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Summer Training for Vishal Retail Limited

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Vishal Retail Limited

  1. 1. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementACKNOWLEDGEMENTS :-We would like to thank Mr. Sailendra ( HR Manager ) And Mr. Ajay Sharma , Mr.Shankar Jaiswal , Mr. Siddhartha , Mr. Nikhil Jain , Mr. Vishal Chopara , Mr. VikashMishra ( Showroom managers ) for their invaluable help and suggestions that theyprovided during our summer project . The staff of Vishal mega mart helped us a lot andall of them were very cooperative. They helped in understanding the marketing mix andlogistics of the retail industry very deeply. We would also like to thank Mrs. VeenaKumar, our esteemed guide for Sales Management Project, who guided us at every stepwhenever we seek help from her regarding this project. Further she guided us not only intheoretical way but also told how to take care of your health while doing the project.And we also thanks to Ranjana madam and Dr Veena Sethi, along with other associatesGaurav Srivastava , Sanjana Sapra , Pragya Dalal , Radha Murali , Neelam Gupta andUpasana Srivastava who patiently guided us through the project, never accepting lessthan our best efforts. We thank them all. At last, we would like to thank each other in the group, because with thecoordination and cooperation of the group members this project has become a cakewalk. Vishal Mega Mart 1
  2. 2. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementEXECUTIVE SUMMARY :-Retail has opened up in a big way in India with players like Shubkisha , Big BazaarVishal Mega Mart & many alike , all entering it at one go ,its very clear that no one has aclear cut advantage over the other . Out of all the three Vishal mega mart has emerged tobe the most fastest coverer with its coverage of 39 cities with 51 Showrooms . With agrowth at this place Vishal mega mart has surely moved places & is definitely a big hitamong people This is a sector which has just started to emerge & the competition isfierce between the three majors Big Bazar Shubkisha & Vishal Mega Mart in order to beamong the most preferred retail format . The competition has just fiercend up, it would beexciting what these giants would come up & would Woo the consumer to purchase fromthem Vishal Mega Mart positions itself as “Manufacturing to Retailing” or one stopshop emphasing on the count of convenience for a consumer,During our research we came out with various findings in terms of five P’s in theorganization . Products of Vishal Mega Mart ranges from apparels to eatables to groceryitems . They do have plans to introduce new products to its already existing arsenal invery near future but at the moment they are concentrating on the products in hand and areexamining market demands for the products they want to introduce . In apparels thoughVishal Mega Mart has their own brand and in terms of other products ,they are same asother stores. But they do have quality issues with their apparels .As far as positioning is concerned we found out that Vishal Mega Mart is positioningitself as a “one stop shop”. Though as of now its product arsenal has many deficiencies .In terms of promotion strategies they don’t have any specific one ,though they do giveadvertisements on print media to promote their organization . And as for the products intheir arsenal ,the manufacturers of those respective products take the responsibility of allthe promotional strategies and its execution regarding those products .Vishal Mega Martdoesn’t play any role in that .Vishal Mega Mart also procures its products both from local Vishal Mega Mart 2
  3. 3. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Managementand foreign suppliers . Most of its products comes from local vendors though someproducts also comes from countries like China . The amount of the products to be stockeddepends on two factors in Vishal Mega Mart . They normally keep 20% to 40% profit ontheir products. They don’t change vendors very often and tend to rely on old vendorsmostly because the company doesn’t want to go through the tedious job of selecting newvendors . They rather prefer to trust their old suppliers . Vishal Mega Mart uses all typesof transports for their logistics . These includes ships and aircrafts while importing andtrucks and trains for inside country transport.After gathering all the above said data and analyzing them thoroughly we reached to theconclusion that though Vishal Mega Mart is trying to be an “one stop shop” as anorganized retailer, there are several problems that are plaguing them . Most of theseproblems are managerial problems . In terms of products ,Vishal Mega Mart is promotingitself as an “One Stop Shop” but it lacks very basic items like raw vegetables ,fruits oreven dried fruits . Also the quality of their apparels is not up to the standard mainly dueto their inefficient stitching capacity . The management should invest to create their ownfabrication and stitching plant to maintain the product quality , and till such a plant isbeing set up the management should employ very strict quality control methods to ensurethe minimum standard of quality is being maintained.Vishal