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Submit i nme releases local business marketing - updated version


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Value & Competence Guaranteed Local SEO Strategy Spectacled with Proof

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Submit i nme releases local business marketing - updated version

  1. 1. SubmitINme Releases Local Business Marketing - Updated VersionSubmitINme announced today that they have restored and refurbished their Local businessSEO strategies, effected to offer all their clients and clients-to-be.Their new service page representing Local Marketing Services shows the success stories ofclients in a much more visually feasible manner. The page also contains Client testimonials,Report models as well as flow charts of how a particular project will move ahead once localbusiness SEO execution gets its start. This new version of strategies and ideas coined togetherto fall under three different packages is a real guarantee to your small/medium businessawaiting local clients. You get enough web visibility via local listings, maps, citations and socialmedia brandingSubmitINme, which recently celebrated its tenth anniversary recently, was very vibrant inrevamping their already successful strategies, in order to increase their client base to anextended circle and to satisfy their clients to the core. As a part of their short time goal was thislaunch of the Version 2 - Local internet marketing. In addition to this, SubmitINme also guidestheir audience with a consultation done by a Local Business Expert for their Local businessabsolutely free of cost.The motivation behind this is due to heaps of emails they receive each day from SEO serviceseekers requesting package selection help among the Micro BIZ, Small BIZ, and Medium BIZpackages. The new service focus on Local SEO services commanded within a very short spanwas also due to the mammoth opportunities that Local Searches have in the search world. Localsearch data surge in mobile and desktop statistics, and hence SEO for small businesses shouldnecessarily pay more attention to Local marketing ideas and its revisions.About WLTSFounded in 2002, SubmitINme, a core wing of WhiteLake Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd, an ISO9001:2008 certified company is today an international provider of quality search engineoptimization services to small, medium and big corporate business owners who consider onlineopportunities as a backbone to their business success. The suite of SEO services is not only
  2. 2. comprehensive but could also be altered to custom fit any enterprise or start-up level needsproposed by our customers. SubmitINme is focused on providing its customers with superiorweb optimization and marketing support, which is backed by a seasoned technology group whoare experienced, updated and capable of understanding the vital needs and updates in thesearch industry. With over 20,000 registered users and beneficiaries of the companys services,SubmitINme is able to attract and retain the most experienced, effective sales associates in theindustry, out of ensuring their customers have an outstanding experience all the way throughoutthe business execution period.For more information, please visit