What fishing teaches you in digital marketing ?


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What fishing teaches you in digital marketing ?

  1. 1. What fishing teaches you on mobile marketing ?
  2. 2. Fisherman : The Client who is looking out for acquiring more bigger chunk of catch
  3. 3. Fish : The Consumer the bigger catch you get the better is your ROI, very slippery not many are brand loyal
  4. 4. The scoop net : Tool to catch fish which are close to sea surface a traditional tool/ media vehicle in other words ,consumer who are close/ respond to media exposure
  5. 5. Fishing Rod : Another Media vehicle, for deep water hunt Consumers who are spread over & not always easy to reach by traditional media can be connect
  6. 6. The Lever : The fulcrum which helps the client pull heavy catch easily If it goes wrong. Client loose the consumer
  7. 7. The hook : The content . The last mile connect to make fishing possible. solution to keep consumer connected with the brand for a longer duration
  8. 8. Big Fish : Bigger catch ~ more Customer More Consumer is greater ROI
  9. 9. Small Fish : Small catch ~ Less Customer Less Consumer , ineffective ROI
  10. 10. Most Common fishing Technique : Client uses these separately as each media vehicle to catch fish/ consumers Press TV Radio BTL / OOH
  11. 11. Result : Reach, investment, return & time spend are not effective in traditional media as all media work in silos
  12. 12. The Only direct connect : Mobility only connect individual consumers on one to one basis which other traditional media cant touch
  13. 13. Profile, target, Engage, & re-target
  14. 14. Solution : Get huge chunk of Consumers ! We offer to address this challenge by ~      Reaching In rural specially in media dark regions, deeper reach Amplify your media noise Gratify your consumer & thus connect long term Listen to them real time, get feedback Intergrade other media & get cross platform domino effect
  15. 15. How ? : Press The power of content on mobility TV Radio BTL / OOH Content is the hook
  16. 16. All fish dont eat same worms : so we have various hooks to offer different consumers Voice IVRs (Contests, Info capturing, Educating), SMS, Email, Apps, AR, Social Media, USSD, Mobile Internet, Ad Network SEC- +A Voice OBD's, missed calls, SMS Email Marketing, SMS, Social Media, Voice recognition SEC-A SEC- B SEC C,D,E
  17. 17. What “other media +mobile” do for you ? Traditional media Engage Consumer 365 days with brands * Mobile hook All traditional media Press TV + * In any traditional media brand connect with consumers between 10 sec to 1 hour Max Radio BTL / OOH
  18. 18. Fulcrum : Our intelligent server. It analyze profiles, segment consumers by preference , behavior, habits & various other parameters as it pulls the catch Making life easy for brand managers or brand custodians to build a long term brand association with its consumers
  19. 19. What you get end of fishing ? : Consumer profile ,reconnect opportunity again & again
  20. 20. Catch Big ! Happy fishing !