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Undoing Your Social Training and Creative Inhibitions in Five Minutes


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Our culture inculcates several behaviors that harm creative, entrepreneurial people: we're taught to avoid conflict and real, open honesty with one another, and we're taught to fear failure. This may work for creating a polite, civil society, but it doesn't serve the individual who is trying to make a difference. But there's hope! Improv theater actors have devised many techniques for overcoming these tendencies which enables them to create inventive stories extemporaneously. I share ways to combat creative inhibitions gleaned from six years of teaching and performing improv theater.

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Undoing Your Social Training and Creative Inhibitions in Five Minutes

  1. 1. Improv is a process
  2. 2. Creativity canbe cultivated
  3. 3. Get out ofyour own way
  4. 4. Leap and the net will appear
  5. 5. Bring a brick,not a cathedral
  6. 6. Abandon perfection
  7. 7. Embrace conflict
  8. 8. Say Yes, And...
  9. 9. Accept your lack of control
  10. 10. Let your idea change
  11. 11. Embrace your constraints
  12. 12. Exceed yourcomfort zone
  13. 13. Cultivate playfulness
  14. 14. Value intuition
  15. 15. Cultivate the habit of having ideas
  16. 16. Invite yourself to be silly
  17. 17. Trust your process
  18. 18. Trust you willsurvive failure
  19. 19. Take an improv class
  20. 20. @subelskyTrust andhave