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Twitter 101 Signing up: A Tutorial for Oncologists

Signing up for Twitter is the first step to connecting with the digital oncology world. Learn how to set up an account.

Twitter 101 Signing up: A Tutorial for Oncologists

  1. 1. Twitter 101 Signing up A Tutorial for Oncologists Matthew Katz, MD May 2014
  2. 2. Conflict of Interest  External advisor, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media  No financial links, leadership position with any healthcare or social media company
  3. 3. Purpose  Step by step tutorial  Specific to join Twitter  Assumes you are prepared to join  If you have questions about how to prepare for any social media… Go to
  4. 4. Before signing on  Have your username and alternatives ready  Have a photo ready for you and profile background  No “party hearty” or “fuzzy family” photos  Avoid online white coat syndrome  Prepare a 140 character (or less) bio  Brevity wins even on platforms other than Twitter
  5. 5. Start at
  6. 6. Look at language setting and put in your email to sign up
  7. 7. Read before starting
  8. 8. Enter information in each field Needs to be unique
  9. 9. Uncheck
  10. 10. Random Password Generators Website URL Norton/Symantec -generator Strong Password Generator Free Password Generator Source:, • Key = 8+ characters, alternating alphanumeric and no simple words • Store password offline • If you forget it, you can reset by e-mail
  11. 11. Next is setting up who you follow
  12. 12. Decide who to follow in oncology. Next 4 slides give some suggested places to start
  13. 13. Cancer on Twitter Organization Twitter Handle American Association of Cancer Research @AACR American Cancer Society @AmericanCancer American College of Surgeons @AmCollSurgeons American Society of Clinical Oncology @ASCO American Society for Radiation Oncology @astro_org Institute of Medicine @theIOM Lancet @TheLancet Mayo Clinic @MayoClinic MD Anderson Cancer Center @MDAndersonNews National Cancer Institute @theNCI New England Journal of Medicine @NEJM RSNA @RSNA U.S. Dept. of Health Human Services @HHSGov World Health Organization @WHO
  14. 14. Surgical Oncology on Twitter Person Institution Twitter Handle Deanna Attai Center for Breast Care @DrAttai David Tom Cooke UC Davis @UCD_ChestHealth Matthew Cooperberg UCSF @dr_coops Atul Gawande Brigham & Women’s @AtulGawande Aaron Cohen Gadol Indiana University @AaronCohenGadol David Gorski Karmanos/Wayne State @oracknows Niraj Gusani Penn State @NirajGusani Tina J Hieken Mayo Clinic @TJH0828 Stacy Loeb NYU @LoebStacy Diane Radford Mercy Clinic @dianeradfordmd Tom Varghese, Jr. UW/Seattle CCA @TomVargheseJr Henry Woo U Sydney (Australia) @DrHWoo
  15. 15. Medical Oncology on Twitter Oncologist Institution Twitter Handle Don Dizon MGH @drdonsdizon Michael Fisch MDACC @fischmd Thomas George U Florida @TGeorgeMD Julie Gralow U Wash/Seattle CCA @jrgralow Clifford Hudis MSKCC @CliffordHudis Merry Markham U Florida @DrMarkham Robert Miller Johns Hopkins @rsm2800 Robert Orlowski MDACC @Myeloma_Doc Richard Schilsky ASCO @rschilsky Nathan Pennell Cleveland Clinic @n8pennell Mike Thompson Aurora Health @mtmdphd H. Jack West Swedish Hospital @JackWestMD Peter Yu Palo Alto Medical Foundation @YupOnc Yousuf Zafar Duke @yzafar
  16. 16. Radiation Oncology on Twitter Radiation Oncologist Institution Twitter Handle Wally Curran Emory @wallyjc C. Dave Fuller MDACC @cd_fuller Mary Gospodarowicz PMH @marykge Matthew Katz Lowell General @subatomicdoc Miriam Knoll Mount Sinai @Mknoll_MD Jonathan Livergant U Toronto @jpil Brandon Mancini Yale @brandonmancini Tere Migueláñez Quirón Torrevieja (Spain) @MsConcu Ian Pereira Kingston (Canada) @IanJohnPereira Danielle Rodin U Toronto @daniellerodin Richard Simcock NHS – Bristol (UK) @BreastDocUK Krupali Tejura Wilshire Oncology @krupali Andrew Turrisi Detroit Medical Center @XRT4U
  17. 17. When you enter someone’s name, they will show up on the left, then hit +Follow
  18. 18. If you want to find people you know, you can upload your email list to Twitter.
  19. 19. Next step = your basic profile Photo size up to 400 x 400 pixels
  20. 20. Keep it professional No need for full sentences Decide whether to have disclaimer
  21. 21. To complete the signup process, check your email
  22. 22. Your Twitter timeline
  23. 23. Questions?  Contact me  Twitter @subatomicdoc  Website

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Signing up for Twitter is the first step to connecting with the digital oncology world. Learn how to set up an account.


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