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Make Cocktails at home easily with this guide. More than 100 cocktails recipes available.

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Make cocktailsathome cocktail-list-2013

  1. 1. Page 1Master Cocktail ListThe recipes listed in this spec sheet are a mix of some popular classics and modern classics presented in metric units. I realise thatdifferent bars/bartenders have their own ways of making drinks that may differ from what I have used, however I’ve tried to give versionsof the cocktails that I feel work well internationally – in essence this is a guide, not a book of law! Also, glassware is keep relatively simple(similar to what you would expect in a good home bar without needing to get too exotic).When training I encourage my students to write notes about the cocktails once they have made them (how the drink tastes, looks, if itreminds them of anything etc) and you will see a notes field next to each drink so you can do this as well.For more information about mixing methods, techniques, or ingredients check out the blog at http://makecocktailsathome.comThis list is updated as new cocktails are added to the blog so make sure to check back often. Good luck!/ David Turnbull, Sweden, Autumn 2012ExampleGlass TypeCocktail Name NotesMixing methodIngredientsGarnish/DecorationThe CocktailsAmericanoPour over glass into ice25ml Italian Sweet Vermouth25ml Campari50ml SodaLemon Zest and orange sliceApple Blossom CocktailShake hard and fine strain50ml Calvados50ml Sweet VermouthApple fanAviationShake hard, fine strain50ml London dry gin25ml Lemon juice15ml Maraschino Liqueur10ml Crème de VioletteLemon Zest
  2. 2. Page 2Bacardi CocktailShake hard and fine strain50ml Bacardi rum25ml Lime juice10ml GrenadineNoneBelliniBuild in glass50ml white peach pureeTop with ProseccoNoneBetween the sheets Created 1930s by Harry MacElhone, Harry’s New York Bar,Paris.Shake hard and fine strain25ml White Rum25ml Cognac25ml Cointreau5ml GommeLemon twistBlack RussianBuild in glass50ml Vodka25ml coffee liqueurBlack VelvetPour slowly and stir100ml Guiness stoutTop with ChampagneNoneBlood and SandShake and fine strain20ml Scotch whisky20ml Cherry Brandy20ml Sweet Vermouth20ml Orange JuiceOrange ZestBloody Mary Red Snapper – replace vodka with ginBloody Caesar – replace tomato juice with Clomato juiceRoll ingredients, strain into glass
  3. 3. Page 350ml Vodka20ml Lemon JuiceBlack PepperCelery SaltTabasco (to taste)Worcestershire sauce (to taste)Tomato juiceSalt/Pepper rim, celery stickBlue MoonShake and fine strain50ml dry Gin25ml fresh Lemon juice20ml Creme Yvette or Creme deVioletteOptional 10ml egg whiteRaspberryBoulevardStir in mixing glass75ml Rye Whiskey30ml Dry Vermouth15ml Grand Marnier2 dashes Orange BittersOrange twist & cherryBobby BurnsShake hard and fine strain50ml Scotch Whisky25ml Sweet Vermouth10ml Benedictine D.O.MLemon TwistBrambleBuild in glass, drizzle Crème de Mure40ml London Dry Gin25ml Lemon juice10ml Gomme15ml Crème de MureLemon slice and raspberryBrandy AlexanderShake hard and fine strain25ml Brandy25ml Creme de Cacao25ml Cream
  4. 4. Page 4Grated nutmegBrandy FlipShake hard and fine strain50ml Brandy20ml Sugar syrup10ml CreamWhole eggGrated nutmegBreakfast MartiniStir in mixing glass50ml Gin12.5ml Triple Sec liqueur12.5ml Lemon juice1 spoon Orange MarmaladeOrange twistBronx Created 1906 by Johnny Solon, Waldolf-Astoria, NY.2 dash Angostura bitters for an Income Tax CocktailShake hard and fine strain50ml Dry Gin25ml Dry Vermouth25ml Sweet Vermouth30ml Orange juiceOrange twistBrooklynStir in mixing glass75ml Bourbon10ml Maraschino liqueur15ml Dry Vermouth15ml Sweet Vermouth3 dash Angostura BittersMaraschino cherryCaipirinhaMuddle in glass. Fill with crushed ice50ml Cachaca4 Lime wedges15ml sugar syrup ORHeaped bar spoon sugarLime wedge
