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Why we are here on earth, serving death sentence


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Why we are here on earth, serving death sentence

  1. 1. Can Bible thumpers and people that believe in reincarnation handle this?That we are here on earth as humans, serving a sentence punishable by death, for participating in the tree of good and evil,that are in their last trimester on earth; that the Abba Yah loved his children so much that he sacrificed the next kinsmen tothe throne for our lives; that Yahu’s first born, Yahushua, sent in his father’s name YAHUshua, with his Father’s, YAHUwahspirit in him; which was the Father YAHUwah incarnated in the flesh; Prior to him arriving on earth; SENT HIS SPIRIT toimpregnate a virgin, named Mary, to get here in 9 months time, instead of years; YAHUshua, which is the Father, incarnatedin the flesh, grew up among us and taught us how to live, and speak truth and his word, which was him, incarnated inwriting;BUT NOOOO… WE KNOW EVERYTHING, WE DIDN’T BELIEVE AGAIN!! WE KILLED OUR OWN FATHER!!! Heknew this was to happen, which was part of the plan to teach us our lesson; taking a deep breath, WE NAILEDHIM TO THE PAGAN CROSS, HE DIED, AND WAS RESURRECTED IN THE BODY WE WILL INHEARTED THOSE
  2. 2. WHO ARE OBEDIENT THROUGHOUT THE TERM; Ascended back to heaven, SENT HIS SPIRIT, to comfort usduring our, punishable by death trial, while we learn our lesson by living the questions from the tree of good and evil; andseeing the results of how Abba Yahuwah will bless or curse us during our term depending on our questions we lusted in theflesh when given the answers we didn’t believe. That at the end of our term, the bad tree and all that followed, will die, andthe people that lived their term on lessons learned and on the good side of the tree; will resurrect as the first born Son,united as one, as in a marriage covenant, being reunited back with his father again; that…..Hold up, wait a minute, let’s rewind that a bit. You know how you watch a movie and a, to-be-continue is added for anotherpart? Well here it is, It’s titled: SENT HIS SPIRIT, PART 2Well, you know how someone makes a mistake and learn their lesson and when they have a job to do, because they madethe mistake, they were glad they did, because now they know not what to do so they can take off with their dreams or whatthey have to do without worry about making another mistake? Well here is a reincarnation in spirit for you.When we first got here, Abba spirit was always with us and always had a plan to redeem from the beginning. We had to getall the bad questions out of the way, all the question from the tree of good and evil out of the way. So, here is how it wentdown:Because Satan was awarded us for breaking a law of Yahuwah for disobedience and Yahuwah knew Satan had evil in him,and wanted to prove to his children the same. The plan was to put us in this territory of Satan, that wanted to kill us becauseAbba loved us and made us in his image, prove to us what Satan had in him, and us defeating him, which is defeating theevil of the tree of good and evil. Satan was jealous, that the least among words I can say for now. So, Abba first started offwith Adam and Eve, Adam was Yahushua in spirit, being formed to his manifestation through DNA blood from generationdown to him being born through Mary. I’m just going to briefly list the popular stories where Yahushua spirit was formingthrough to Yahushua being born in the spirit from generation to generation, (In other words, our Abba YahuWah createdhimself in a form were we can touch him, Remember, these are vessels, so Abba created the purest vessel by first sendinghis spirit in his chosen families through to the purest, based on HIS likings (virgin Mary), yet, satan was after every family….This method is what some may call reincarnation or incarnation, not all at one time, but through generations, untilperfection. End the end, we will be perfected like Yahushua, and we all will be as ONE.This is how it began,War in heaven, because of Satan, but Yah knew what Satan was planning, so Yah planned to let sin, wickedness and evilplay out to the fullest while teaching us a lesson at the same time.But the prince of this world clock started ticking after we were kicked out of the garden. This is Satans time to convict thosethat are disobeying Yahs commandments, his time to punish us. Thereafter, Satan, and all those that chooses to worshipSatan will die ( meaning burn, perish forever, non existence). The plan is to use evil to teach Yahs family a lesson, afterthose that have learned their lesson, and believe our heavenly Abba (Father) will live.
  3. 3. So the chase began, with…(Note: Fill in the blanks with actors/casts of scenes that these families went through all the way through to Yahushua, thenour modern day, then where we are headed. (Similar to a mixture of the movies’ 2012 and Nicholas Cage movie “Knowing”to the end then, end with knew beginning of us being reunited with our King Yahushua)1. Adam2. Seth3. Enoch4. Methuselah5. Lamech6. Noah Satan thought he won at this point, BUT NOT!! A remnant was saved7. Shem8. Abraham9. Isaac10. Jacob11. Joseph12. Ephraim13. Moses/Aaron14. Lot15. Job/Jonah16. Eliyah17. David18. Solomon19. Mary/Joseph20. John21. Yahushua22. US (his children that is continuing where Yahushua left off, SINCE WE KILLED HIM, which is: repenting, saying we aresorry for not believing and breaking the ten commandments, resulting, being humiliated, humbled, then honored; thus,believing what Yah says is true and his word is true, which was him, coming in the flesh to teach us how to live. We believehis word, we learned our lesson, now we are spreading the teachings that Yahushua came, with Abba Yahuwah spirit inhim, to live right and prepare to live and reign with our creator, our Father, which is Yahushua, in fleshlike ours, but with hisand his Father’s (YHWH) spirit, which will be in all of those who have learned their lesson and we will all be as ONE again,brighter, smarter, better than we were before..Live Glory Ever After..AHAYAH ASHER AHAYAH- I AM THAT I AM ( )Ok, I’m ready for movie producers, book producers, lol…….Copywritten..Minnette Davis (Ya’Akova Yisraela), inspired by YHWHNo copy right infringements, no lying saying this is your material, You’re a lie and the truth is not in you… Abba will punishthose that claim this is their story if his spirit didn’t give it to them.. Be careful what questions you ask and lust in your fleshto live the answers…