Mega Mart also needs to revolutionize their promotional strategies . They need tocreate a very active promotional campaign using both electronic and print media as wellas hoardings and banners and ad campaigns . Vishal Mega Mart also should change itspolicies regarding vendor selection . They prefer to trust their old vendors rather thanlooking for new vendors with better quality . This attitude can lead to a over securedfeeling in the old vendors which in turns might end up creating severe quality problemsin their products . Vishal Mega Mart should not allow any sort of competency to creepinto their vendors and should always look for new vendors with better offers . This willhelp to invoke competitive attitude in old vendors which will in turn result in betterquality products .The lack of training in the salespersons at their stores are quite evidentwhich will lead to customer dissatisfaction. Management should immediately organizeproper training mechanism for its employees to rectify this problem. Vishal Mega Mart 3
  5. 5. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementDuring the research initiated we adopted both techniques of data collection which areprimary data collection & secondary data collection. Our primary source of informationis employees of Vishal mega mart .We decided to have a sample size of 50 employees ofVishal mega mart . We designed a questionnaire and visited 5 Vishal mega mart outletsin Delhi and N.C.R region and conducted our survey .We also visited Vishal mega mart’soffices in Mahipalpur and Rangpuri and interviewed their marketing , human resources ,logistics department’s heads . So we mainly used three types of data collection tools .Firstly interview with respective departmental heads , secondly on the spot surveys withVishal mega mart employees and thirdly mystery shopping where we bought a few itemspretending as customers to check the efficiency of their services and product quality.As secondary information sources ,we used various sites online and consulted to variousbooks in library ( Name of the websites and books are provided in the bibliography ) .After gathering all the necessary data we sorted out the key findings and then weanalyzed it thoroughly over and over again and reached the conclusion .COMPANY BACKGROUND :- Vishal Mega Mart 5
  6. 6. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementTHE VISHAL GROUP -What started as a humble one store enterprise in 1986 in Kolkata (erstwhile, Calcutta) istoday a conglomerate encompassing 51 showrooms in 39 cities. India’s first hyper-markethas also been opened for the Indian consumer by Vishal. Situated in the national capitalDelhi this store boasts of the singe largest collection of goods and commodities soldunder one roof in India. The group had a turnover of Rs.1463.12 million for fiscal 2005,under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ram Chandra Aggarwal . The group had of turnoverRs 2884.43 million for fiscal 2006 and Rs. 6026.53 million for fiscal 2007The group’s prime focus is on retailing. The Vishal stores offer affordable family fashionat prices to suit every pocket. The group’s philosophy is integration and towards this endhas initiated backward integration in the field of high fashion by setting up a state of theart manufacturing facility to support its retail endeavors. Vishal is one of fastest growingretailing groups in India. Its outlets cater to almost all price ranges. The showrooms haveover 70,00 products range which fulfills all your household needs, and can be catered tounder one roof. It is covering about 1282000 sq. ft. in 18 state across India. Each storegives you international quality goods and prices hard to match. The cost benefits that isderived from the large central purchase of goods and services is passed on to theconsumer.Ram Aggarwal started Vishal Mega Mart in Kolkata in 1986, in a 100 sq ft shop in LalBazaar. It was a struggle in the beginning, but within two years his store had taken off,and today Vishal Mega Mart has branches all over the country.With a turnover of Rs 89 crore (Rs 890 million), Vishal Mega Mart has been one of thepioneers of bargain retailing in India, and now it is diversifying to become an all-purposedepartmental store. His family had a business in Calcutta (now Kolkata) when he wasgrowing up, but he wanted to do something different, so he got a job instead. However,by 1984, he got bored and decided to start something by himself. Vishal Mega Mart 6
