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West walk plans


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West walk plans

  1. 1. Proposed Ground Floor Plan Proposed First Floor Plan Proposed Second Floor / Roof Plan CCTV EX EX EX Site boundary HD Roof HD Studio 13 EX H: 2.4m 900 x 900 EX SD Studio 12 HD Studio 14 Roof H: 2.4m 30 minute fire door 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 SD FP MH MH 60 minute fire door Existing Proposed FP pitched flat roof Intercom for new SD extension only roof All corridor radiator to be single plate 500 x 500mm HD CCTV infilled with brick work Newly installed roof light connected to fire alarm system EX CCTV Radiator 30 minute fire door Studio 4 1000 x wardrobe Void F wardrobe wardrobe Void 900 single plate radiator 800mm EX wide HD single plate radiator 600x900 Studio 11 SD Studio 3 HD Studio 5 HD SD Studio 8 SD FP F 1200 x 900 W EX Existing door to be 30 minute fire door EX EX infilled with timber SD 30 minute fire door stud. FP EX EX SD 900 x 900 30 minute fire door W F 30 minute fire door 30 minute fire door 450 x 650mm 30 minute fire door FP Fire alarm 800 x 800 F 1200 x EX 900 x 900 panel 900 EX SD SD 900x900 1200x 900 HD EX 60 minute fire door EX SD 30 minute fire door 30 minute fire door SD HD All bathroom raidators to be EX EX 600mm x 1100 single EX SD plate 600 900 x 900 EX W 600 x 1100 wide 30 minute fire door F radiator wardrobe 30 minute fire door 30 minute fire door radiator wardrobe 30 minute fire door wardrobe 1200 x wardrobe EX 900 EX 1200 x 900 EX 60 minute fire door EX W FP EX SD Studio 9 . F Studio 10 HD CCTV Studio 7 F F HD HD Studio 1 Intercom for existing Studio 6 HD building only EX HD infilled with fire rated stud partition EX EX W K17 thermal board Studio 2 should be affixed to all cold walls. wardrobe New entrance W F W removed stud wall Double glazed window Job Title 60 minute fire door 1 west walk 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 #State/Country: Leicester 2 1 FP SD EX SD Proposed CCTV room Drawing Name Proposed floor plans Existing wooden column Drawn by Date 04/08/2010 Basement D.Dennis SD Existing boiler Electric cupboard / metre Drawing Scale 1:100 Existing Layout ID Status RevisionExisting / Proposed Basement Floor Plan main electric Existing gas supply / metre existing vent supply point Existing water A.01.2 supply