Press Release Writing – A Complete How-To Guide


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Creating journalist written press release with compelling headlines and crafty formats enhances your online presence and increases ROI. Learn how to write effective newsworthy press releases.

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Press Release Writing – A Complete How-To Guide

  1. 1. Press Release Writing Guide Writing An Effective Press Release 05/29/14 4th Floor, Adv Dhramaraj Complex Nagercoil 629001, TN, India Tel  91-4652-230776 Version: 1
  2. 2. ∗ What’s a Press Release ∗ Format of a Press Release ∗ Headline ∗ Summary ∗ Date Line ∗ PR body ∗ About US ∗ Contact Information ∗ Finding Newsworthy Topics ∗ Sample ∗ PR Checklist Contents
  3. 3. A Press Release; Is an interesting way to announce a product or service and gain exposure online by capturing the attention of the target audience. Educates people about your product or service with the legitimate information possible. Gains visibility for a company by resonating the message with journalists, customers and strategic partners. What Is A Press Release
  4. 4. For an effective formatting of a press release, it’s necessary that you need to include the following; ∗ Headline ∗ Summary ∗ Date Line ∗ PR Body ∗ About US ∗ Contact Information Press Release Format
  5. 5. Your headline should be strong to reflect the news angle and captivate the readers to read the full release. ∗Format Is NOT MORE THAN 100 Char with spaces ∗Capitalize Each Word in the Headline ∗Include Keywords Only If Possible ∗Keep a Specific Headline Limit (since search engines use different limits for displaying) X Wrong: Atlanta Dentist Provides Teeth Whitening  Right: Atlanta Dentist Now Offering $199 Teeth Whitening Special Through July 2013 Headline
  6. 6. A Press Release summary is a short paragraph that follows your headline and summarizes the content of the PR Body. Adding a summary increases the effectiveness of your press release. ∗Format Is 2-3 strong statements that keeps the readers interested ∗It Should be Italicized ∗Keep it Simple Example: Leading Dental clinic recently introduced cosmetic dental implants at their Atlanta, GA practice for patients who have damaged, broken, or missing teeth. With this new procedure, patients no longer have to rely on dentures or cumbersome bridges to overcome the aesthetic and functional problems with missing teeth. Summary
  7. 7. Add a date line just below the summary in a format as given below; [Place, Date] Example: [Atlanta, CA, 25th July 2013] Date Line
  8. 8. The PR body is the important part of the press release. It needs to be clear, crisp paragraphs explaining the information provided in the headline and summary. ∗Length – 300-350 words ∗PR body should start in the same line as that of the date line ∗A strong introductory paragraph that covers all the questions including who, what, when, where, why and how ∗Should contain a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs ∗Each paragraph should focus on a single idea expressed in a third person tone ∗Include quotes from key staff or experts, statistics, survey results, etc ∗Final paragraph should restate the key points of the press release PR Body
  9. 9. This is the place where you can add some information about the company and their services. Make sure to include a few keywords if possible. ∗ Example: XYZ Company is a leading distributor of widgets and has been in the business of building widgets since 2 decades. For more details, visit About US
  10. 10. Contact information of the company which includes their address, phone number, email, etc. Example: Contact Person XYZ Company Address details City and country T: +971-4-555-6666 (include country and city code in contact numbers) F: +971-4-555-6667 (if applicable) Contact e-mail address Contact Information
  11. 11. Choose any interesting information to be reported in the form of a press release. It may be about or related to; ∗Website launches, new product/ service launches ∗Announcing new employee hire or change ∗Special offers and discounts ∗Seasonal deals ∗Announcing any recent or upcoming events ∗Anniversaries and Awards ∗Hosting summits Finding A Newsworthy Topic
  12. 12. Title Summary Date Line About us PR body Sample
  13. 13. Your Press Release may get rejected by directories if they; ∗ Are Plain advertisements for any company, product and/or websites ∗ Contain any duplicate content ∗ Are wrong or misleading ∗ Contain generalized and/or negative comments ∗ Use all CAP letters or have an improper title format ∗ Are not accurate ∗ Do not follow standard grammar and spelling
  14. 14. Here’s a quick checklist for the requirements of a press release. Your PR; ∗ Has the minimum word count of 300-350 words ∗ Has the search engine keywords highlighted ∗ Has the news angle ∗ Is informational and accurate ∗ Follows the right format ∗ Is written in a focused way ∗ Includes quotes, key message and contact details PR Checklist
  15. 15. THANK YOU