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7 habits of highly successful people.

  1. Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly successful people.
  2. 1. BE Proactive Effective people pro-actively control the situation, rather than being just reactive card – which often means playing the victim card. By controlling situation they can produce better results.
  3. 2. Begin with the end in mind Effective people have the ability to see everything till the end. This gives them the confidence to plan for every contingencies and obstacles that they might face on their way to success.
  4. 3. Put first things first Effective people can manage themselves well. They never lose control of their own persona and therefore, they are always in a position to do the right things for the right outcomes.
  5. 4 Think . This is the most important habit of an effective person. The habit of thinking win-win enhances the interpersonal skills of a person as he/she focuses on shared efforts for mutual benefits of all.
  6. 5. Seek first to understand And then to be understood. This habit is all about clear communications. Effective people really listen well to what others are saying. They seek to understand the other side of the story first and then only present his/her views.
  7. 6. Synergize What is possible in this world without mutual cooperation? Effective people have this great skill of collaboration to channelize all the actions for a common cause.
  8. 7. Sharpen the saw Effective people learn from experiences and keep updating themselves for greater success. They acquire all the skills which will be necessary to face any challenges that life may throw at them.