  5. 5. Page 5Cape CodderBuild in glass50ml Vodka10ml fresh Lime juiceTop with cranberry juiceLime wedgeChampagne CocktailBuild in glassSugar cube soaked with Angosturabitters25ml CognacTop with ChampagneOrange zestClover ClubDry shake, wet shake, fine strain50ml dry Gin25ml Lemon juice10ml Raspberry syrup10ml Egg whiteCobblerShake hard and strain over crushed ice40ml Brandy25ml Sugar syrup70ml Red wineMint sprigCorpse Reviver #2Shake hard and fine strain25ml dry Gin25ml Triple sec25ml Dry Vermouth25ml Lemon juice5ml AbsintheLemon zestCosmopolitan Replace vodka with tequila for a Rude CosmoShake hard and fine strain40ml Lemon Vodka20ml Triple sec15ml Lime juice
  6. 6. Page 630ml Cranberry juiceDash Orange bittersFlamed Orange zestCrustaShake hard and strain50ml Base Spirit12.5ml Lemon juice5ml Gomme1 dash Angostura BittersCrusted caster sugar rim and fruitband in top of glassCuba Libra Variation: Fidel Castro – replace Cola with Ginger AleBuild in glass50ml Cuban style rum15ml Lime juiceTop with Coca ColaLime wedgeDaiquiriShake hard and fine strain50ml Rum25ml Lime juice15ml Sugar SyrupDaisyShake first ingredients, top with soda50ml Base spirit (Vodka, gin etc)25ml Lemon juice10ml Grenadine syrupLime wedgeDark n StormyBuild in glass50ml Goslings Black seal Rum25ml Lime juiceTop with Ginger beerLime wedgeDiplomatStir in mixing glass50ml Dry Vermouth25ml Sweet Vermouth
  7. 7. Page 75ml Maraschino liqueur2 dash Orange BittersOrange TwistEast IndiaShake hard and fine strain75ml Cognac5ml Grand Marnier5ml Maraschino liqueur5ml Grenadine1 dash Angostura BittersOrange TwistEl DiabloShake first ingredients then top gingerbeer50ml Tequila25ml Lime juice20ml Creme de CassisTop with Ginger beerLime wedgeEl Floridita no.1Shake hard and fine strain50ml Rum25ml Lime juice10ml gomme10ml Maraschino liqueurEl PresidenteShake hard and fine strain50ml white Rum25ml Pineapple juice20ml Lime juice10ml GrenadineLime wedgeEspresso MartiniShake hard and fine strain25ml Vodka25ml Coffee Liqueur25ml Chilled espresso3 coffee beans
  8. 8. Page 8Fish House Punch “Theres a little place just out of town,Where, if you go to lunch,Theyll make you forget your mother-in-lawWith a drink called Fish-House Punch.”Possibly created 1794 in PhiladelphiaShake hard and fine strain25ml Brandy25ml Gold Rum20ml Peach liqueur20ml Lemon juice10ml GommeTop SodaGrated nutmeg and lemon sliceFixShake hard and strain50ml Base spirit25ml Lemon juice25ml Sweet fruit juice10ml Gomme syrupUse fruit from recipeFrench 75 Substitute gin with vodka for French 76Death in the Afternoon – replace gin with 10ml AbsintheShake first ingredients, top sparklingwine35ml Gin15ml Lemon juice5ml gommeTop with Sparkling wineLemon zestFrench ConnectionBuild in glass35ml Cognac35ml Amaretto liqueurFrench MartiniShake hard and fine strain40ml Vodka15ml Chambord liqueur40ml Pineapple juiceGimletStir in mixing glass50ml Gin20ml Roses Lime cordialLime wedge
  9. 9. Page 9Gin CockailStir in mixing glass75ml Gin5ml Triple Sec5ml Gomme2 dash Angostura BittersLemon ZestGin RickeyBuild in glass50ml Gin25ml Lime juiceTop with sodaLime wedgeGodfather Substitute whisky with vodka for GodmotherBuild in glass35ml Cognac35ml Scotch whiskyGrasshopperShake hard and fine strain25ml White Creme de Cacao25ml Creme de Menthe25ml CreamShaved ChocolateHanky-Panky Martini Created by Ada Coleman, first Bar Manager of American Bar,Savoy Hotel.Stir in mixing glass50ml Dry Gin50ml Sweet Vermouth5ml Fernet Branca10ml Orange juiceOrange twistHarvardStir in mixing glass40ml Cognac50ml Sweet Vermouth2 dash Orange bitters (optional)Top sodaLemon twistHarvey Wallbanger
