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Sapple systems capability document


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Sapple Systems Case Studies and Capability document

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Sapple systems capability document

  1. 1. SAPPLE SYSTEMSCapability DocumentSapple Systems Pvt. Ltd.B – 88, 3rdFloor,Sector – 2, Noida - 201 301 (UP),
  2. 2. ContentIntroductionOur ServicesDomain ExpertiseDelivery ApproachDevelopment MethodologyQuality ManagementProject ManagementDevelopment InfrastructurePortfolioPartnerships and AffiliationsContact Us
  3. 3. IntroductionSapple Systems is an affiliated member of NASSCOM and offers end‐to‐end IT solution. We specialized incustomized cutting edge web design, e-commerce solutions, web application development, softwaredevelopment, hosting and all that you may require to run your online business smoothly. Sapple’s ITconsultancy plays a crucial role where we study and understand client’s business and the environmentwhere it would operate then built customized business solution to succeed in the market.Recently Sapple has been recognised by:- Deloitte Technology Fast500 Asia Pacific 2011( Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India 2011( NASSCOM EMERGE 50 Awards for 2010( )VISION"To be a globally renowned IT company"MISSION"To offer the services beyond clients expectations where we build partnerships to create a platform forrepeated business by virtue of successful and sustainable client relationships"CORE VALUESWe are committed to create a work culture which would encourage innovation, transparency andintegrity amongst all the business verticals of the organization. And this work culture enables us todeliver industry competent business solution to all our clients.Customer SatisfactionLeadership ExcellenceBusiness TransparencyRespectInnovation
  4. 4. Our ServicesWe offer IT‐enabled business solutions to convert client’s business ideas into realty into the webworld. With us, clients are assured of a transparent work culture along with globally accepted andfocused delivery processes.WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTWe have a very strong web development and design team. We provide customised web applicationdevelopment e.g. Ecommerce sites, MIS applications, CMS websites, B2B websites, B2C websites etc. Wealso help our clients to transform product ideas into reality.MOBILE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENTWe offer services in HTML5 and native application development for iPhone, Android, iPad devices. Weprovide apps for businesses, sports centres, sales & marketing, dating etc.SUPPORT AND MAINTENANCEWe have the capability to support / maintain projects adhering to various industrial standard SLAs. Weexcel in off‐site system support.
  5. 5. Domain ExpertiseDomain expertise across the verticals has been a key to our ability to add significant value to the clientsbusiness. Our delivery teams comprises of industry professionals with numerous years of experiencein their respective domains. By combining technology expertise and operational excellence with domaincapabilities, we are able to offer outsourcing solutions suited to client’s business requirements.Sapple Systems has excellent talent pool in key domains such as:EducationRestaurant ManagementInsuranceE‐CommerceReal EstateFinanceSales & marketingQuality AnalysisSports LeagueSocial NetworkingWe have technology expertise in:Microsoft .NETPHPHTML5Flash, FLEXMySQL / MSSQL / OracleMicrosoft Azure
  6. 6. Delivery ApproachThe Sapple team brings a combination of business, consulting and IT experience. We offer a pragmaticapproach to the delivery of client services.Our services offer the following benefits:Concept formation with wireframes and documentation supported by final deliveryProject management using latest tool like JIRAHigh degree of communication proficiencyOffshore services delivery teamGreater savings from offshore model & cost‐arbitrage benefitsSapple has a flexible approach to delivery:Full Sapple delivery ‐ responsibility for all parts of the projectProject responsibilities shared with the customerOur Implementation teams consist of business, QA and technical leads, and a Project Managercoordinating effort across the team and working closely with the client staff assigned to the project.Every buyer has his/her unique set of expectations and requirements. We ensure that all these areintegrated into a viable delivery plan at the early stages with clearly defined roles and responsibilities ofthe various stake holders over a timeline.We envisage providing the diverse requirements of the different buyers who can choose from any oneof the generally accepted expectations or a mix of them for a given project. Typical scenarios are:
