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Suba - Bogotá, Turismo en Colombia, Subakaneria


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If you do not have any idea about what can you do? Look for your friends and go to take a walk around our Suba town

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Suba - Bogotá, Turismo en Colombia, Subakaneria

  3. 3. SUB
  4. 4. If you do not have any idea about what can you do? Look for your friends and go to take a walk around our Suba
  5. 5. guide of tourism about Suba town, where you can find many special
  6. 6. Suba in Muisca language is “Zhuba” that means my face or my grain, Chibcha languge “Sua” that means sun and “Sia” that means water.
  7. 7. Suba was founded in 1550 by Antonio Diaz and Hernan Vanegas. Today is the 11 town of Bogota it is located in the northwest of the city
  9. 9. SUBA CENTRAL SQUARE: Suba, has had many faces: green, brown, grey…
  10. 10. There are many old, beautiful and interesting houses in Suba like: The “Lorena”, “Casona Lombardia” and “Conejera”
  11. 11. LOS NEVADOS PARK: It is located close to the Suba Square. There, you can enjoy of romantic evenings and look at the top of some snow mountains like the “Ruiz snow
  12. 12. CULTURAL HOUSES: If you like the music, go to dance or the cinema, you can find there many expressions like: the rock, rap, dance and cine-
  13. 13. ALTO DE LA VIRGEN: This is a procession place to visit every year. For the youngs, this is a curious place, where you are invited to discover figures, forms and
  14. 14. MONUMENTS
  15. 15. But, If you are interested in Visual Arts Suba has many beautiful works   The pieces of art in Suba have a special touch
  16. 16. In” El alto de Suba” you will find some piece of art like: “Encuentro de dos mundos” Author: Convergencia Artistica
  17. 17. “Memoria Visual De Suba” or Suba Visual Memories Author: Guillermo Arriaga “Sinopsis Histórica de Suba y Flora y Fauna del municipio de suba” Author: Manuel Bohorquez and Family
  18. 18. “Estampa Muisca” It has special shine and colors that talk about the ancestor of our Suba town
  19. 19. CHURCH
  20. 20. “LA INMACULADA CONCEPCION” SUBA CHURCH Address: Cr 90 # 143-40, D.C. Telephone: (57) (1) 6922593 It is a touristic place located in the suba square
  21. 21. “FRANCISCO JOSE DE CALDAS” LIBRARY Address: Carrera 92 # 146 C - 24 Telephone:686 13 04 - 682 42 71 Timetable: Monday: from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm Tuesday to Saturday From 8:00 am to 8:00 pm
  22. 22. Carranza -Carol Pedroza -Lina Medina -Viviana Rios -Yury Sanchez 1102