  10. 10. Page 10Build in glass50ml Vodka25ml Galliano liqueurTop with Orange juiceOrange SliceHurricaneShake hard and strain25ml Light Rum25ml Dark Rum25ml Orange Juice25ml Pineapple Juice15ml Fresh Lime juice10ml Roses Lime cordial10ml Passion fruit syrupLime wedge and cherryJapanese SlipperShake hard and fine strain25ml Midori Melon liqueur25ml Cointreau liqueur25ml fresh Lemon juiceMelon sliceJune BugShake hard and strain25ml Vodka25ml fresh Lime juice15ml Midori Melon Liqueur15ml Malibu coconut rum15ml Crème de banane75ml Pineapple juiceLime wedgeKamikazeShake hard and fine strain25ml Vodka25ml Cointreau liqueur25ml fresh Lime juiceLime wedgeKir RoyaleBuild in glass10ml Crème de CassisTop with Champagne
  11. 11. Page 11The Last WordShake hard and fine strain25ml dry Gin25ml fresh green Chartreuse25ml Maraschio cherry liquer25ml fresh Lime juiceLime wedgeLemon DropShake hard and fine strain50ml lemon Vodka25ml fresh Lemon juice10ml gomme syrupLemon twistLong Island Iced TeaBuild in glass, or shake firstingredients and top Coke12.5ml Vodka12.5ml Dry Gin12.5ml Light Rum12.5ml Blanco Tequila12.5ml Triple Sec25ml fresh Lemon JuiceTop Coca ColaLemon WedgeLynchburg LemonadeBuild in glass40ml Jack Daniels20ml Triple Sec20ml fresh Lemon juiceTop LemonadeLemon wedgeMai Tai Created 1944 by Trader VicShake hard and strain over crushed ice25ml Light Rum (Jamaican)25ml Dark Rum (Jamaican)25ml fresh Lime juice15ml Triple sec10ml Orgeat (almond) syrupLime wedge and cherry
  12. 12. Page 12OrManhattan Variation: Rob Roy – use Scotch whiskyStir in mixing glass and strain50ml Rye or Bourbon Whiskey2 Dashes Angustora BittersSweet: 15ml Sweet VermouthDry: 15ml Dry VermouthPerfect: 10ml each Dry/SweetVermouthSweet: Maraschino cherryDry: Lemon twistPerfect: Orange twistOrMargaritaShake hard and fine strain40ml Tequila25ml Triple Sec20ml fresh Lime juiceLime wedgeMartini (Dry) Dry=Less vermouth, Wet= More vermouthGibson – Pickled onion as garnishKangeroo – Sub Vodka for ginStir in mixing glass and strain50ml dry Gin15ml Dry Vermouth(Optional) Dash of Orange BittersLemon twist or oliveMary PickfordShake hard and fine strain50ml white Rum25ml Pineapple juice5ml Maraschino liqueur5ml Grenadine syrupMint JulepLightly muddle ingredients exceptBourbon in mixing glass. Strain intoglass half filled with crushed ice, addBourbon, churn and refill with ice untilfull.50ml Bourbon10-12 fresh Mint leaves10ml gomme syrup3 dashes Angostura bittersMint sprig
  13. 13. Page 13Mojito Many bars use two bar spoons of white or brown sugar ratherthan sugar syrup.Slap mint, add other ingredients,churn with crushed ice50ml Cuban style Rum25ml fresh Lime juice15ml gomme syrupApprox 8-12 fresh mint leavesTop soda waterLime wedge and mint sprigMoscow MuleBuild in glass50ml Vodka25ml fresh Lime juiceTop with Ginger beerOptional: Dash Angustora bittersLime wedgeNegroniStir in mixing glass, strain25ml Dry Gin25ml Sweet Vermouth25ml CampariOrange twist or orange wedgeNew YorkerShake hard and fine strain50ml Bourbon25ml Red wine12.5ml Lemon juice10ml Gomme syrupGrated nutmegNuclear DaiquiriShake hard and strain25ml Overproof Rum20ml green Chartreuse25ml Lime juice10ml Velvet FalernumLime wedgeOld Fashioned Add ingredients slowly, stiring until ice melts and then addingmore ice.Call me old fashioned – sub Bourbon with Cognac.Stir in glass50ml Bourbon or Rye