  7. 7. Fast turnaround ‐ The client has business interest in getting the project executed before acertain date or may be requires it in a short span of time because of his own businessrequirements. We help the client with the best case timeline possible and its implication on theresource loading on the plan for the project.Very good quality ‐ The client has a requirement to ensure minimal defects in the system. Wehelp the client with a detailed test strategy and test plan with various test management andexecution tools available with us.Low Cost Solution ‐ The client requires a cost effective solution. We engage with our client tounderstand the requirements in detail, prepare wireframes and advice whenever required tomake scope modifications for making the solutions cost effective. However low cost solutions arenot built at the cost of quality. At the same time we maintain an expectation with the client onwhat kind of products he/she can expect.Engagement ModelsFixed Time Fixed Price ‐This is one of the most common models where the client and we align our self with a predefined scope of work which is further divided into a series of traceable milestones. This ensuresthat there are no cost over runs for the buyer, at the same time provides for timely payments ona schedule. We have one of the most competitive billing rates for our buyers.Time ‘n’ MaterialThis is the other model where normally the specifications of a project are subject torevisions on a frequent basis. The buyer commits for a set of people with varying capabilities towork for the project. At a predefined time interval the total hours devoted to the project by theset of defined people are consolidated and submitted to the buyer for review and approvalfollowing which the buyer release payments. We follow industry standard time tracking tools totrack time logged by the people and also submit concise daily / weekly reports to the buyer forverification as well as for information.
  8. 8. Development MethodologyWe believe in delivering “custom build solutions” / “enhancement in existing framework” to clientsbusiness requirement with the best mix of development practices like agile, prototyping anditerative development that are in alignment with quality standards laid by ISO. The projects have thefollowing common stages for most solutions and products:It’s based on a stage gate approach with check points after every stage.Within each stage, we have a full set of processes available which allows our teams to benefit from ourprevious implementations and reduce project duration and workload.Stages in our development methodology:Initiation StagePlanning StageDevelopment StageTesting StageRoll ‐ Out StageClose ‐ Out StageSupport and MaintenanceWe use JIRA and its related tools for various activities required to be done in a projects life cycle(initiation to delivery phase):Agile based development of project (using Greenhopper)Content / requirement and wireframes of the project (using Confluence)Code / requirement repository management (using fisheye)Interval code / functionality reviews (using crucible)Automated build (using bamboo)CRs / Issues tracking (using JIRA)
  9. 9. Benefit of Sapple‐Developmentmethodology:We have realized the potential benefits of Sapple‐Developmentmethodology. These are as follows:Timely Execution of Project with on time deliveryRisk identification if any at an early stageDevelopment of a flexible easy to use and modifiable system.Customer DelightGreater trustHigher ReliabilityOur processes and methodology are regularly updated on the basis of our experience and newstandards, and are packaged as a practical toolkit.
  10. 10. Quality ManagementOur quality system integrates the quality process with the entire project life cycle (PLC). Our SoftwareQuality Assurance Group (SQAG) will be responsible for planning and implementing the projects qualityassurance and defect prevention activities to ensure that the software process steps and standards arefollowed. The required process methodologies would be defined for each stage of the PLC.We will follow the following approach towards quality assurance and continuous quality improvementsin its association with the client:SQAG gets involved with the business analyst and works closely on prepare the RequirementDocumentThen they prepare a list of Test cases which would be reviewed to ensure coverage and qualityOnce reviewed and finalised, the test cases are executed on the developed system and the testreport would be shared with the clientAll defects raised would be redressed by the development team and followed upon for closure.Communications and Status ReportingReporting mechanisms, formats, frequency, Information flows, reviews and audit mechanisms would bedecided with client during initial stages of the project. We and Client Managers will review projectprogress and key issues weekly. Action Items will be documented and distributed by us.The following items will be established during initial phases of the project:Check point and milestone reviews for validating and conforming to committed deliverablesReporting mechanisms, formats and frequency to be decided on mutual agreement with theClientEscalation procedures as part of project plans to deal with unforeseen circumstances and highermanagement involvementProcedure for requesting changes to the work schedule and scopeInformation flows, review and audit mechanismsRegular monitoring and status reporting is typically done through:Project Plan tracking and updatingWeekly Status reportsTeam meetingsSteering committee meetings
