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Presentation on Recruitment and HR services offered by Addwiser Corporate Services

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Addwiser Presentation Pdf

  1. 1. ++ Presentation YOU A Hierarchy Head B C first Serving Diligently Addwiser Corporate Services 1
  2. 2. Addwiser • In Short….3 • Our Goals & Values…..3 • Addfam – The Addwiser Team…..4 asd Our Work - Services • Products and Services…..5 • Process (3rd Degree Approach ...6/ Search Flow…7) • Financials…7 Why Addwiser ? • USP/ Unique Features….8 • Clients…..9 2
  3. 3. In short Adw is one of the trusted HR Consulting – serving since year 2000 - firm based out of New Delhi, India. We specialise in both contingency and retained recruitment services; exclusive and non-exclusive searches. Though not a “boutique search firm”, we focus on IT and ITES sector recruiting professionals across hierarchy and functions. Goals and Values To be known as a “highly trustworthy” partner, delivering results and adding value Loyalty, innovation and steady growth. 3
  4. 4. OUR TEAM Subin Amarnathan (09811432598) CEO – Founder Addwiser is divided into two Sub Units: Velocity and Sky High Smita Philip (09811126250) Head Team Skyhigh Prince Paul George (09810659881) Team Mgr Velocity Supported by a team of consultants Main Office Address 102, Friends Colony (east). Delhi – 65. Branch: E- 224, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi. Address: Branch: Adw believes in training, our consultants are well qualified (Experienced/ MBAs), they undergo in-depth training, are well equipped to understand the client’s needs, pace, and work diligently to deliver quality services . Working For You: Every account has 1 or more dedicated account managers (as per needs) attached, plus an Escalation Manager to handle the critical needs (if arises). Add to that the QPOM Cell(Quality, Performance, Operational Quality) headed by the CEO ---- all committed to give the best to YOU. SOLUTION+ & C Communication QPOM (CEO) We follow a solution centric approach (Solution+), focusing more on solutions rather than problems. This helps in immediate identification of apt recruitment techniques, backups, Escalation Manager candidate management. Our communications are clear / documented, adhering to protocols. Additional service features like POR (Page 7,8), Tracker+ (page 8), Control Center POR+ ACCOUNT (events) (Page 8) etc. Help our clients immensely in achieving deadlines . MANAGER 4
  5. 5. High Quality Contingent Superior Contingent & Career growth with Liaisoning Services and Search, cost effective and Retained Search with host Torque. Torque We offer consultancy: consultancy: One – on with practical (no-frills) of value added features fully specialized services that Ones/ New features like 3 degree customized to client’s needs help every professional to Projects/Surveys and search (Page 6, 8), ABC and systems. Besides the analyze their career Studies (Related to HR) (page 8), Back ups, POR adbase features this service growth and set achievable (Page 7,8), good response product contains: POR+ target. Services like: time, Fully formatted (Page 7, 8), event+ (Page 8), * Torque Resume+ Resumes etc. Quicker Response Time, 4- * Torque News & Updates 6 months Replacement * Career Growth Card guarantee (rate dependant) TRACKER+. (CGC) OTHER SERVICES RECRUITMENT SERVICES 5
  6. 6. 3 degree for Client Management Solution Thinking engenders us to find newer ways to service our clients – through a 3rd Degree approach we look at a broader picture 3rd Degree (Factor’s without compromising the “micros”. We keep all the “factor’s Affecting our influencing our client (indirect influencers)” in mind while working on Client) the assignment. Some of the factors: • Clients of our clients 2nd Degree • Competitors 1st Degree YOU (We) • Business Model (client) • Market conditions or feedbacks (client’s) etc. Adbank Solution? ……3 degree for Search Management. • We keep a good communication with our client (we interact/ meet up regularly – client connect program – understand all the changes and apply the same during search Proprietary • Update regularly our knowledge of our clients’ competitors, markets Database/ Job Board and economy (Market Intelligence) • In addition to the our internal database (1 Degree) and job-boards etc (2nd Degree) we harness 3rd degree methods (indirect) to source candidates i.e. Networking sites (Linkedin, Hoovers, Factiva), 3rd Degree Referrals, Boolean operators and techniques (X Ray, Flipping, Peel back) 6
  7. 7. Unique Flow : ADD vantage UNIQUE FEATURES: 3 DEGREES SEARCH, SBID, Client Briefing/Specs/In depth input on Role and Client Final Set or Backup SBID (Search & Background BACKUP initiation investigation document) contains some mandatory INTERNAL GRADING, TRACKER+ Strategizing the procedures and investigation Negotiation & search (STM) which every candidate has to Verification go through (during the search for our Leopard Client). 1+2 + 3 Degree Search Offer by the Client An “A” grade signifies a perfect match and interest Process – Search Flow levels, each candidate is cared for and counseled as per their POST OFFER PROCESS N0 “grade” and needs. We strive Clearing Offer Rejection/Hold Acceptance to maintain a good quality the SBID Negative / low grade N0 pipeline which acts as a Back Up too; A backup might be initiated at every rejection or Internal Pre POR Shortlisted and Grading & Process after the Post Offer Graded ABC Investigation it is found that the candidate has scored low Review and Further POR Reports grades (B- or a C) – client is Interview kept in the loop during the entire process. We take special care even post joining. Negative Vibes Candidate (includg Candidate Joins Financials (% of Annual CTC) POST JOINING Back Ups) Presentation Retainership payment in 3 part: 1/3rd at the start of the Regular Contact For 3-4 months search, 1/3rd at Candidate Presentation, 1/3rd at Clearing N0 Completion. (16.66%-30%) all client interview Assignment Complete Contingency : One time fees (post joining): Adbase:8.33%- 12%/ Leopard : 12.5%- 25% 7
  8. 8. USP/ Unique Features: Adbank: A strong internal database – a result of 8 years of extensive search and netwroking for clients like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Goldman Sachs, Convergys, IBM etc. 3 Degrees client management: Where we not only stress and focus on the immediate “Job Specifications” but also on the client needs & client’s client(s) to get a better grip over the services we offer. 3 Degrees search: strong interlinked – well coordinated 3 degrees search (active search using Web 2/3 methods, referrals, networking, cold call, professional sites etc.). Strong emphasis on searching out the passive or “quasi- passive” candidates using tools like Linkedin, Twitter, Spoke, blogs, Big5Hire. Extensive interview process (SBID) and reference checking.. Interviewing candidates who were originally identified by the client (Product Specific). Event Management (Event Plus): Events are internally registered, Control Center created at our office with additional manpower to manage all nitty-gritty. ABC+ and POR Candidates are graded as per their fitment and interest levels, each candidate then is taken through POR: the entire interview process according to the grades, in the entire process from sending the resume to joining , the candidates are well tracked and graded 3 times: ABC+ (sending the resume), During the Offer, POR (Offer to joining) TRACKER+: TRACKER+ Providing the client with a continually updated candidate grid, showing them the status (interest levels) of the recruiting situation at any given moment during the recruitment process. (“Real-Time Status”) Event+ & Control Center: 8
  9. 9. Microsoft GTSC Some of the Senior profiles closed MS SMSG, GDCI, MD, ANZ IT CTO, Niit, Spectranet, Google Practise Head, Patni Barclays HR Head, BPO Bertelsmann Training Head, BPO Goldman Sachs BD Head, IT company VM Ware Technical Head, Amsoft Stryker Some of the Middle Mgt Profiles : Sr. Project Manager Teletech, QAD Bharti Hexaware Project & Program Manager Smart Stream (various) Ness Technologies 20+ Team Head & Managers (It Crimson Logic Major) Cranes Software Training, BD, Marketing Spice- Mobisoc Managers (Convergys, Exl, Network Programs etc.) Actis HR managers (AVPs) Net4India Quality managers (Various) Globallogic Engineers, Sr. Engineers, Others Analysts, Consultants, Architects Support Profiles 9