Of Infographic Promotion – A Case Study


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Infographic design and promotion play a key role in social media marketing and online branding. This case study on infographic promotion is presented by Submitinme, one of the largest SEO and social media marketing company based in India. The research credit goes to the research wing for SubmitINme – The SIM Labs. This case study on infographic promotion is free to share.

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Of Infographic Promotion – A Case Study

  1. 1. Effectiveness Of Infographic Promotionbased on the infographic design and promotion servicea case study by submitinme.
  2. 2. I NTRODUCT ION O VERVIEW We have published many Infographics over time. However, we areWe had recently detailed the effectiveness of infographic considering 4 best performers (2 infographics and 4promotion in one of our recent news posts. In fact we had quotographics) of all for this case study. The Infographics aredescribed the strategy as the best for social media marketing, published in the pages:SEO, branding and link building in 2012. We had also referencedan earlier case study on infographic promotion published by“ Word Stream ” where a company was able to get referencelinks from CNN and many other top sites by publishing a couple of Q UOTOGRAPHICSinteresting Infographics. This case study was published in 2010 http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-189.aspxand since then many factors and trends have changed. So, hereat SIM labs we are presenting a newer case study on Infographic http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-198.aspxdesign and promotion.The promotion strategy was not basically implemented for the I NFOGRAPHICSsole purpose of doing this case study. The Infographics used http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-191.aspxwithin this case study were published purely for sharinginformation along with getting us branding as the information is http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-196.aspxshared. While the Infographics were virally shared, we were ableto see ultimate effectiveness of the concept in getting traffic,branding, social media exposure and search engine visibility and • All the infographics above are published within our newsrankings. The concept then turned out to be an excellent section of the website, but extra promotion done from ourpromotion strategy for us and we started to dig deep into the end of each infographic variesresults obtained with Infographic promotion strategy. Here we • All the information used in the infographics andpresent our findings as a detailed case study. quotographics were very well related to our niche (SEO, social media marketing, Google etc)A DDITION OF Q UOTOGRAPHICS : • We assume that the information we used within theYou would be familiar with the regular Infographics, but we have a infographic including the statistics are accurate based onnew form of Infographics included in addition to the regular ones the reliable sources from where they are taken from.in the case study. It is termed as “Quotographics” which are mini • We had not copied any unique concepts or content exceptgraphics with quotes and sayings from famous people presented actual quotes from real people which cannot be reworded.graphically. See Sample • Quotes and sayings are used as it is without any changes
  3. 3. I NFOGRAPHIC C ONCEPTAs mentioned in the introduction, the topic was not chosen to Q UOTOGRAPHIC C ONCEPTprove the success of the strategy using a case study. The topicwas chosen for a regular infographic on the most recent “GooglePenguin” algorithm update. The topic was hot and there were Quotographics were based on simpler concepts compared to thecontroversial opinions about the algorithm update from the public. traditional infographics. These were purely made of famous sayingsThe following assumptions were made while preparing the from the industry experts. Ours being the SEO industry we choseinfographic concept: quotes from Matt Cutts (Head of Google webspam)and his quotes about the most recent penguin update. • Assumptions Made • People love to share the negative information about something new than its positive side. • Matt Cutts was a very popular figure online (This was for sure) • People love to hear what others say about something of • People were eager to hear something about the penguin interest update from official sources • Everyone always likes to know if other have experienced • The chosen quotes were worth a 500 word explanation about the same they have the current issue – the penguin update • There are many who doesn’t like Google and would love • The quote has great news value anything said against Google • People get a feeling of satisfaction when they see some information that makes them understand “they are not alone” • Finally the most important part: Top news agencies and best sites of the niche would provide references to you if you are publishing controversial public discussions