  11. 11. Project ManagementProject Management is critical to the successful delivery of our client commitments and weacknowledge that industry standards must be rigorously applied.Program management follows the below practices but is not limited to We use JIRA (project management tool) for project / task / resource tracking. Scope Management: It enables us to manage the scope and track any changes made. It also helpsus in estimating the impact of it on timeline and keeping the cost in control. We use JIRA to trackthe list of changes / enhancement / review comments. Project Plan: We create a project plan based on the task / modules which we are planning in therelease. We have our release plan supported by small sprints. Task Assignment: Assign tasks to resources based on people skill sets and availability. This is doneusing JIRA Rapid Board. Track planned versus actual time spent on tasks which is very important for risk identification. Reporting through project dashboards and online status reports are shared by the team lead onperiodic basis. Risk/ Issue trackingWe also focus equally on Workforce Management. It enables us to ensure that strategic capacityplanning objectives are met in an efficient, cost effective manner, while also balancing best practices.
  12. 12. Development InfrastructureDedicated Fiber Optic Leased Line Internet Facility with 99.9% uptime connectivity3500 sq. ft. of A‐Grade office space to easily house 150 people.High‐end IBM Database and Test Servers24x7 power backup facility for seamless operation.24x7 dedicated securityAudio Conferencing FacilityVersion Maintenance through latest SVN softwareAutomated backup service integrated with all servers.100 mbit Fast Ethernet switch based network along with a secured Wi‐Fi network.Workstations with latest configuration.Highly secure hardware and software based Network security.
  13. 13. Portfolio
  14. 14. Sapple Systems provided the answersthat Cloud9 had been looking for. Ourcompletely integrated solution allowsadministrators to register new playersand collect fees online. Automatic emailscan be sent to announce practices,games, meetings and to help collect dues.Mobile apps enable you to remotelycheck in and register for events.Fully Customizable League Setupsupporting multiple sports, divisionswithin those sports and teams withindivisions plus: Facilities Management Registration Database Management of Officials Organization of Coaches Full Tournament ManagementModule Organize Clinics for Players, Coachesand Officials Organize League Schedule andReport Results Communicate with your leaguemembers efficiently with newsletters Multiple levels of access for variousleague officials Generate Cheque through system Barcode Scanner Manual and Online RegistrationComponents Online registration component allowsyou to receive completed formselectronically plus receive paymentonline Seasonal Archives to eliminatemultiple entry of the same leaguemember Organize your league members bycategory: Players, Coaches, Officials,Volunteers and more Easy set-up of divisions within yourleague Place players on teams quickly andeasilyEstablish a Professional League Websitewith Sports League Softwares CompleteLeague Management System.Customizable mobile Applications enablea Player/ Volunteer/ parent to remotelycheck in and register for various events.They can also see their game schedulesand other personal information on thefly.LEAGUE MANAGEMENTLEAGUE MANAGEMENTREGISTRATION DATABASEWEBSITE CONTENT MANAGEMENTMOBILE APPSHIGHLIGHTSQUICK FACTS 18000+ hours ofdevelopment 2000+ Live users Multiple LeagueSupportTHE PROBLEMCloud 9 (Formerly AYS) Leaguemanagement system is aComplex system which neededto be streamlined and evolveas new technologies come inplace.Cloud9 found themselvesasking if they can provide abetter service and integratemultiple platforms (like mobile,iPad) along with the traditionalweb platform.CHALLENGEFind a solution that will addsignificant business value andreduce costs.TECHNOLOGYThe web system has beendesigned in MVC architectureusing .net and SQL Server. TheMobile Application has beendeveloped using HTML5 henceproviding exposure to allmobile platforms (Android, IOS,windows, symbian..)