  7. 7. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementAt that time, especially in Calcutta, there werent really any retail stores. People wouldbuy fabric and get their clothes stitched. He was one of the first people to put forward theidea of a large departmental style retail store that early on . He started with around Rs100,000, for which he had to take out a loan as well as dip into some family savings. Thiswent into renting our workspace, which was an office and a workshop rolled in one, andhiring the three people he had working for him. they sourced all our material fromCalcutta itself, and stitched our garments in-house.It took two years for them to really take off -- until then it was a continuous learningprocess for him, since he was relatively inexperienced in running a business. he had tolearn various tricks along the way, especially in terms of selling. They set up our firstshop in 1986, and by 1990, They had four showrooms in Calcutta.The first big outlet was set up in the popular Esplanade area in 1997. The thing that reallymade a difference was, around 1988, he had the brainwave of introducing sales. That ideareally took -off they would buy in bulk at discounted rates, and sell at really low prices.they took temporary shops and put up sales -- theyd get lines going around the corner!We decided to use interviews , on the spot surveys and mystery shopping as our primarydata collection tool .We used a sample size of 50 employees in 5 Vishal mega martoutlets and offices . As our secondary data collection tool , We used internet and library.Vishal Retail Limited is all set to tap the Indian capital markets with an IPO scheduled toopen on June 11, alongside with the mega DLF IPO . Vishal Retail Limited runs theretail chain of stores under the brand name Vishal Mega Mart. The Vishal Retail IPOopens for subscription on Monday, June 11 2007 and closes for subscription on June 132007. Vishal Retail Limited has fixed the price band for the IPO between Rs. 230 and Rs.270 per share and the IPO Lot Size was 25 shares. Vishal Retail IPO is expected to raiseabout 110 crores which will be used by Vishal Retail Limited to open new stores. VishalRetail Limited plans to open 10 new Vishal Mega Mart stores by the end of this financial Vishal Mega Mart 7
  8. 8. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Managementyear part financing them using the funds raised through the IPO. Vishal Retail Limitedreceived private equity funding of about 38 crores last year from Gaja Capital Partners,HDFC, and the Burman family. Post IPO, the shares of Vishal Retail Limited will belisted on the stock exchange, Mumbai. The lead manager for Vishal Retail IPO is Enamfinancial consultants ltd . The registrar for the Vishal Retail IPO is In time SpectrumRegistry Ltd .The subscription for Vishal Retail IPO has ended on June 13 th. Vishal Retail IPO hasperformed extremely well and has literally stolen the show from the much hyped DLFIPO. Vishal Retail IPO has been subscribed by a whooping 65 times (oversubscribed 64times). Retail category has been subscribed by more than 50 times (oversubscribed by49.4 times). Hence only 2 out of 7 applicants who applied for 350 shares of Vishal retaillimited will receive allotment. Though those lucky to get allotment can expect hugelisting gains, the chances of getting allotment is extremely low. All investors who appliedin the Vishal Retail IPO will get allotment only by lottery system. No matter how manyshares applied for, firm allotment won’t be made. Institutional investor category in theVishal Retail IPO has been subscribed by 45.55 times (oversubscribed 44.55 times) andthe High Net worth Individual category has been subscribed by a whooping 311 times.The market feeling is Vishal Retail Limited will have an excellent listing and will providegood listing gains for those who are lucky enough to get allotment of shares. The listingdate of Vishal Retail Limited is likely to be somewhere in the first week of July. VishalRetail Limited will list both on the NSE and the BSE. Investors who have invested in theVishal Retail IPO can expect to receive the IPO refund in the fourth week of Junethrough ECS. Allotment is likely to be made a few days before the listing date.In another development the Delhi based Burman family , promoters of Dabur India hasinvested in Vishal mega mart .They invested Rs 4 crore to pick up 1% share in thecompany at Rs 200 per share .Though this isn’t the first strategic investment in thecompany . Earlier Benette Coleman & co had picked up 12% stake in the company. Vishal Mega Mart 8
  9. 9. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementPRODUCT RANGE :- Vishal Mega Mart 9
  10. 10. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementHOME FURNISHING Drawing Room Bedroom Door Mat Bed Sheet Carpet Pillows Curtains Pillow Cover Kitchen Bathroom Apron Bath Mats Kitchen Napkin Towel Gift Sets---------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD MART FOOD & BEVERAGES Snacks Drinks------------------------------------------------------------------------SPORTS & FITNESS INDOOR GAMES OUTDOOR GAMES Basket Ball Cricket Bat T.T. Bat Football Boxing Kit Lawn Tennis Swimming Costumes Tennis Racket Water Ball Tennis Ball Fitness Equip. Personal Gym--------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOTWEAR BOYS GIRLS Shoes Slippers Sandals Sandals LADIES MENS Shoes Shoes Slippers Slippers----------------------------------------------------------------------TELEMART Communication Mobile Accessories Mobile Mobile Batteries Mobile Charger Mobile Strips------------------------------------------------------------------------ MENS Upper Lower Vishal Mega Mart 10
  11. 11. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 1.FINDINGS :-Product range :- From apparels to eatables to grocery products . 1. HOME FURNISHING 2. FOOD MART 3. STATIONARY 4. TIME ZONE 5. OPTICALS 6. GIFTS & NOVELTIES 7. MENS ACCESSORIES 8. ELECTRIC & ELECTRONICS ITEMS 9. PERFUME /DEO 10. FOOTWEAR 11. TELEMART 12. MENS 13. HOUSEHOLD 14. TRAVEL ACCESSORIES 15. KIDS GIRLS 16. LADIES ACCESSORIES Branding :- In apparels they have their own brand . And other products are of same brands as other stores . Vishal Mega Mart 11