  14. 14. Page 145ml gomme syrup3 dashes Angustora bittersOrange twistPainkillerShake hard and strain50ml Pussers Navy Rum75ml Pineapple juice25ml Orange Juice20ml Coconut creamGrated nutmegPaloma Spanish for ‘Dove’Shake first ingredients50ml Tequila15ml Lime juice50ml grapefruit juiceTop ‘Ting’ grapefruit sodaLime wedge, salt rimParadiseShake and fine strain35ml Gin20ml Apricot Brandy15ml Orange juice15ml fresh Lemon juicePegu ClubShake hard and fine strain50ml dry Gin25ml Triple sec15ml fresh Lime juiceDash Angustora bittersDash Orange bittersPina ColadaShake and strain25ml light Rum25ml Coconut rum10ml fresh lime juice15ml Coconut cream10ml Cream75ml Pineapple juiceLime wedge ad pineapple slice
  15. 15. Page 15Rum SwizzleFill glass with crushed ice, addingredients, stir hard with swizzle stick50ml Rum25ml fresh Lime10ml gommeLime wedge and mint leafRussian Spring PunchBuild in glass50ml Vodka25ml fresh Lemon juice10ml gomme syrup15ml Creme de CassisTop Sparkling wineLemon wedge and raspberriesRusty NailStir in glass50ml Scotch whisky25ml Drambuie liqueurLemon twistSazeracStir in mixing glass, strain intoAbsinthe rinsed glass (no ice)60ml Rye whiskey or Cognac10ml gomme syrupDash Paychards BittersLemon twistScreaming OrgasmShake and strain25ml Vodka15ml Baileys Irish Cream liqueur15ml Coffee liqueur15ml Amaretto liqueur75ml Milk or half n halfOrange SliceScrewdriverBuild in glass50ml VodkaTop with Orange juice
  16. 16. Page 16Orange sliceSex on the beachShake and strain25ml Vodka25ml Peach liqueur40ml Orange Juice40ml Cranberry juiceOrange sliceSidecarShake hard and strain50ml Cognac25ml Triple Sec20ml fresh Lemon juice½ Sugar rim on glass (your choice)ScrewdriverBuild in glass50ml VodkaTop with Orange juiceOrange sliceSingapore SlingShake first ingredients, top with soda,drizzle Cherry Brandy on top50ml dry Gin25ml Lemon juice10ml gomme syrup10ml cherry brandy10ml Benedictine liqueurDash Angustora bittersLemon slice and cherryTequila SunriseBuild in glass50ml Tequila50ml Orange Juice10ml Grenadine syrupLime wedge or orange sliceTom CollinsBuild in glass50ml Gin25ml fresh Lemon juice
  17. 17. Page 1715ml Sugar syrupTop Soda waterLemon sliceTommys MargaritaShake and fine strain50ml Tequila25ml fresh Lime juice10ml Agave syrupLime wedgeTreacleStir in glass, float apple juice50ml dark Rum5ml gommeDash Angostura bitters15ml Apple juiceOrange twistTwinkleBuild in glass75ml Vodka20ml Elderflower liqueurTop sparkling wineLemon twistVesper MartiniShake hard and fine strain75ml Vodka25ml dry Gin15ml LilletLemon twistOrWhisk(e)y sour Can dry shake if using egg white for better texture/foamShake hard and fine strain.50ml Whiskey (usually American)25ml fresh Lemon juice10ml gomme syrupOptional: Dash Angustora bittersOptional: 10ml egg whiteOrange twist
  18. 18. Page 18White LadyShake hard and fine strain40ml dry Gin25ml Triple sec20ml fresh Lemon juice10ml egg whiteLemon twistWhite Martini Recipe per Phil Wood of Roxy Bar and Screen, LondonShake hard and fine strain25ml Dark Rum25ml Mozart White Chocolate Liqueur25ml MilkFinely grated chocolateWhite RussianBuild in glass25ml Vodka25ml coffee liqueur (Kahula/Tia Maria)25ml milk/cream3 coffee beansZombie Some recipes add Overproof rum and Absinthe – try if youdare!Shake hard and strain25ml Light Rum25ml Gold Rum25ml Dark Rum12.5ml Apricot Brandy15ml fresh Lime juice25ml Pineapple juice5ml Grenadine syrupDash Angostura bittersLime wedgeThis list is updated regularly as new cocktails are taught on the blog –make sure you check to keep up to date