  4. 4. Q UICK N AVIGATIONThe Infographic Design & ContentThe Quotographic Design & ContentDetails About The Infographic Promotion & Statistics 1. An Infographic Based On The Comments By People About The Google Penguin Update ..................................5 2. An Infographic About Recovery A Website After Being Hit By The Google Penguin Update ..............................6Details About The Quotographics Used In The Case Study 1. A Quotographic By Matt Cutts About Penguin Update................................................................................. 7 2. A Quotographic By Matt Cutts About WhiteHat SEO ................................................................................... 8Findings Increase In Overall Site Traffic.................................................................................................................... 9 Referral Traffic......................................................................................................................................... 10 SERPS..................................................................................................................................................... 11 Infographics Vs Quotographics................................................................................................................... 13ConclusionUpdate As On 10th July 2012 Our Answer To The Statement “Google May Discontinue Infographic “LINKS” In Future” .................................15
  5. 5. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TThe Design And ConceptThe Infographic Design & ContentThe content and design was mainly focused on carrying a humor touch. The imagesused were cartoonistic vectors to maintain the web 2.0 look and feel throughout theinfographic. As the infographic carried large information, the design done was basic.The Quotographic design & ContentQuotographics come with very simple designs. The content is mainly quotes fromfamous people related to the niche and the design would be based on the message inthe quoteDetails About The Infographic Promotion &Statistics1. An infographic based on the comments by people about the Google PenguinUpdatePublished Page: http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-191.aspxPublished Date: 30th April 2012Type of content: Controversial comments from real people after the Google penguinupdatePromotion Done: • Shared within our facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin page • Published in our pinterest profile • NOT published in the 25 top infographic syndication sites The De s ig n A nd Co nc e pt ● 5
  6. 6. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TStats: • Total views within the page: 3449 Views HIGHLIGHT • Syndicated in Google News : Yes ● The infographic was referred from a news • Known Pinterest Shares from the published page post at Search Engine alone : 58 Journal and we got requests to grand • Facebook Shares the published page alone: 9 permission to use the infographic in their news posts from many • Known Tweets the published page alone : 7 SEO news sources (names not disclosed) • Viral natural syndication to other blogs1059 views athttp://www.downgraf.com/inspiration/google-penguin-how-did-the-public-react-infographic/95 views at http://www.downgraf.com/inspiration/google-penguin-how-did-the-public-react-infographic/Note: There are 25+ such syndications with undisclosed view counts and socialshares. They would add up to the total views and the social shares mentioned above2. An Infographic about recovery a website after being hit by the Googlepenguin updatePublished Page: http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-196.aspxPublished Date: 10th May 2012Type of content: Tips on recovering website after Google penguin updatePromotion Done: • Shared within our facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin page • Published in our pinterest profile • Published in the 25 top infographic syndication sites The De s ig n A nd Co nc e pt ● 6
  7. 7. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TStats: HIGHLIGHT • Total views within the page: 2928 Views ● This infographic was a success but didn’t go as viral as the first one • Syndicated in Google News : Yes because there were too many information on the • Known Pinterest Shares from the published page same topic of news value. However, after the alone : 16 infographic was syndicated manually to • Known Facebook Shares : 12 the top 25 infographic sites, the main source url appeared and stayed on • Known Tweets the published page alone: 10 the first page of Google search for the most competitive targetApart from the viral natural syndication of the keyword “Google Penguininfographic, we manually syndicated the same to top 25 Recovery”infographic sites. We were able to get tons of uniqueviews and social shares from these infographicsyndication sites:Eg: http://visual.ly/google-penguin-recovery - 813 Unique Views. There are 24more such sites with undisclosed number of views.Note: These 25 syndications are in addition to the natural syndication by thepublicDetails About The Quotographics Used InThe Case Study1. A Quotographic By Matt Cutts about Penguin UpdatePublished Page: http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-189.aspxPublished Date: 27th May 2012Type of content: Quote by Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam team) about whatGoogle penguin update is after The De s ig n A nd Co nc e pt ● 7
