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Gtr career plan pdf


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GTR is a global services provider, working with its customers to manage their investments, and to help them shift paradigms and transform their business.

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Gtr career plan pdf

  1. 1. GTR Career Plan
  2. 2. Our Vision Become an expert Social CRM Services companyand innovate new Business Models to revolutionize global business services
  3. 3. Our Purpose To help businesses achieve their full potential using Social CRM Services, and provide our employees exceptional career growthopportunities, while making a significant impact in the community by contributing our time and resources.
  4. 4. Our Values•Transparency: We are completely transparent in the way we do business with our clients and with our internal staff•Respect: We respect co-workers, clients, vendors regardless of race, religion, gender, and work location•Commitment to Success: Everyone in the organization is committed to our clients, the job seekers, to each other, and to every person whom we do business with•Accountability: Each of us is accountable for our actions, performance and ongoing growth and development•Innovation: We continuously innovate new business models for our organization, and apply these in assisting our clients’ innovations by providing valuable insight about Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  5. 5. How do we do?•Teamwork•Transparency•Collaboration•Unity•Innovation•Eat our own dog food (if we dont use our services and follow the best practices that we advise our clients, then DONT do it)•Creating internal leaders by education, service and knowledge
  6. 6. What do we do? GTR is a global services provider,working with its customers to manage investments, and to help them shiftparadigms and transform their business. Our Recruiting Platform as a Service (RPaaS) helpscustomers hire the right resources effectively for projects.
  7. 7. Chief Revenue Officer Chief Solutions Architect /(CRO) Chief Financial Officer India India Team Team Marketing (everyone) Chief Delivery Officer Chief Process Officer (CDO) (CPO) CRM RPaaS India India Team Team
  8. 8. Career PlanTechnical Solutions Business Solutions Sales/Mktg/Operation Administrator Administrator Client Success Management Developer Sales Cloud Consultant Marketing Technical Architect Service Cloud Consultant Operations Solutions Architect Business Architect Finance
  9. 9. Your Career Plan Velu Palani Marc BenioffCEO - CEO