  12. 12. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management Future Induction :- They want to induct fruit juices , alcoholic products , mineral water and canned food in future. Procurement :- They Import from abroad as well as procures from local manufacturers. Discounted Products :- FMCG , Cosmetics . Positioning :-One stop shop . Promotion Strategy Making :- The management of Vishal mega mart. Promotion Media :- Electronic, print media as well as boarding and banners And ad campaign Promoter :- Mr. R. Aggarwal . Future Strategy :- Undecided till now . Management will decide later. Pricing Strategy :- For their own brands the strategy is market piercing. For other products , it depends on the manufacturer of those products.Profit Margin :- 20% - 40%Discounts :- Up to 20% on discounted products are offered .Vendor :- Origin :- Local and foreign Selection :- No defined system exists . Relies on old vendors.Stock Amount :- Depends on market demand . Also depends on size of the store . Vishal Mega Mart 12
  13. 13. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementDamaged Merchandise :- If a contract exists with the vendor then he replaces the product . If not then Vishal mega mart sell them at a higher discount or destroys them .Logistics :- Mode :- Air , Ocean , rail and road . Payer :- Respective head .Warehouse :- Owner :- Vishal mega mart . Location :- Mahipalpur . Number : 1 Vishal Mega Mart 13
  14. 14. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementDATA ANALYSIS :-Vishal mega mart has an impressive array of products ranging from apparels to eatablesto grocery products . But it also lacks some very basic products such as raw vegetables,fruits , dried fruits , raw non vegetarian items etc . And these products are essential toposition itself as “one stop shop” as Vishal mega mart intends to do . It has its ownbrands in apparels ,but its facing serious quality problems with them due to lack ofstitching capacity as we found out from Mr Shailendra ,the HR manager of Vishal megamart . So Vishal mega mart outsource stitching jobs to local stitchers which results inpoor quality of the products . Vishal mega mart has plans to induct new products in futurewhich includes its own brand of fruit juices and perfumes and mineral water . It alsointends to add alcoholic products in its arsenal . These moves are a step in right directionto become a “one stop shop ”. In terms of giving discounts , Vishal mega mart offersdiscounts on some FMCG products and cosmetics . They provide discounts up to20%.Some other products doesn’t involve direct discounts , but includes offer such asbuy 2 get 1 free . Prices of most of the products are decided by their own manufacturerwhile only the apparels being their own bran are decided by Vishal mega mart .Vishal mega mart has a very strange promotional strategy to say the least . Where similarorganizations like “ Subhikhsha ” is very actively pursuing its ads on both electronic andprint media , Vishal mega mart has been surprisingly quiet . Though Mr Shailendra saidthey do give ads from time to time , but we haven’t come across a single one . This is atotally unexplainable attitude from Vishal mega mart . Advertisement is the key to Vishal Mega Mart 14
  15. 15. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Managementsuccess in this day and age . And they don’t have a single ad anywhere . This is oneaspect that’s hurting the business of Vishal mega mart and company is failing to generateawareness among people about itself and attract them . They are losing business.In terms of pricing they are on the right track with market piercing strategy for their ownbrands . We found out that Vishal mega mart keeps 20% to 40% profit margin on itsproducts( Though its considered to be a trade secret ).Vishal mega mart providesdiscounts on some FMCG products and on some cosmetics as well.Selection of vendors is another murky area in Vishal mega mart’s business operations.According to Mr Shailendra , The HR Manager of Vishal mega mart , They don’t haveany specific system in place to select the Vendors . They normally select their oldvendors because according to him ,company thinks it’s a tough job to find a new suitablevendor ,so they prefer to trust their old ones . This is really surprising . They don’t haveany system in place to choose a vendor with better offers and better qualities ! And alsothis might lea to serious competency problem on part of old vendors and this sense oflack of competitiveness might lead to low quality products being supplied to Vishal megamart . So Vishal mega mart is risking losing business from both angles.Vishal mega mart’s stock policy is driven by two factors .Firstly market demand for theproduct and secondly the size of the shop . They determine the stocks required for acertain product on its demand in the market . It also depends on the size of the store . Forexample if a store with size of 20 to 22000 sq feet will have 50000 units of a certainproduct then a store with 5000 sq feet will have 10000 units of the same product in stock.They check up on their stocks after every week . This is a very useful and cost effectiveway of managing stocks.In terms of damaged merchandise, If they have contract with the respective vendor thenhe replaces the items .But if he doesn’t have any contract then Vishal mega mart tries tosell those products of at a higher discount or destroys them . This is another dangerouspolicy on part of Vishal mega mart and another reason why they should keep updating Vishal Mega Mart 15
