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Why is Rails so popular? If you haven't ever used Ruby on Rails, you're in for a treat. We'll start with a primer on the Ruby language. Then we'll go over how to build a site using Ruby on Rails. We'll talk about how you to leverage Ruby Gems to add functionality to your application. And we'll do it from a .NET developer's point of view. A primer on Ruby will be provided. Come, learn about the most productive language & web framework available. If you've ever been interested in learning Rails, this presentation is for you. Disclaimer: Learning Rails May In Fact Make You Yearn For Better Tools.

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Rails intrigue

  1. 1. Medical Ethics Project By: Stan the MAN and Mallory
  2. 2. Characters of storyMother: Presilla Danielle VermimFather: Paul Don VermimBaby: Paulean Daniel VermimDoctor: Stanley Rodger GoreJudge: Amy D Roper-Mckeethan
  3. 3. CasePersilla was in the hospital casually havingHER baby when all of the sudden..........
  4. 4. BackgroundPresilla is a Jehovah witness believer butPaul is a Christian.Presilla is having a baby. The baby is bornhealthy but she ends up having a lot ofblood loss.Due to the amount of blood loss and sinceshe is going into intensive care the hospitaldecides that they are going to give her ablood tranfusion even though it is againsther will.
  5. 5. More BackgroundAn emergency court hearing was broughtforth and they decided that since she woulddie without a transfusion that it would be okto give her a transfusion against her will.The Supreme Court of Connecticut took thecase after the fact. They refused thehospital’s reason for doing so without thepatient’s consent.
  6. 6. Final OutcomeBoth parties decided that instead of makinganyone actually pay for what happened thata precedent would be placed for futurereference.The Supreme Court of Connecticut madetheir ruling.Their ruling was that the hospital/ carefacility does not have the right to use theirjudgement in place of the patient’s.
  7. 7. Ethical, Moral, and lawful
  8. 8. Personal, Cultural, and spiritual
  9. 9. Outcome
  10. 10. What we would have done
  11. 11. Preventing the situation
  12. 12. Pertinent Information
  13. 13. Sourcewww.nursinglaw.com/blood3.pdf