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This initiative is part of our POP DS (Productivity Optimisation Program for Data Sciences) for corporates. If you are looking at Talent solutions for your Analytics , Data Science, DM, ML teams, do check out

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  1. 1. POP DS Pexitics Optimisation Program for Data Sciences ANALYTICS, DATA SCIENCE, DATA MINING, MACHINE LEARNING - 2020
  2. 2. ANALYTICS RESOURCES PROJECTS BUILD. OPERATE. TRANSFER Resources @Pexitics • Intern Data Analytics • Full time Data Science • Project Resources @DS Projects @Pexitics • Data Analytics Projects • Project Modelling • Project Mentoring Data Science BOT @Pexitics • Data Analytics Projects • Project Modelling & Data Tooling • Knowledge Transfer + Teams
  3. 3. State of TALENT 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 Growth of Data and DS salaries IDC world data (ZB) Avg. MBA salary (lacs pa) Avg. DS salary (lacs pa) Forbes: Data Scientists Salaries And Jobs Immune To Covid-19
  4. 4. Talent Identification and Analytics Training @Pexitics Available for POP @Pexitics DS Projects Monitor & mentor during client projects All candidates are screened for Analytics & behavioural potential for Data Science job roles (ANALYTICS, DATA SCIENCE, DATA MINING, MACHINE LEARNING) using Pexitics Assessments • Trained as an Intern by Pexitics faculty • Mentored for key function roles • Outsourced for projects or onboarded based on client specifics Pexitics interns fresh and experienced Data Science enthusiasts for future roles and projects on multiple areas of domain excellence; Marketing Analytics Supply Chain Analytics Human Resource Analytics Business Analytics
  5. 5. Domains @DS • Banking and Finance • Marketing & Sales • Google and Web Analytics • SCM Analytics • Financial Analytics • HR Analytics Data sources • SQL • Excel (txt, csv, xlsx ) • Web sources, Social Media ,Gov • Google Analytics • PDF • Unstructured data Techniques • EDA / Descriptive stats • Probability, Logistic Regression • Forecasting models • Segmentation & Clustering • Recommendation algorithms • Pricing Models • Cross-sell, Upsell Models Software / Tools • Tableau • Power BI • SAS • R • Python • SPSS • Excel / XLSTAT ANALYTICS RESOURCES & DOMAIN EXPERTISE TO GET YOUR PROJECT REQUIREMENTS ADDRESSED Resources or Project level contract benefits • Pay for hiring a trained Analytics resource on full time or project basis • Pay for the project delivered on a case basis without hiring or infrastructure costs • Build data models to help nurture the Data Science approach to business effectiveness Skills required of a Data Scientist • Data retrieval, cleaning, • Statistical modelling • Software use and coding • Business Problem understanding • Insights, recommendations
  6. 6. Base Salary 3.00 lacs 7.00 lacs Training Costs @20% .60 lacs CTC on Acquisition 3.60 lacs 20% hike on acquisition 8.40 lacs Savings to Company 4.80 lacs Hiring two resources is still cheaper & maintains bench strength 20% hike after 1 year Hike after 1 year 4.32 lacs 10.08 lacs
  7. 7. Analytics, Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning Services Indicative Pricing Additional inputs Mentoring / Managerial support for Data Sciences projects Tenure: 3 months (negotiable) 20% of CTC FTE/Interns support for live DS projects Intern and Learn with Pexitics 20% of CTC FTE/Intern learns on Projects from Pexitics Full Project Outsourcing Based on discussions Will cover live project deliverables Project Outsourcing Plus (including knowledge transfer) Based on discussions Will cover handover of knowledge & modelling Talent Recruitment 8.33% - 12% Pure Manpower Consulting with 3 months replacement guarantee Talent Recruitment Plus (including Competency Assessments, Interview) 12% - 15% RPO services for Data Sciences with 3 months replacement guarantee
  8. 8. Founder Profiles @ Pexitics Reuben Ray// Chief Everything Officer & Co-founder, Reuben has 19 years of experience as an Entrepreneur, Consultant and Business Development Leadership with a focus on Psychology and Data decisions. (Check out: ) He has authored on Value Principles titled REASONING OUR CHOICES and can be reached at Subhashini Sharma Tripathi//Chief Data Scientist & Co-founder, Subhashini has 18 years of experience in Analytics and Data Science and is an Author titled Learning Business Analytics in Six Steps using SAS & R - Apress. (Check out: ) She can be reached at Raghuveer P//DS Talent Specialist, Raghuveer has 15+ years of experience in Talent Acquisition with expertise in handling volume and Niche hiring for BFSI, IT and Service organisations. He is an HR Analytics enthusiast with a successful journey of executing staffing projects. He can be reached at 2E, Alsa Glenridge, 32, Langford Road, Bangalore 560 025. INDIA | REACH US AT +91 7349 6623 20/22