  16. 16. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Managementtheir vendors list . Selling damaged products even on a higher discount might lead toserious customer dissatisfaction and bad reputation in market.Vishal mega mart procures its products from both local and foreign Vendors . While mostof its products come from the local suppliers ,some products and raw materials also comefrom countries like China . This is a good policy considering their strategy to keep theprices of their products low to attract customers . They can import cheap raw materialfrom abroad and use local manufacturers to make products with them at a very low cost.But there is a risk of compromising quality lies here.They use all sorts of mode of transport for their logistics purpose . They mostly use shipswhile importing ,but at times use airlines too to ferry their cargo in . Inside the countrythey use road and rail for logistics purposes . If certain zone lacks some particular itemand another zone has excess in its inventory then they transport the additional amount tothe lacking zone to fulfill the demands there . The head of the logistics department paysfor its functions on behalf of the company.In terms of warehouses ,company has only one warehouse in Delhi , N C R region . Andits owned by Vishal mega mart itself and its located in Mahipalpur .This is anotherslightly dangerous policy . Any sort of accident in this warehouse might lead tocatastrophic shortage events . Company might end up taking huge losses due to this. Vishal Mega Mart 16
  17. 17. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementRECOMMENDATIONS :-Vishal mega mart is positioning itself as a “one stop shop”. To truly become the leader inthe organized retail sector one needs to truly become a “one stop shop”. And to do thatthe stores should contain all sorts of products that anyone might need in a daily life . Butas of now Vishal mega mart doesn’t have certain key products such as raw vegetables,fruits , dried fruits , raw non vegetarian items etc . They should immediately include theseproducts into their arsenal to attract more customers . They also lack processed non vegitems like sausages ,salamis etc . They should also include those products in their arsenalas soon as possible to attract customers and to give more customer satisfaction.Vishal mega mart has its own brands in apparels . But they have been facing seriousquality issues since the beginning . This is due to their lack of stitching capability aswell as fabrication capability .They outsource these jobs to local stitchers and fabricatorswhich hampers the quality which in turn results into customer dissatisfaction and a badreputation for the organization . This must be rectified immediately . The organizationshould invest in creating its own fabrication and stitching plant urgently to solve thisproblem . Now after a successful IPO they have the funds to invest in such a plant andthis is the high time for it . The long term profits from this move will make the Vishalmega mart grow even faster and will result in customer satisfaction and even a largercustomer base to business with . This in turn will surely rain profit for the organization.They should also follow the same move regarding their future products such as fruitjuices ,mineral water and canned foods.Vishal mega mart also needs to revolutionize its promotional strategies . Where in thisday and age promoting the brands is one key way to reach success Vishal mega mart is Vishal Mega Mart 17
  18. 18. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Managementstrangely avoiding it . Its rivals like Subhikhsha is going great guns with its promotionalstrategies where as Vishal mega mart is totally quiet . This is leading to less customerawareness . This is also attracting less customers and its also totally losing the potentialcustomers . This strategy should be urgently redesigned and Vishal mega mart shouldactively pursue an all out promotional activity . This should include electronic as well asprint media as well as boarding and banners and ad campaigns.In terms of vendors , Vishal mega mart has no definite method in place to select thevendors . They prefer to trust their old vendors because according to them its hard to findsuitable new vendor and have trust on them . This is a flawed concept and should berectify urgently . This sort of attitude only leads to competency in vendors which in turnResults in low quality products for Vishal mega mart . They should urgently change theirmethods and select new vendors in terms of better rate and quality . It ill also help themsolve the product quality problem they have been facing to some