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SEO Reseller Program


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Become the SEO reseller of the best Indian SEO company with ISO certification and over 8 years of expertise in search engine optimization and social media promotion

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  • I will manually create 40 PR9 to PR6 Authority profile Backlinks I will MANUALLY create 40 profile authority sites using some of the Biggest PR9 to PR6 Domain on the Planet (Page Rank 9 is on MAIN DOMAIN, not profile page). The diversity is the most powerful, natural and Google-friendly SE0 technique! Also it was made a great deal. I am very serious my work.
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SEO Reseller Program

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  2. 2. SubmitinME @ Social MediaAB O U T S U B M I TI N M E . C O MWith Search EngineOptimization Since is a website promotional companylocated in Capecomorin, India with over 6 years of service.Since 2002 we have served over 5000 satisfied clientsworldwide with a range of seo services. Though othercompanies offer different forms of automated seo servicesand promotional strategies, we strictly adhere to manual Contact Us @SEO solutions. We follow strict guidelines on web promotion Whitelake Solutionsand use no black hat techniques. 4th floor, Advocate Dharmaraj Complex,We regard Honesty, Dedication and Customer Satisfactionabove money. SubmitINmes integrated business-driven Nagercoil, Tamil Naduapproach separates us from typical web promotioncompanies. We listen and understand your needs, present Indiayou with results and thrive to provide cost effective Tel : 0091-4652-230776solutions to clients bearing in mind that “The customer is Email : admin@submitinme.comthe King”. We have over 80% of returning customers.We have a 34 member team working full time on thepromotional jobs. Projects are managed by separate projectheads who are well experienced in the category. We haveyoung dynamic engineering graduates, experienced SEOand submission specialists.
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSWhy Resell SEO And SMO Reseller Website SamplesProven Solution Is What Sells In The SEO And SMO Services & RatesWorld 40% Discount For ResellersNot Just A Small Business Managing OrdersAll We Need Is Some Info, An “Yes” And Nothing Else Order Execution And ReportingHow It Works PaymentsFeatures Of The Reseller Website Everything At A GlanceFeatures Of Client Management System
  4. 4. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N TW HY RESEL L SEO AN D SMO SER VIC ES THIS IS WHY: ● The best business option with very little investment and huge ROI ● If you are into any kind of businesses such as web design, web hosting, event management, graphics design and online advertising, you have a huge opportunity to start a successful SEOWhy Resell SEO And SMO business and start making a huge amount of money in no time. ● With countlessI numbers of websites f you are looking for the quickest live today, SEO and SMO can never be and affordable option to start avoided and the demand for the provenyour own online business, look no strategies will alwaysfurther – There is no better option be on the rise. Obviously, starting yourthan reselling SEO and SMO own business with a guaranteed potentialservices. future life will be a wise ideaThe need to start a SEO business will be clear to you if ● Finding business leads for SEO and SMO isyou are into businesses like web design, web easy compared to thedevelopment, graphics design, web hosting, event other online businessesmarketing or online consultation. We are sure that you , provided the fact that you are offeringmust have received lots of inquires about offering SEO unique, turnkeyand SMO services to your clients. Remember that all your solutions withclients are potential leads to start a SEO business and guaranteed results.start generating continuous revenue in no time and witha little investment of time and very little investment ofmoney. Po we re d B y S ub m it in m e .c o m An d C l ie n t ii ● 4
  5. 5. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N TW HY RESEL L SEO & SMO SER VIC E S O F SUB MIT IN MEProven Solution Is What Sells In The SEO And SMO World Gone are the days when people with a PC or a laptop named themselves as SEO companies by providing spammy and clueless strategies. With the trends in conventional online search changing rapidly, on the experts in search engine optimization will be able to provide solutions that can produce real results. This is where the 6+ years of expertise of SubmitinME comes into play. As you know, unlike other SEO service providers who were continually offering the stone age strategies, we at were providingsolutions based on the trends and the proven results. Our search engine optimizationresearch team have formulated several SEO strategies that have proven effectivenessin terms of gaining visibility in the search engines, flow of traffic and increase of sales.Not Just A Small BusinessSEO and SMO Solutions For All NichesBy choosing to resell the SEO services at, it is not just a smallbusiness that you own. SubmitinMEs shelves carry SEO and SMO services that suitsall budgets and all niches. Let it be a need of SEO and SMO for a small online affiliateprogram or a total online marketing solution for an entire e-commerce business – wehave services for all that you can resell. Po we re d B y S ub m it in m e .c o m An d C l ie n t ii ● 5