  15. 15. Solution proposed by Sapple Systems toIIPM was developing a complete solutionstack which will be developed in phases.We started building the application whichthe student, curriculum and classmanagement. Then we got the first phaselive and then kept adding various othermodules like Announcement, FeeManagement, Student Reporting,Attendance, Faculty Profile and ExamManagement in various phases indifferent releases.This is a full dynamic solution whereeverything is configurable from a robustadmin panel: Institute Management Adding new college branch on the fly. Adding new session / batch for aparticular year on the fly. Manage courses based on branch,session and year combination. Manage multiple streams taught invarious courses. Manage subject where a course canhave multiple subjects and vice versa.This association can be changed forparticular session / year combinationas well.Faculty can have their own url which canbe a direct url of their domain or as a subdomain of this site. Faculty Profile Management Achievement and write ups about thefaculty. Associating faculties with stream /subjects. A faculty can take class ofone or more subject in one or morebranches. Faculty plans their classes and takesstudent attendance. Faulty uses announcement module todo public notice (this module isalmost similar to facebook wall inlook and functionality).This process automates the studentregistration and reporting process in thesystem. We have a student recruitment teamwith strength of 250 individual. Wehave developed a MIS application totrack and manage that team and itsproductivity. Students giving first instalment in MISsystem get directly registered in theiipm faculty system. On reporting data, ReportingManager validates variousdocuments, approve student, assignhim section, class and site login sothat he can manage his own profile. We have implemented a facebookwall kind of interface which is like acollege whiteboard which is used tocreate communication networkbetween management, faculty andstudents and various departments. Different users have different accessrights based on who can post whatand to which target audients. A user sees what is intended for himonly so it tries engaging those moreand more. This is also used by faculty to raiseassignments as well.CURRICULAM MANAGEMENTLEAGUE MANAGEMENTSTUDENT REPORTING FLOWAnnouncementFaculty ManagementHIGHLIGHTSQUICK FACTS 5000+ hours ofdevelopment 15000+ Live users Multiple Branch & InstituteSupportTHE PROBLEMIIPM is one of biggest B Schoolwith lots of complex process. Ithas multiple branch, multipleinstitute tie-up running acrossIndia.IIPM found themselves asking ifthey can provide a betterservice to their student /parents by integrating multipleplatforms (like mobile, iPad)along with the web platform.CHALLENGEFind a solution that will addsignificant business value andreduce costs. It should bring allstudent / parent on singleplatform.TECHNOLOGYThe web system has beendesigned in MVC architectureusing PHP and Mysql. The webapplication has html writtenand validated in a way thatthey should open smooth onmobile platforms (Android, IOS,windows, symbian) in its webbrowser as well.BUSINESS GAIN Reduced manpower Reduced costing Increased engagementbetween management,faculty and students Increase visibility forvarious activities amonghierarchy Increased resource sharingfor organization
  16. 16. Sapple Systems provided the answersthat PretCastle had been looking for. Ourcompletely integrated solution allowsadministrators to Manage Inventory,Orders, Currencies and coupon for theonline users.This module provides many features tohandle a product. Listed below Product information Display Option Product Status Can fix product dimension andweight Add or Edit Product Image Listing all products.Using this feature Administrator canmanage Order System. Listed below: Listing of all orders. List order status types i.e. Pending,Confirmed, Cancelled, refunded etc. Add order status types.PretCastle also provides a couponmanagement feature to maintain couponlist. User can Add/Edit coupons fromadmin console. In the site panel we haveprovided the section for displayingcoupons as per business rules.Overall this web portal based on Joomlacomponent (completely Open Source E-Commerce Platform) that is used todevelop its core framework, businesslogic and various components. It providesmaximum features. User can create andmaintain a site with an unlimited numberof categories, products, orders,customers, etc.HIGHLIGHTSQUICK FACTS Rapid development-less than 180 hours. Multiple Languageand currency supportTHE PROBLEMPretCastle – Web portal forFashion enthusiast who needsto expand their horizon usingpower of technology in thiscompetitive world by makingtheir Online presence.CHALLENGEFind a solution that will addsignificant business value andeasy to maintain portal by anon IT client.TECHNOLOGYThe web system has beendesigned in PHP – Joomlaframework architecturewww.pretcastle.comInventory ManagementLEAGUE MANAGEMENTOrder ManagementCOUPON MANAGMENTGENERAL SPECIFICATIONS
  17. 17. Sapple Systems has gladly beenassociated as the Technical partner withSans Pareil Connect Pvt. Ltd forconceptualizing an e-ProcurementSystem. Sapple has made activeparticipation since initialization of theproject and suggested many customerfriendly modules for this product. With acomplex admin panel to manage all themodules of the portal and complexreporting structure to help admins inmanaging the Users, Payments and manyother things. Extensive Email and SMSNotifications to the Buyers and Supplierson the RFPs, Offers, Profile updates etckeeps the users updated about theirbusiness and portfolio regularly.A complete e-Procurement systemenables Buyers and Suppliers to get thebest from the market: RFP/RFQ Creation System Quotation Invite Management Online Quotation Submission Automatic Filtering Quotation Analysis System Reverse Auction/Supplier NegotiationManagement Audit Log Management Sub User Management Approved Supplier Management Private and Permanent MessageBoard Purchase Order Management Centralized Mail Box Instant Alerts Feedback Management System Supplier Directory Service Products/Services Directory Service Auto Report Generation Supplier/Buyer/Product Search Offer Comparison ManagementProvides a one glance easy to understandcomparison of various offers and theirvariances with the procurement budget.offers received in Foreign Currency canalso be managed here.Key Advantages of using Business Mitr’seProcurement Management SystemThis system can be usedto perform automatic negotiation withthe bidding suppliers on their offers. TheRA Panel gives a LIVE view of thenegotiation that is going.HIGHLIGHTSQUICK FACTS 6000+ hours ofdevelopment 5+ big Corporate userswith the beta LaunchTHE PROBLEMBusiness Mitr – an e-Procurement System needsvery user friendly applicationwhich can be used by it’s Non- IT users as well with ease.Extensive Reporting, On the flyupdates and comparisons ofOffers, Secured communicationwithin the System, Currencyconversion of offers , AuditTrials and Reverse Auctions –Few of the complex featuresfor best user experience andProductivity.CHALLENGEFind a cost effective solution &user friendly solution that willhelp in making the Livessimpler and better for Buyers &Suppliers.Provide fraud protection inProcurement process.Enhance buyer savings &Productivity and extensivereporting.TECHNOLOGYThe web system has beendesigned in Symfonyframework using PHP andMYSQL Server.www.businessmitr.comFEATURES OF BUSINESS MITRLEAGUE MANAGEMENTADVANTAGES OF BUSINESS MITROFFER COMPARISION MANAGEMENTLEAGUE MANAGEMENTREVERSE AUCTION PANEL
  18. 18. Sapple Systems provided the answersthat Kitchen Porter Tech™ had beenlooking for. Our completely integratedsolution allows restaurant owner tomanage their food order guide, PurchaseOrders, Track their daily and cateringsales. It helps user to manage theircontacts like vendor, customers andemployees. The system is intelligentenough to suggest user best vendor fortheir purchase order in terms of price.Automatic emails for inventory shortage,employee over/under scheduled andcatering order reminder are very helpfulto restaurant owners.Kitchen Porter Tech™ can track multiplerevenue centers including purchaseorders, receiving and inventory levels. Inaddition, users can transfer inventoryfrom one location to the other whileadjusting the inventory levelsautomatically to the locations affected inthe transfer of products.Easily create purchase orders andcompare vendor pricing by selecting theitem. Purchase orders can be placed foreach location (revenue center) Control which vendors