  8. 8. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TPromotion Done: • Shared within our facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin page • Published in our pinterest profile • NOT published in the 25 top infographic syndication sitesStats: • Total views within the page: 5084 Views • Syndicated in Google News: Yes • Known Facebook Shares : 18 • Facebook comments: 10 • Known Tweets the published page alone: 122. A Quotographic By Matt Cutts about WhiteHat SEOPublished Page: http://news.submitinme.com/newsdetails-198.aspxPublished Date: 15th June 2012Type of content: Quote by Matt Cutts (head of Google webspam team) aboutwhitehat SEO strategiesPromotion Done: • Shared within our facebook, twitter, Google plus, linkedin page • Published in our pinterest profile • NOT published in the 25 top infographic syndication sitesStats: • Total views within the page: 7254 Views • Syndicated in Google News : Yes The De s ig n A nd Co nc e pt ● 8
  9. 9. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN T • Known Facebook Shares : 27 • Facebook comments: 8 • Known Tweets the published page alone: 21 • Viral natural syndication to other blogs • Mention of Submitinme at - http://www.sbwire.com/press-releases/google- penguin-algorithm/google-penguin-repair/sbwire-142720.htm • Natural syndication at - http://www.zimbio.com/SEO/articles/3T0rx- 4Jms5/Google+Penguin+Update+Means+No+SEO+Never+White • Natural Syndication at http://www.gplusmarketing.info/google-penguin-update- means-no-seo-submitinme.htm • Natural Syndication at http://internet-marketing- mantra.blogspot.com/2012/05/google-penguin-update-means-no-seo.html • Natural Syndication at http://www.marketingnewscentral.com/2012/05/google- penguin-update-means-no-seo-submitinme/There are many more to add to the view count and social shares“After publishing this infographic, the entire website got a 2X boost in traffic fromsearch engines and referral sites. The very high view count within the published pageand the referrals from the syndicated sites accounted to the increase in traffic”FindingsIncrease in overall site trafficAs you see the statics above, it is evident that infographic promotion plays andimportant role in boosting the sites overall traffic. The De s ig n A nd Co nc e pt ● 9
  10. 10. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TThe quotographics have the same impact as well. You could clearly see the spikes intraffic during the dates the infographics and quotographics were published. Thesespikes act as pivot points holding the traffic rise during the other days as well. Hence,publishing infographics regularly will get a 2X boost in traffic to the site within weeks.You could also see a consistent increase in traffic the whole month when compared tothe previous when we were doing no infographicsReferral TrafficSee the huge spikes in referral traffic because of the infographic being referencedfrom top sites in our niche. The referral sites include top spots such as Search EngineJournal and many top SEO blogs.The second spike in the referral traffic as mentioned in the image above is a result ofsyndicating the infographic to the top 25 syndication sites. In addition to the trafficfrom the syndication sites, the infographic gained direct views at the top infographicssites. For example, the infographic received 813 views (within 3 months) in visual.lyalone. The combined effect of all 24 sites where the infographic was submitted towould be astonishing. Th e D es ig n An d C on ce p t ● 1 0
  11. 11. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TSERPSAfter syndicating the infographic to the top infographic sites, the source url (our ownwebsite) ranked 6th in the search engine results for the most competitive keyword“Google Penguin Update” Th e D es ig n An d C on ce p t ● 1 1
  12. 12. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TViral Social SharingSee the consistent increase in social referrals to our site and noticeable spikes on thedays when the infographics and quotographics were publishedBrandingAll the infographics carried the logo of SubmitINMe. The brand was spread to all thetop spots of SEO and SMO niche through the infographics and Quotographics. Withthe help of the controversial nature of topics chosen, we gained the attention of manyindustry leaders as well. This promotion campaign for branding was very mucheffective when compared to all the paid online branding options available today.Link Building (Not from the anchor texts but natural referral links)After the Google penguin update, natural link building is the key to success in SEO.Links from the most relevant top authority sites of the same niche, Social media links,blog links, referrals in formus etc are the most preferred ones. We were able to gainlinks NATURALLY from all these spots with no extra promotion of the infographicexcept syndicating it to 25 sites by ourselves. The backlinks to our site grew graduallyover time and 100% naturally. This confirms that infographic promotion is an effectivenatural link building strategy too. Th e D es ig n An d C on ce p t ● 1 2
  13. 13. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN T Infographics Vs Quotographics INFOGRAPHICS QUOTOGRAPHICS• Concept, Content and Design is • If you are hiring a professional to very much time consuming and do the Quotographics the costs costly when compared to would be very much less. In fact quotographics lesser than what you pay for a PR to be written• Very effective in building credibility to your website by publishing it • A recent study on most shared within your website or blog content within facebook revealed that Quotes occupy the 5th spot.• 5X more natural syndication and So Quotographics play a key role in backlinking when compared to facebook promotion and overall other conventional link building social media marketing startegies • Quotographs are shared more than• Gets referred by top industry the infographics within the social experts and authority sites of your media resulting in 2X more natural niche due to the uniqueness of link building compared to the information conventional ones.• Very effective in driving traffic to • Though quotographs gets you lost your website of referral traffic, it doesn’t turn top industry heads towards your• Branding reach is 10X more when brand compared to the other conventional Branding options available today • Equally good n traffic generation. • The branding reach of quotographics is 5X more compared to other conventional strategies Th e D es ig n An d C on ce p t ● 1 3
  14. 14. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TConclusionBoth infographics and quotographics are proven to be effective in: • Ultimate branding • Overall Safe SEO • Increase in organic search traffic to the website • Increase in referral traffic to the website • Effective social media marketing and exposure • Brand identity among the industry headsQuotographics are best for those who are looking for an affordable strategy topromote their brand and website. Aiming at decent increase in traffic, improvedsearch engine rankings, good brand exposure and the best social media exposureInfographics are for those who need to make a huge impact and turn heads ofindustry leaders and the entire online crowd of the niche towards the brand. Goodsocial media exposure and good increase in traffic and search engine rankings is seen. “According to the trends, search engine algorithms and social media activity, Infographic and Quotographic promotion are the best online marketing strategies of 2012” Th e D es ig n An d C on ce p t ● 1 4
  15. 15. « TA B LE O F C O N T EN TUpdate As On 10th July 2012Our answer to the statement “Google may discontinue Infographic “LINKS” infuture”According to reliable news sources, the head of Google Webspam has announced thatthey may discount the Infographic links. While the statement is vague enough toconfuse everyone using the infographic promotion strategy, Google is aiming atdiscounting only “hidden links” within the embedded infographics. This doesnt meanthat the infographic promotion strategy is about a total hit by GoogleLike any other promotion strategy, the concept of infogrpahics are used by the blackhat SEO experts. Anchor text links were generated from infographics and the linkswere disguised as legitimate in the eyes of the search engine spiders. For example,the infographic would be in HTML and an image about soccer would be linked to apayday loan website. Google has said that they would be discounting such links.However, if you create a stunning infographic with unique and authentic informationand publish it as an image along with your branding, it will not be considered as blackhat or flagged by Google. The reason is, such infographics are not focused on linkbuilding but natural branding and social shares. It is the real people who decide if theinfographic should be a success or a failure. If people think your infographic is good, itwould spread like a wildfire along with your brand and a referral back to the originalsource.Even if Google discounts the infographic links in future, the effectiveness of goodinfographics would be untouched as it is the real people who decide the success toinfographic promotion and not the search engine bots.Checkout the Infographic design and promotion serviceReferences:http://news.submitinme.com/http://www.submitinme.com/infographic-promotion/infographic-design-service.aspxhttp://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2010/08/25/infographic-case-studyhttp://www.google.com/analytics/ Th e D es ig n An d C on ce p t ● 1 5