statue. A person is judged by his or her
  5. 5. actions. The actions in turn spring from one’s instincts, emotions, thoughts and perspective. HOLISTIC HEALTH therefore is nothing else but a process of acquiring the perspective of global welfare, policies and plans and commitment to these and coordinated and concerted efforts of experts in that direction from different walks of life! Holistic Medicine is understanding and practicing the wisdom in their respective fields, for the well being of one and all is the key to HOLISTIC HEALTH which I call TOTAL STRESS MANAGEMENT also. This small book is a humble effort in that direction.
  6. 6. Precautions: 1. In this book you will find a variety of remedies. It is important to be aware of the legislations involved in the use of the different remedies. 2. It is quite possible that concurrent use some of these remedies may not be acceptable to some medical practitioners. 3. It is also true that I do not have clinical trials to quote; for some of these remedies. 4. The quality of a particular product is something I cannot vouch on at all. 5. Some of the remedies may require doctor’s prescription.
  7. 7. 6. Some of the YOGASANAs or other procedures/endeavors may require expert guidance. 7. It is also important to note that we are different individuals with different constitutions. We are of different age groups and genders. We may vary in terms of different physiological conditions such as pregnancy, menstruation and lactation. These variable factors alter the efficacy and safety of medications and practice of yogasanas or exercises. 8. The ailment may have different causes and the stage of the ailment may also vary. 9. We may have different histories of past and family illnesses. 10. These different considerations may limit the utility of this book.
  8. 8. However this book would surely provide you, with new options for substantial improvement in your HOLISTIC HEALTH irrespective of whether you belong to a non- medical or a medical profession. DR. SHRINIWAS KASHALIKAR AYURVEDA • Mix Manjishtha and Guggul in cold water and release drop
  9. 9. by drop in the nostrils • Dashamularishta 1-3 tea spoon ful 1-3 three times a day • Rumalaya ointment and tablets. Ointment to be rubbed in a gentle manner without bringing it in contact with eyes or mucous membranes and tablet should be taken 1-2 tablets 1-3 times a day depending upon your tolerance. • Sameer yograj Guggul 250 mg three times a day • Urad oil [Extract of Urad in Sesame i.e. Til oil] to be released in nostrils, taken orally 1-2 tea spoonful 1-2 times a day according to your tolerance • Drink Urad quath i.e. boiled urad extract • Put drops urad extract in nose
  10. 10. • Atasyadi gutika. The pills of Alsi, devadar and sunth. 1 to 3 pills 1to 3 times a day according to your comfort. • You can tie a leaf of rui or errand and foament the area. • Drink 1 to 3 teaspoon ful of neem and bala root extracts • Combination of Trifala Guggul and 4 parts and Vatavidhvans 2 parts to be taken in the dose 250 mg three times a day. ALLOPATHY 1] Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Diclofenac sodium, Diclofenac potassium, Aspirin, 1 to 2 tablets 1 to3 times a day according to the severity and always after food.
  11. 11. These drugs should not be taken on empty stomach, in case of acidity problems and in association with alcohol. There are pain killers such as dextropropxyphene and paracetamol. Sometimes muscle relaxants such as Chlorzoxazone in the dose of 250 mg 1 to 3 times a day or diazepam in the dose 2 mg three times a day are advised Sometimes combinations of above drugs are used. Artiflex [plus] • Chlorzoxazone 250 mg • Ibuprofen 400 mg • Paracetamol 300 mg Chlorizok • Chlorzoxazone 250 mg • Diclofenac potassium 50 mg • Paracetamol 325 mg
  12. 12. Agile MR • Chlorzoxazone 300 mg • Diclofenac potassium 50 mg • Paracetamol 300 mg are some of the combinations. 2] Hot and cold fomentation 3] Short wave diathermy provided by physiotherapist [physical therapists] 4] Treatment by ultra sound vibrations given through ultra sound machine by physiotherapist [physical therapists] 5] Traction is vertical stretching given with traction machine by physiotherapist [physical therapists] 6] Cervical collar usually advised by doctors and provided by the agencies manufacturing or retailing it 7] Belladonna plaster usually available with chemists and can be
  13. 13. applied on the painful region 8] In severe cases some times decompression of the nerve roots in the particular region of the vertebral column is done is done by surgery EXERCISE 1] Suryanamaskar 2] Shoulder exercises 3] The physical training exercises 4] Neck exercises 5] Exercises of toes, feet, knee, fingers, wrists, elbows while on sedentary job WALKING 1] The care to be taken 2] Namasmaran while walking Synchronizing the namsmaran with foot steps and with abdominal breathing
  14. 14. 3] Climbing the staircases 4] Trekking DIET Nachani, bajara, jwar, patni, shingada, soyabean, Different oils Green leafy vegetables Seasonal fruits Use of sprouted beans POSTURE Alexander technique of integrated posture Erect seating, standing, walking UTILITIES Avoid foam cushion, foam pillow and foam bed Avoid gust of ceiling fan
  15. 15. Avoid high heals use platform shoes if you want to look taller Use of towel roll under neck Sleeping in lateral position Covering of the neck to avoid severe cold breeze or wind. MORNING ABLUTIONS Gum and palate massage Washing of face BODY MOVEMENTS Avoid jerks Avoid lifting heavy articles bringing strain on back or neck YOGA (Physical Hathayoga Techniques) Makarasan, Bhujangasan, Dhanurasan, Shalabhasan, Vakrasan, Simhamudra, Brahmamudra,
  16. 16. Nasikagra Drishti, Bhrumadhya, dristhi, Kapalbhati Avoid sheershasan, halasan, sarvangasan, viparitkarani in acute, conditions. MASSAGE Gentle massage along the length of the muscles with Mahanarayan or other suitable oil. Til oil is also good. HOMEOPATHY Rhododendron >< 30, 2 to 4 pills 3 to 4 times a day. This is especially useful if there is tingling and numbness in upper extremities i.e. arms and hands reaching up to fingertips. OSTEOPATHY
  17. 17. Manual Traction Mobilization Exercises One could find many more techniques and remedies from books, but, The most important healing principle is to get out of the trap of forces of pettiness which trap you and suffocate you without your being aware of them! To succeed in this, practice NAMSMARAN daily irrespective of illusory threatening times and difficulties and the agonies produced by them. Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar