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Effects of social media on Youth

The effects of Social Media on Youth-Negative & positive Aspects

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Effects of social media on Youth

  1. 1. Effects of On YouthPresented By:-  Subham Dwivedi  Sarthak Rana  Abhishek Jha
  2. 2. Facebook Major Players 1 Twitter 2 Google+ 3 Tumblr 4 MySpace 5 Pinterest 6 Blogging(Word press)7
  3. 3. 4% 38% 58% Children on Facebook 6 year old or under 12 years old or under 13-17 years old Age when the average child begins regularly consuming online media And have posted……. Growing Up with Social Media STARTING EARLY Their Home address & phone numbers. Pictures of themselves. Their Real Name.
  4. 4. A Steady Diet
  5. 5. SocialMedia&EmotionalSupport
  6. 6. Influence of networking sites on lifestyle:  Social networking sites have some or the other sort of influence on the lifestyle of the Youth.  Youth have got addicted to the networking sites and use them more often and as such their life is completely influenced by these.  People find it trendy to use these networking sites and being a member of the sites is considered trendy and in vogue thing.  Some people surf these sites to interact with people with similar preferences and it helps in their decision-making ability.
  7. 7. They take the views and suggestions of the people before taking any such decisions and feel quite comfortable with it. Some people get knowledge about latest trends in fashion, electronic gadgets etc. The most staggering influence of these networking sites for some people is the use of abbreviated words like „d‟ for „the‟ and likewise. Some people use abusive words to vent out their feelings on these networking sites and the same has been seen in their personal life of late. Certain people often use communities to dishonour their teachers and bosses or use bad-mouthing words for even celebrities and sports stars.
  8. 8. Negative/bad experience from networking sites:  The verification of genuine identity of the people is a problem.  People pose as someone else and tend to seek personal or confidential knowledge.  This has led to breach of trust of a section of respondents.  Communities targeted to humiliate one or the other .Communities like “I hate Muslims” or “I hate Hindus” have created differences among the people .  Some community had an Indian flag burning which shook the entire users of India and the national sentiments as a whole.
  9. 9. Attention-deficit hyperactivity Disorder  The practice of logging on daily to see hundreds of new photos, comments, and user statuses have begun to take away our ability to keep our focus on something for more than an hour or two, making ADHD a very real and possible effect of SNS
  10. 10. Depression and Loneliness  When interacting with someone through text messages, instant messaging, or email, a large portion of how humans interact is gone.
  11. 11. •Mergers and Acquisitions •Competing Platforms •Abuse and Exploitation •Risk of losing image • Integration • Convert users • Expose blogs and campaigns to community users • Oversold • High overlap • Disorderly • Privacy Issues • Collaborative • Engaging • Sense of Community • Knowledge Management • Ease of Use • Integration • Low Cost Strenght s ThreatsOpportunit ies SWOTANALYSIS