extent .Also in terms of damaged merchandise the organization has somewhat lazy attitude . Ifthey have a contract with the vendor only then the damaged products can be replaced .Otherwise they sell it at a higher discount or destroy it . Now this is another bad movefrom managerial point of view . If they sell it at a higher discount then it ends up gainingbad reputation for company because they areb selling damaged products . Also if theydestroy the products it means they r facing loss . To counter such situation , Theorganization should have an firm vendor selection method in place as stated above withcontracts mentioning replacement of damaged merchandise is a must.The company needs to fine tune its policy regarding warehousing too . They have onlyone warehouse for entire Delhi , NCR region . If any accidents happen in there then thecompany will face huge problems maintaining its stocks for regular function in theregion. So they should arrange more warehouses and distribute the merchandise in them. Vishal Mega Mart 18
  19. 19. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementOne another key problem the organization is facing is lack of trained salesmen at theirstores . The stores are full of untrained salesmen ,which in turn generates customerdissatisfaction .They should have a proper training mechanism in place for their men atstores to rectify this problem.With all the above recommendation taken into action ,we are sure Vishal mega mart willbe all set to be the leader in organized retail sector in India in very near future.BIBLIOGRAPHY :-Website :- www.vishalmegamart.netBooks :- FDI in retail sector , A report by I C R I E R and ministry of consumer affairs ,Government of India . Vishal Mega Mart 19
  20. 20. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementANNEXURE :-HR Manager of Vishal mega mart :Name :-MR ShailendraAddress:-Vishal retail Pvt. ltd Khasra No-332 behind Shokel Form Land Near Telko work shop.Contact no :- 9818650609Email :- shailendra@vrpl.inMarketing Manager of Vishal mega mart :Name :-MR Abhishek GaurAddress :- Vishal retail Pvt. ltd Khasra No-332 behind Shokel Form Land Near Telko work shop.Contact no :- 9810534326Warehouse Head :-Name :- Mr. Jeetu Pamnani .Address :- A- 435/415 , Road No - 4 Mahipalpur New Delhi - 110037Contact no :- 9911120390Showroom Managers – Vishal Mega Mart 20
  21. 21. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementName :- Mr. Siddharth & Mr. Shankar JaiswalAddress :- FD-7 Pritampura Near Madhuban Chowk New Delhi-110034Contact no :- 01132529482 , 9312004710Email :- ppura@vrpl.inName :- Mr. Dinesh JoshiAddress :- Anshal Plaza G-SR 26-33 & UG SR-20-27, Vaishali , Opp,Dabour, GhaziabadContact no :-0120-3204330, 0120-3204730, 9312678375Email :- vaishali@vrpl.inName :- Mr.Nikhil JainAddress :- A-2/39 Pal Mohan plaza Rajouri garden new Delhi -27Contact no :- 011-32522662Email :- rajouri@vrpl.inName :- Mr. Vikash MishraAddress :- SCO- 10,11,&12 Sector 14 GurgaonContact no 0124-3200077, 9312004709Email:- ggn@vrpl.inName:- Mr. Ajay SharmaAddress:- 10209/10210, Padam Singh Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi -5Contact no :- 9312632196E mail:- krb@vrpl.inName :-Mr. Sashikant Gupta & Mr. Anil Dayma (asst.)Address :- 6/3, South Side , Silver City Complex , GT Road Ghaziabad- 201010Contact no :- 0120-3254238 , 9350828435 Vishal Mega Mart 21
  22. 22. F-1149 Sales And Distribution ManagementQUESTIONNAIRE :- 1)On what basis you plan to position yourself against your competitors? 2) What new product(s) are you planning to introduce along with your existing once in the near future? 3) What’s your plan regarding procurement of products? 4) What’s your pricing strategy in view of your entrance in the market? Vishal Mega Mart 22
  23. 23. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 5) Please tell us what kind of promotion strategies your organization is taking? 6) Please tell us if you are satisfied your current promotional strategies ? If not, then what’s your next plan of action? 7) What promotional strategies are you going to use in the near future? 8) On what basis you select a particular vendor? Vishal Mega Mart 23
  24. 24. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 9- Please tell us what’s your policy regarding damaged merchandise ? 10) What kind of profit margin do you keep on your products? 11) Are you offering any discounts ? If yes then please specify 12)What mode of transport do you use for your logistics? 13) Who pays for the logistics? Vishal Mega Mart 24
  25. 25. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 14) How and who makes the payment and how much credit period is allowed? 15) What’s your policy regarding maintenance of stock and what is the process being followed? 16) What’s the minimum order size the company places to the selected vendor? Vishal Mega Mart 25
  26. 26. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 17) What’s the company policy towards warehousing? Vishal Mega Mart 26
  27. 27. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 17) What’s the company policy towards warehousing? Vishal Mega Mart 26
  28. 28. F-1149 Sales And Distribution Management 17) What’s the company policy towards warehousing? Vishal Mega Mart 26