can sell to thelocations listed Compare vendors by item Submit purchase orders online withautomated emails sent to theappropriate vendor.Kitchen Porter Tech™ allows the user toenter inventory items for each vendorand tie those inventories by selecting afriendly name. When entering inventoryyou can also create yields that can beused in each recipe and catering package Easy tab layout to get recipes enteredand added to inventory Give recipes menu names Build recipes based on vendor andcompare vendor pricing Add images and recipe instructions Kitchen Porter Tech™ will track foodcosts, pricing, and gross profits Use sub recipes in the recipe pageand as Kitchen Porter Tech™ takesthe repurpose inventory in the subrecipe and adjusts your inventoryaccordingly.Our catering module is an interactiveapplication that allows you to createcatering packages from items or recipes.Easily create your catering items andgroup them into packages for easy dataentry. Catering Line Up Chef Work Order COGS Current Inventory Recipe Card Top Selling Menu Item Daily Sales by Location Daily Sales by Item/group Vendor Item Contacts Schedule By Employee Schedule By Location Food Order Guide ContactsHIGHLIGHTSQUICK FACTS Manage MultipleLocations Manage Daily andCatering sales Mange Recipe Costingand Inventory Schedule youremployeesTHE PROBLEMRestaurant owners are lookingfor tool that make their workeasier and are availableanywhere and anytime.Kitchen Porter Tech™ wants toprovide a platform to allrestaurant owners which helpthem in running theirrestaurants easily andprofitably.CHALLENGEFind a solution that will addsignificant business value andreduce costs.TECHNOLOGYThe web system has beendesigned in MVC 3.0 with razorusing .net and SQL Server.MULTIPLE REVENUE CENTERSLEAGUE MANAGEMENTPURCHASE ORDERSPURCHASE ORDERINVENTORY VENDOR AND YIELDCATERING MANAGEMENTLEAGUE MANAGEMENTRECIPE COSTINGLEAGUE MANAGEMENTREPORTINGLEAGUE MANAGEMENT
  19. 19. We have provided the answers that CSIDiagnostics had been looking for. Ourcompletely integrated solution supportsonline surveys with quick and selfexplanatory reports in multiplelanguages.Fully Customizable OrganizationOptimizer help administrator to do healthcheck up of organizations by providingfollowing features: Client Setup Practitioner Setup Enterprise Setup Challenges Management Capability Management Questions Management Custom Questions Management Open-ended Questions Automated projects Online Surveys Immediate feedback on surveycompletion. Graphical Reports Data Files One-time use web based page forquestionnaires. Different language support toparticipants according to theircomfort. Confidential feedback. Easy set-up of questions. Customizable questions for eachsurvey. Fast Turnaround of feedbackReports(PDF and Data file format)based on : Challenges Capabilities Each Category Each Major and Sub Group Highest and Lowest rankedquestions Open Ended question Graphical and Tabularrepresentation of results.A quick survey to understand how easy isto use the Organization Optimizer.Generates immediate feedback based onthe responses to the survey.HIGHLIGHTSQUICK FACTS 10000+ hours ofdevelopment Online Survey Support Custom questions Immediate GraphicalReportsTHE PROBLEMCSI Diagnostics is a Complexsystem which wants to providethe ability to do a periodichealth check-ups on theOrganization.CSI Diagnostics wants toprovide the world’s firstuniversal organizationdiagnostic resource that isfully web based resulting indelivering very affordablevalue to organizations inmany different ways.CHALLENGEFind a solution that will addsignificant business value andreduce costs.TECHNOLOGYThe web system has beendesigned in 3-tier architectureusing .net and SQL Server.ORGANIZATION OPTIMIZERLEAGUE MANAGEMENTSURVEY FEATURESTEST DRIVE APPLICATION
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  23. 23. Partnerships & AffiliationsA member of NASSCOM and has been recognized by NASSCOM as“Featured Emerging Company for the year 2010” of Indian Testing Board for International Software TestingQuality Board (ISTQB) of Data Security Council of India (DSCI) Top 200 out of 500 Technology Fast Companies in Asia – 2011.
  24. 24. Contact UsSapple Systems Pvt. Ltd.Corporate Office:INDIAB – 88, 3rdFloor,Sector – 2,Noida - 201 301 (UP)For business developmentContact:Email Us: