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All datacenters, regardless of their size, have specific objectives. Until now, balancing datacenter
objectives for efficiency, capacity, space utilization and availability has been difficult without making
sacrifices. That's why NxtGen has developed the Smart Solutions family of infrastructure offerings.

Each Smart Solutions offering addresses specific needs with rapidly deployable solutions that cost effectively increase efficiency, add datacenter capacity, and improve IT control.

These solutions contain the industry's leading power, precision cooling and management systems to
achieve efficiency without compromise in IT environments of all sizes.

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  • As the IT industry has continued to evolve, more and more businesses rely on IT infrastructure to deliver the core business promise. High criticality infra is no longer the domain of major institutions, it is no longer only found in Data centers and computer rooms. In fact many businesses are mow demanding the same levels of service that are normally associated with a full scale datacenter in a single stand alone rack. This reflects the current density and power of compute and communications devices.SmartSolutions is about taking the value of the Emerson tailor made solution and delivering it to customersExclusively via partnersIn a simplified, manageable and sustainable fashionWithout loosing the flexibility and value of the Emerson approach
  • Emerson recognizes there are many pressures on today’s data center. Business drivers are causing many issues for data center manager. Everyone will be familiar with the issues described on the left.From an infrastructure perspective they translate into 5 dimensions on the right
  • These are the “headliner” topics that everyone is familiar withBut how do our customers really articulate these challengesWhat sort of language do they useYou need to become accustomed to listening and looking out for these cluesFollowing slides are some key examples
  • Everyone wants high density!To improve performance, optimize process, increase speed, reduce footprint and the list goes on……But most often, customers are just not readyIt’s an opportunity to help realize all the benefits of high density and moreIn a structured and safe way
  • Budgets are always cut! So how can we respond positively when met with that news?Let’s show our customers how they can make significant and measured savings in OPEXBut to get there they do need to spend CAPEXOne will afford the other
  • Everyone wants to save the planet!But how do I do it?I can’t loose site of my SLA’s but can I do without a UPS or can I use a line interactive instead of online?This is a great opportunity to help your customer take a step back and assess the role IT playsA simple question…what if the IT system just stopped?Little to no impactSignificant impactDisaster!Where do you sit on this curveAs the customer responds to this, you will be able to see what sort of balance is possible between energy savings and system availabilityFurther to this it lays the ground work for a holistic look at their IT and Support infra
  • Market Pulse dates back 3 or 4 years now so the questions asked were based on a different market profileWith the increase in complexity of IT loads especially with virtualization customers are looking for a single source of truthWhat is happening in my facility?What else can I do within my facility (increase loading)?What happens if I do increase (or decrease)?Too many variable for IT Managers to make sound and informed decisionsWe have recut the Market Pulse and redefined dimensions around potential to improve visibility and controlNearly 50% or respondents are telling us this is their primary issueEmerson has never been in a better place to help resolve these challenges
  • So, listen to what your customer is sayingAsk questions that are pertinent to their business in generalAnd how IT supports those business goals in specificWhere are the gaps?Where are the opportunities?With your value proposition and with Emerson’s combinedEvery issue becomes an opportunity to enable the sale
  • This is the broad framework within which we consider issues and resolve problemsTraditionally only applied to Data CentersBut today all the way through critical applications to the Single RackThis has had a huge impact on our product portfolio and of course how we go to the market, ie why we need Solution PartnersSo what does it mean;Eco Availability – which balances high levels of availability with efficiency through the proper design and utilization of technologies around UPS systems, Economization systemsand critical services Flex Capacity – uses technologies that allow data centers to adapt to IT changes for continuous optimization and flexibilityHigh Density – architectures that support rooms, racks and clusters over 10 kW to minimize space and cost Infrastructure Management – tools and services that bring it all together and allow not only visibility, but management and control of the entire IT infrastructure. At every point, customers can be assured of obtaining key expert advice and support. After all, that to is our efficiency to you.
  • Further to that we recognize that “selling” a solution is about participating in the full life cycle with our customersThis is especially important to you as your BEST customers are REPEAT customersRepeat customers have a lower cost of sale (in general) and therefore have a high margin (in general)
  • The key advantage of these solutions is that they are “smart”. By this we mean they offer:Greater control over the IT environment through planning, monitoring and management technologiesInteroperability of systems and components to simplify design and implementationEconomy in initial cost by making use of existing infrastructure and not requiring expensive room upgradesAnd Efficiency in power usage, space utilization and IT employee productivity.Smart also relates to how we structure our offerUnlike many other “Solutions: being promoted in this space, SmartSolutions is an open and inclusive offerWhat does this mean?We take into account your existing infrastructure! If you already have a component(s) in place, SmartSolutions can accommodate thatOptimizing existing investments is Smart
  • And that Smart Solutions encompass all aspects of the Emerson PortfolioRacksPowerCoolingSupport ServicesMonitoringAccess, control and management tools
  • Know the customerNever be afraid to ask “why?”
