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Auto theft prevention using fingerprint scanner

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Auto theft prevention using fingerprint scanner

  1. 1.  Methods • Hood Lock • Steering Wheel Lock • Mechanical Immobilizer • VIN Etching • Car Alarm • Vehicle Tracking System
  2. 2.  Fingerprint Recognition • Introduction • Optical Scanner • Capacitance Scanner • Analysis • Advantages • Disadvantages • CVKP BG04 • Application  Conclusion
  3. 3.  Steering-Wheel Lock  Hood Lock  Mechanical Immobilizer  Car Alarm  VIN Etching
  4. 4. Electronic Immobilizer Kill Switch Fingerprint Recognition Vehicle Tracking System
  5. 5. Cheap Method. Protects the parts under the hood. Generally used in race cars.
  6. 6. Least expensive method. Restricts access to Steering-Wheel by locking it in place.
  7. 7. Prevents access or motion of vehicle. Used in conjunction with other methods. Good against amateurs.
  8. 8. Unique VIN for each vehicle. Etched on all important parts. VIN etched parts help in easy identification of stolen cars.
  9. 9. Most common method. Most visually effective device. Makes a loud noise and notifies everyone nearby. Best used in combination with a hood lock.
  10. 10. Shuts down engine’s electrical system when activated. Usually hidden from burglars view. Sometimes deactivated by a series of actions rather than a switch.
  11. 11. Most expensive and most effective method. Activated when a theft is reported. Stolen vehicle position tracked using GPS. Inbuilt in Audi, GM, Volkswagen etc.
  12. 12. Introduction  Fingerprint which go into deciding your genetic make-up has a unique design.  A Fingerprint scanner reads the pattern of ridges and valleys on fingers.  A fingerprint scanner is to discriminate someone in both crime investigation and security.
  13. 13. Optical Scanner o Optical scanning is way to get a image of a finger and to determine whether the pattern of ridges and valleys. o Optical scanning and capacitance scanning is a charge coupled device (CCD) ; it is simply an array of light- sensitive diodes.
  14. 14. Capacitance Scanner o A simple capacitive sensor is made up of one or more semiconductor chips containing an array of tiny cells ; tiny cells include two conductor plates. o To scan the finger shorts each amplifier’s input and output to balance the integrator circuit.
  15. 15. Working • Conductor plates, insulating layer and finger surface acts as a capacitor. • Capacitor in a cell under a ridge has greater capacitance than under a valley. • This difference is converted to voltages. • The scanner processor reads this voltage to determine whether it’s a ridge or a valley. • By combining the data from each cell an overall picture of the fingerprint is obtained.
  16. 16. Analysis o Minutiae - concentrate on points where ridge lines end or where one ridge splits into two (bifurcations). o The scanner system software uses highly complex algorithms to recognize and to measure the relative positions of minutiae.
  17. 17. Advantages  Physical attributes are much harder to fake than identity cards.  You can't guess a fingerprint pattern like you can guess a password.  You can't misplace your fingerprints, like you can misplace an access card.  Small storage space required for the biometric template, reducing the size of the database memory required.
  18. 18. Disadvantages  Optical scanners can be fooled by pictures.  Capacitive scanner are vulnerable to finger shaped mold.  Cut off the owner’s finger in a worst-case scenario.  If fingerprint is stolen, it is irreplaceable and cannot be used again, unlike Passwords.
  19. 19. CVKP-BG04  Made by Chinavasion.  A complete system that has  A fingerprint ignition lock,  Dual band GSM (900/1800) messaging system, and  Standard car alarm system.  Sends a text message alert instantly in case of forced entry.
  20. 20.  Text commands can be send to disable certain functions (like cut-off fuel supply) or receive status message (in motion or parked).  Fingerprint scanner can be installed in any location, even hidden from common view.  Sensitivity can be adjusted in case of bad weather conditions.
  21. 21. Fingerprint authentication in conjunction with other factors can help in reducing auto theft. Fingerprint authentication comes under biometrics and is a way fingerprints are compared and matched. Fingerprint authentication has many uses as in security purposes. The process is simple, as in put your finger down. Trusted, as in had stood the test of time. Fingerprints have been used for identification for over 100 years. They are the standard without question. In addition to signatures, fingerprints are the only other form of identification that have legal standing in our country.