  6. 6. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N TR EADY TO RES ELL SUB MIT IN ME S SER VIC E S?All We Need Is Some Info, An “Yes” AndNothing ElseSubmitinMEs reseller program can get your SEO business started in just 10 days.SubmitinME doesnt let you move a finger on the setup of the business website andthe best client management system. As said all we need is a green light from you tosetup a reseller system for you and your job is to sit back an watch as your newbusiness is molded.How It WorksStart Your SEO Business Doing Nothing MuchBecoming a reseller of the SEO and SMO services of SubmitinME is just a breeze. Infact you can start your own SEO business by just doing nothing much!! All you haveto do is to provide us the required information that we ask for based on the servicesthat you choose to resell. When it comes to required data, we dont overwhelm youwill technical information, but we will need some basic information from you for theground work of the reseller system setupNote: You will have to add $500 as funds in you account at, whichwill be released as soon as your order value through the reseller system reaches$10,000 . There are no no-refundable hidden fees or setup charges.10 Days Of Ground WorkOnce the required data is provided, you can sit back an relax as we develop the Po we re d B y S ub m it in m e .c o m An d C l ie n t ii ● 6
  7. 7. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N Tunique SEO website for you with all bells and whistles. You can choose the colors andstyles of your preference and you decide how your reseller system looks.SubmitinMEs Reseller website is flexible enough to be unique so that for the onlineworld you will look like an authority SEO business and not a reseller. Within 10 days,you will have your own SEO website ready along with the best Client ManagementSystem (Powered By Clientii).Features Of The Reseller Website ● High flexibility in customization so that the reseller website looks and works as a unique SEO service provider. ● SEO friendly website design and codding (With SEO friendly urls and pages with SEO friendly META details). ● Completely representing your BRAND (no referrals or footer links included to ● The best user friendly navigation. ● Availability of regular paypal and credit card checkout systems. ● Fast technical support for updatesFeatures Of Client Management System ● Interactive order status tracking ● Separate project details page generated for each order along with a dedicated private message board, report file uploads, order tracking option ● All in one page details about the project (To whom it is assigned, start date, projected end date, reports and correspondences regarding the project all in one page) ● User file uploads to enable clients to send files easily and securely. Po we re d B y S ub m it in m e .c o m An d C l ie n t ii ● 7
  8. 8. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N TReseller Website Samples 1. 2. Services & Rates You can freely choose between any service available at to resell. As you know, you will have to produce your own sales pages for the services that you choose to sell. The interesting feature with SubmitinME.coms reseller program is that you can fix your own rates for the services that you resell. The market rates of the services at SubmitinME are very cheap compared to the other service providers. With the freedom of choosing your own rates you can choose anything from twice to thrice the rates of “ It just means that you fix your profit margins Upto 30% Discount For Resellers offers upto 30% additional discounts for all the services to the resellers. This simply means that we just take very less margins and we let the maximum revenue flow to you. Po we re d B y S ub m it in m e .c o m An d C l ie n t ii ● 8
  9. 9. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N T Managing Orders Our job doesnt just end with setting up a reseller system for you. Every order placed through your reseller system will be responded by OUR STAFF, under YOUR BRAND. We follow the 8 HOUR RULE, where all the orders will be responded from our end within 8 hours since the order is placed. You dont have to do anything when a new order appears, as our staff will respond to the client directly, get the necessary “information for the works and will start the project. Well you have something to do though – Relax and enjoy while your business growsOrder Execution And ReportingWorking Behind The ScenesOnce the data is obtained from the client, theservice will be executed at SubmitinME.comwith the same quality and manual processesthat SubmitinME offers to its clients. Your clientwill have total control over the project throughthe “Management System” and every order willbe completed within the projected end datementioned in the order page. At completion ofthe project, the reports will be sent directly toyou client through the order page. We strictlywork behind the scenes and all thereports and contacts will be done underyour brand. Po we re d B y S ub m it in m e .c o m An d C l ie n t ii ● 9
  10. 10. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N TPayments 100% payment has to be made by your clients to complete the order and all the payments from the client will directly reach you. It is just like the clients paying you for the services that you provide. You will be billed by at the end of each month for the completed projects (Other than the continous packages that have to paid during the initial month before the completion of the project). The bill that you pay for SubmitinME will be regardless the price that you set on your reseller system. You have to pay only the proposed reseller service rate as per the initial agreement. “ Get the payment directly and pay us just for the job done each month Po we re d B y Su b m it in m e .co m A n d C li e nt ii ● 10
  11. 11. « TA B L E O F C O N T E N TEverything At A GlanceYou will have to add $500 as funds in you account at, which will bereleased as soon as your order value through the reseller system reaches $10,000 .There are no no-refundable hidden fees or setup charges.What You Get is - ● Unique reseller website with custom styles, logos, header images and individual sales page** ● Fully functional order management system where your client can track the progress of the project, correspond with the staff and get the final report under your brand. ● Continuous revenue with huge profit margins. Payments directly reaching your paypal account. ● A SEO and SMO business with the need of zero man power or time from your end. “EX PL AIN ED SIM PL E You are just one step ahead of starting a prospective SEO business with little investment of time and very little investment of money.Visit to become a SEOreseller Po we re d B y Su b m it in m e .co m A n d C li e nt ii ● 11