  • Sample #2IT is my main focusI’m understaffed and resources are spread really thin!All I want is to stop bad things from happeningAnd if it does, I want to know before my boss!
  • Sample #3I run a significant and complex IT functionIT is criticalAs the IT ecosystem has developed and grown, unexplained errors and failures have become more commonI need your help to work outAre they infrastructure relatedWhy are they occurringWhat do I need to invest in to prevent them from happening further
  • Sample #1IT is not my main focusI just want things to run smoothlySmartSolutions will save me time and worry
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  • Image change : PeX DS to be added
  • Smart DataCenters

    1. 1. Smart Data Center
    2. 2. Brief on GBB • First to be Certified • Serving 600 + customers • First BCP for IBM in A.P • 65+ Smart Datacenters deployed • Center of Excellence
    3. 3. Join our Data Center Forum Our Centre of Excellence GB • Hands-on Practice Lab • Learn Server Consolidation • Run your Proto types & Pilots • Test Drive your Work loads • Deep-Dive Virtualization & Backup-Skills B
    4. 4. Best Performing Business- Partner for IBM for 2006-2007-2008-2009-2010-2011 Top 10 Solution Providers of INDIA(2011-2012) by SME Channels magazine Best Solution Providers of INDIA(2011-2012) by CRN magazine 4
    5. 5. Infrastructure Challenges Best in class solutions in a row of racks and in a single rack External forces changing the business climate Virtualization, Cloud IT Outsourcing Consolidation Regulation Compliance Efficiency & Green initiatives Higher Density Increasing Demand Reduced Budget Business & technology forces pressing on the data center Facility Challenges
    6. 6. Infrastructure Challenges External forces changing the business climate Virtualization, Cloud IT Outsourcing Consolidation Infrastructure Management Heat Density Regulation Compliance Efficiency & Green initiatives Facility Challenges Availability Energy Efficiency Higher Density Increasing Demand Reduced Budget Business & technology forces pressing on the data center Power Density Source: Data Center Users’ Group Survey
    7. 7. Infrastructure Challenges • There is “Headline news! – – – – These are the “Headline” topics of our market Widely referenced Not always understood or valued…. • And then there is reality! – – How are these challenges really articulated by IT Managers and Business leaders • Keep your ears and eyes open… – – Following 4 slides are clues on hearing How your customers tell you about their Infrastructure Challenges
    8. 8. When high density becomes a hassle! What sounds like a problem • • • • • I’ve simply run out of space -and budget…………… I’m worried about keeping them(blades) cool ! I don’t think have enough power for blades! Do you think if I just put a single chassis in that row it’ll be ok? With us, it's your opportunity • • • • • to reduce the footprint by half To phase deployments per demand To take cooling right to the source of heat To monitor down to the outlet in a rack To have control (& visibility) at every device in the rack As a user of IT&C infrastructure, what are your top 3 related concerns / issues? ISSUE
    9. 9. Lower OPEX to justify spending CAPEX What sounds like a problem • • • • My CAPEX budget has been cut! I can’t spend anymore! I understand your premium F&B but it costs 20% more! I’m running out of capacity nut cant afford a new room! With us, it's your opportunity • • • • • • • Integrated solutions that optimize the whole space True Total Cost of Ownership Including Site assessment & Audit Power Cooling Optimization and after market service From grid to chip As a user of IT&C infrastructure, what are your top 3 related concerns / issues? ISSUE
    10. 10. Give me Green (but I still need high availability) What sounds like a problem • • • • I want to be green Can I reduce/remove cooling? Can I reduce /remove ups? but still maintain my SLA With us, it's your opportunity • • • • • • To match infrastructure and core IT objectives To increase efficiency in the entire system From a single rack to a data center To reduce energy consumption To increase availability (all at the same time) As a user of IT&C infrastructure, what are your top 3 related concerns / issues? ISSUE
    11. 11. Give me Visibility & Control! Aggregate all associated issues and this is clear new #1 What sounds like a problem • • • • I’m are experiencing failures we cant explain……. I’m worried my racks are overloaded…… I might have spare capacity in my rack? I wish I could change my infra capacity per loading now that I have virtualized…… With us, it's your opportunity • • • • To deliver 360° visibility from rack to room To enable action oriented monitoring To enable infrastructure planning based on data capture To track your core IT functions in real time and tailor your infrastructure capacity to it • To be the trusted advisor As a user of IT&C infrastructure, what are your top 3 related concerns / issues?
    12. 12. SmartSolution What sounds like a problem • • • • When high density becomes a hassle When OPEX is more important than CAPEX I want to be green, but not at the cost of my core SLAs I need greater visibility & control • • • • • • Through the broadest portfolio of integrated infrastructure products Power Cooling Racks Monitoring & Management tools After Sales Service With us, it's your opportunity …………… to enable the sale
    13. 13. Approach to Critical Infrastructure “Optimizing IT infrastructure to reduce cost and deliver high availability” Efficiency Without Compromise TM Expertise & Support
    14. 14. Data Center Lifecycle Efficiency Design & Deploy • • • • • • Increase energy efficiency Reduce capital costs Reduce space Faster deployment Lower engineering costs Improve design efficiency Operation • • • Free up stranded capacity Increase availability Reduce energy costs with efficient technologies Management • • • • Streamline operations with management controls Improve asset utilization Simplify change management Lower long-term operational costs with proactive maintenance programs
    15. 15. Smart Solutions • An integrated data center infrastructure – Power, Cooling – Racks, Power Distribution – Infrastructure and IT Management
    16. 16. Industry Best Practices Infrastructure Design and Operation  Smart Solution infrastructure integrates industry best practices in data center design and operation:  Air flow management: Hot aisle & cold aisle containment  High availability, high efficiency UPS  Highest efficiency precision cooling; variable capacity /intelligent controls  Space-savings, minimal footprint  Modularity for flexibility and easier expansion  Integrated monitoring and control for efficiency in planning and management  Unique local service for design audits, configuration support, installation support, maintenance and repair
    17. 17. Smart Solutions: Rack & Row
    18. 18. How To Figure Out Who Needs What! • What is the role of the person you are talking to? – Know where their interests and concerns lie • What are the issues they are faced with? – Test our value proposition through reference to key features and benefits • What sort of language is appropriate to this person? – Is it related to the function of the business or is it related to the function of the technology We will be recommending typical customer and application types for each of the SmartSolutions Scenarios. This will help you identify which solution to offer in various situations.
    19. 19. Get To Know Your Customer : Medium Business Daniel Major IT Manager for American Electronics
    20. 20. Get To Know Your Customer : Enterprise with WAN Simon Tan CIO for Hypermarkets Asia
    21. 21. Launch Smart Solution - Intelligent & Integrated In the Row Cooling Fire detection & Supression Rack Mounted UPS Intelligent Monitoring Inbuilt PDU‘s & RDU‘s Emergency Door Opening Hot & Cold Aisle Containment
    22. 22. Get To Know Your Customer : SMB Small Office Ms. Shruti Sharma Office Administrator for Tiger Productions
    23. 23. SmartSolutions Key Components TM RACKS • Component description – best in class IT rack – High density with 42U as standard – Complete with shelf, cable manager & blanking panels – PDU basic also included – Containment system for SmartRow • Contribution to SmartSolution story – 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. High density IT rack delivers; Core to your infrastructure Maintains safe and secure connectivity Robust & light weight 83% door perforation for optimized airflow Tool-less mechanism for peripherals for fast and easy configuration – Integrated system based monitoring & management
    24. 24. SmartSolutions Key Components TM POWER • Component description – ITA 6 to 20kVA true on line double conversion – 30 to 120kVA true on line double conversion modular and scalable – PDU Basic, Serial Metered, Serial Switched • Contribution to SmartSolution story – UPS ensures Critical Business Continuity – Uninterrupted, Optimal quality, backup Power for Efficiency Without Compromise – Foundation for protecting & ensuring system availability – Integrated system based monitoring & management
    25. 25. SmartSolutions Key Components TM COOLING • Component description – Liebert CRV : In the Row Cooling – Active cooling for Small application • Contribution to SmartSolution story – Protects core IT equipment from damage and ensures optimal operating conditions; 1. temperature, 2. humidity and 3. air filtration – Designed to operate 24 x 7 – Patented Digital scroll technology provides highest energy efficiency and lowest operating cost – Integrated system based monitoring & management
    26. 26. SmartSolutions Key Components TM MONITORING • Component description – RDU-A/S in band / out of band • Contribution to SmartSolution story Security – Has somebody accessed the rack or entered the computer room? Power Management – What capacity do I have left in my rack? – What is the status of redundancy? Temperature – Is your rack getting too hot? – What is the humidity status in the rack? UPS – Is the UPS being overloaded? – What is the status of the UPS battery? Smoke / Fire – Is there smoke or fire in the rack or the room? Water Leaks – Is there water present in the rack or the room?
    27. 27. SmartSolutions Key Components TM INTELLIGENT SECURITY SYSTEM • Component description – Fire detection & Suppression System – Magnetic Door Opening with biometric access control – Emergency Exhaust Fan • Contribution to SmartSolution story – Protects core IT equipment from fire with its intelligent Fire detection & suppression system – Integrated fire fighting system is exclusively designed for SmartSolution, produces savings over conventional room based design . – Intelligent bio metric access to protect your system from unauthenticated access – Emergency Fan Provision for Exhaust Air Ventilation in case of PAC failure
    28. 28. Summary of Scenarios: SmartCabinet Scenario IT Load Rack Mount UPS Cooling Battery Back Up Intelligent Monitoring SmartCabinet 3 kW 6 KVA Fan Cooling 15 Min Integrated SmartCabinet 3kW 6 KVA Active Cooling 15 Min Integrated SmartCabinet 6kW 10KVA Fan Cooling 15 Min Integrated SmartCabinet 6kW 10KVA Active Cooling 15 Min Integrated
    29. 29. Summary of Scenarios: SmartRow Scenario IT Load Rack Mount UPS SmartRow 20 kW 6-20KVA Power 15 Min Integrated SmartRow 20 kW 6-20KVA Power & Cooling 15 Min Integrated SmartRow 35 kW 6-20KVA Power 15 Min Integrated SmartRow 35 kW 6-20KVA Power & Cooling 15 Min Integrated Redundancy Battery Back Up Intelligent Monitoring
    30. 30. SmartSolution: Intelligent Monitoring RDU & PDU Camera Surveillance Events Alerts Smoke Detection Temperature Monitoring Humidity Monitoring Door Switch Sensor Water Leak Detection Beacon Motion Sensor Email Notification SNMP Management
    31. 31. SmartCabinet TM • Enables – High availability and remote management • Site Profile – SME Data Center in a Rack, – Remote WAN infrastructure • Scale & Density – 1 to 2 Racks Up to 6kW • Core Inclusions – Rack enclosure system – Power Quality • Recommended Options – – – – – Access & Control Power Quality Peripherals Cooling Monitoring Service Access & Control Power Power Cooling Monito r Manag e Service Rack Rack Partner Partner EMR
    32. 32. SmartRow TM • Enables – High Density & Data Center capability in a Row • Site Profile – SME Data Center – Critical branch office • Scale & Density – Single row of racks – 10 to 35 kW • Core Inclusions – – – – – – – Rack enclosure system Cooling Access & Control Power Quality & Peripherals Optimization Monitoring Service • Recommended Options Rack Rack Access & Control Power Power – Redundant Cooling Cooling Service Service Monito Monitor r Partner Partner Manag Manage e EMR
    33. 33. Smart Row with Cold and Hot Aisle Contained (Isometric View) I Com Controller CRV Unit 20kW (01 no.) Fire Suppression Device Fan Trey (Optional) HD Series Server Rack (03 nos.) without Front & Rear Door Cabling Duct (Both Sides) Hot Containment Nozzle for gas release pipe entry Cold Containment 2250 mm Magnetic Lock (Optional) Cont. Glass Door Height : 2250 mm Width : 2450 mm Depth : 1780 mm Base Frame Front Side
    34. 34. Main Parts of Smart Row Solution for Cold & Hot Containment Server Rack HD Series (Open Type) 42U 2000x600x1000 (H x W x D) {without front & rear door & without side covers} CRV Unit (20 kW) 2000x600x1100 (HxWxD) Glass Door (3+3 nos.) Fitted on Frame Both Sides CRCA Sheet fitted on all open space in frame Front Side (Cold Cont.) Rear Side (Hot Cont.) Provision for Leveling Foot to be provided on frame base Frame Structure Isometric View Frame Structure Side View
    35. 35. Smart Row with Cold and Hot Aisle Contained (Front View-without cont. door) 19’’ 1U servers 19’’ 2U servers 19’’ 2U servers 19’’ 1U servers 19’’ Rack Mount RDU (01 no.) 19’’ 2U servers 20 kVA ITA UPS 2U (01 no.) Earth Bus Bar Battery. Module for ITA UPS 2U (02 nos.) Front Side View (Cont. Door Hidden)
    36. 36. Air Flow Circulation of Smart Row with Cold and Hot Aisle Contained (Wireframe View) Hot Air Exhaust Through Rack Rear Side and goes to CRV unit for cooling Hot Air through Racks Re-circulate to CRV Unit for cooling and flows Only in containment thereby not Mixing with outside air. Containment Rack-1 Front Side Rack-2 Rack-3 CRV UNIT Containment Cold Air Through CRV Unit flows in containment to Racks Smart Row RH Side View (Wireframe) Smart Row Top View (Wireframe)
    37. 37. Air Flow Circulation in case of cooling unit fails (Optional) Hot air exhaust through Fans in case of cooling unit fails or overheating in hot containment which got activated by RDU-A Fan Trey is equipped with gravity Dampers & lets close during emergency fan is in off condition. NOTE : Opening of door automatically by magnetic lock & emergency fan ON is optional requirement of design. Cold Containment doors open automatically though magnetic lock for the availability of ambient air from outside to racks . Racks takes ambient air in case of cooling unit fails when Containment front door opens automatically which is triggered by magnetic lock.
    38. 38. Smart Solutions Family – Open Offerings Intelligent, integrated infrastructure in a rack. Intelligent, integrated infrastructure in a rack. Capacity: 1-6kW; 1-2racks Capacity: 10-35kW; 3 to 6acks Open Open Floor: Raised, non-raised Floor: Raised, non-raised Key Applications: All sized data centers and network spaces. Key Applications: All sized data centers and network spaces.
    39. 39. SmartRow Vs Conventional Cooling Approach Dedicated Rack level Cooling, with capacity modulation Room level Cooling Provision for Rack mount UPS solution along with battery Separate Provision has to be made in Conventional system Installation & Commissioning Independent of Site location , takes less than a week Site dependent ,takes more than 8 weeks Fire detection & Suppression Integrated Fire detection & Suppression ,Designed exclusively for SmartRow Dependent on Facility fire detection system, Room based Costly design Power Availability
    40. 40. SmartRow Vs Conventional Monitoring Integrated Intelligent Monitoring Have to depend on Separate Monitoring arrangement Space utilization No Raised Floor Requirement, Takes Optimal Space . Takes more space , Raised floor/Ducting is required SmartRow is Offering with High Modularity to suit future changes Design is site dependent & varies from case to case basis Provides Integrated Biometric Access control which offers better security Separate arrangement is required for providing access control Modularity Access Control
    41. 41. SmartRow Vs Conventional Relocation Freedom to Mount the Solution Magnetic Lock Door Energy Efficiency Very Easy, Relocation with 100% Parts Very time consuming, 100% Parts movement may not be possible SmartRow Can be installed in any environment Separate room is required , will require addition provision of Raised floor Magnetic lock door, which will open automatically in case of emergency No such provision , will require separate arrangement Digital scroll technology cooling, other design optimization makes it energy efficient Solution Depends on overall design of DC facility
    42. 42. Advantage SmartRow : Optimized Design Situation: Deploy 18 kW of IT to a non-IT ready room Conventional Design 1 rows, 6 racks Ceiling mounted ducted cooling Room renovation, fire suppression SmartRow 1 rows, 6 racks Liebert CRV Liebert ITA UPS Integrated fire Suppression
    43. 43. Advantage SmartRow : Cost Saving Conventional Data Center Design SmartRow Design Cost Savings % SmartRow Advantages Room Cost - Contractor, Installation, Engg Services 2700000 1935000 765000 28% Infrastructure Equipment - UPS, distribution, cooling racks, fire suppression 4725000 4905000 -180000 -4% 7425000 6840000 585000 8% 396000 288000 108000 27% 5 Year OpEx 1980000 1440000 540000 27% 5 Year TCO 9405000 8280000 1125000 12% Total CapEx. Annual Energy Consumption - Power & Cooling equipment energy use Room Savings Room neutral, fewer services to retrofit room into an IT space Equipment Savings Pre-engineered, integrated precision cooling, ducting, distribution and fire suppression Energy Savings Airflow management, variable capacity, intelligent controls
    44. 44. Keep Inspiring…