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Ppaa ejercicios pract. ing 7


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Ppaa ejercicios pract. ing 7

  1. 1. The Sherpas of NepalA Sherpa climbing a mountain1 People who live in big cities with many large officesand apartments look at their windows and see toweringskyscrapers reaching high elevations. People who livenear a park or a forest see long tree trunks reaching up tothe sky. For the Sherpa people who live in the country ofNepal, the view outside their window is the HimalayaMountains, including Mt. Everest. At 29,035 feet, it is thetallest mountain in the world.2 The people who grow up in Nepal learn how to climbmountains almost as easily as they learn to walk. Thereare no roads or cars there, and people get everywhere theyneed to go by foot. They are excellent hikers and can carryvery heavy loads on their backs for long periods of time.They have even been known to tote items as big astelevisions and refrigerators. Some kids have to be good atclimbing because the path to school takes them over 1,500feet up the mountain. That is about the same as climbing150 stories each way!
  2. 2. 3 It is no surprise that many of the Sherpas end up becomingprofessional climbers. They work as guides to take visitorsup the mountains and back again. They know the slopes aswell as some people in cities know the fastest route todrive from their homes to school or work. The Sherpasjust have to remember to wear thicker coats and warmerboots!ItemID07I0807I00 What was PROBABLY the author’s purpose for writing this passage?A to tell the reader why people in Nepal learn to climb mountainsB to tell the reader about the tallest mountain in worldC to explain the different types of mountains in NepalD to explain how to become professional climberItemIDPRI0807201183-0807I00 Which word in paragraph 2 helps the reader understand the meaning of tote?A timeB climbC carryD hikersItemIDPRI0807202184-0807I00 Which word from paragraph 3 helps the reader know what the word slopesmeans?A coatsB visitorsC climbersD mountainsItemIDPRI0807202185-0807I
  3. 3. 00 The word skyscrapers in the first sentence means —A clouds.B injuries.C mountains.D tall buildings.ItemIDPRI0807202186-0807I00 Write two sentences that describe the Sherpas of Nepal. Write your responsein the space provided on your answer sheet.ItemIDPRI0807203195-0807I00 From the information in this passage, the reader can conclude that —A Sherpas have very strong legs and backs.B children in Nepal don’t go to school every day.C professional climbers should live in Nepal so they can practice.D children in Nepal learn to climb mountains before they learn to walk.ItemIDPRI0807204189-0807I00 What is important to know in order to understand the Sherpas better?A Televisions and refrigerators are very heavy.B Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world.C Nepal is a small country and has many mountains.D Nepal is one of the smallest countries in the world.ItemIDPRI0807204191-0807I
  4. 4. 00 Look at the diagram.Which sentence belongs in the “CAUSE” box?A The Sherpas enjoy the beauty of the mountains where they live.B Climbing mountains in Nepal is a natural way of life for the Sherpas.C Hikers need to be very careful when climbing the tallest mountain in the world.D People who travel to visit the tallest mountain in the world can only get there by foot.ItemIDPRI0807204193-0807I00 Why do kids in Nepal have to be good climbers?A in order to get to schoolB in order to hunt for foodC so they can be tourist guidesD so they can stay in good healthItemIDPRI0807205187-0807I00 What is the MAIN idea of paragraph 1?A how tall Mt. Everest isB where the Sherpas liveC what people see outside their windowsD why some trees in the world grow tallItemIDPRI0807205190-0807I
  5. 5. 00 Study the following diagram.Which answer completes the diagram?A Travel by footB Wear light clothesC Live in apartmentsD Drive up the mountainsItemIDPRI0807205194-0807IThe Sherpas ofNepalClimb mountainsNepalAre strong
  6. 6. 00 Choose the correct statement.A To see where he is.B What in the world?C How are you today?D Before we begin to work.ItemIDPRI0807301231
  7. 7. 00 Choose the correct sentence.A The house, on the corner, with the fence, is large, and very pretty.B The house on the corner with the fence is, large and very pretty.C The house on the corner, with the fence, is large and very pretty.D The house on the corner with the fence, is large, and very pretty.ItemIDPRI0807301232
  8. 8. 00 Choose the direct object in the sentence.Tommy scraped his knee on the sidewalk.A TommyB scrapedC his kneeD the sidewalkItemIDPRI0807302248
  9. 9. 00 Choose the correct sentence.A The coach run down the field with the kids.B The coach runs down the field with the kids.C The coach runned down the field with the kids.D The coach running down the field with the kids.ItemIDPRI0807302255
  10. 10. 00 Amanda is writing a paragraph about the new dress her mother bought her.Choose the sentence that would BEST describe the dress.A My mother knows the colors I like.B I am sure that you would love my dress.C Threads used in modern fabrics are synthetic fibers.D Its beautiful ribbons, which flow in the wind, are like a rainbow.ItemIDPRI0807303257
  11. 11. 00 What type of writing is MOST PROBABLY used to write a novel?A narrativeB persuasiveC expositoryD descriptiveItemIDPRI0807303264
  12. 12. 00 Which question would be answered in a DESCRIPTIVE paragraph aboutsandwiches?A Who ate Melissa’s sandwich?B Why should you eat sandwiches?C What is the best time to eat a sandwich?D What do meatball sandwiches taste like?ItemIDPRI0807303270
  13. 13. 00 Choose the option that explains why the sentence is incorrect.Does Mayra like sugar, milk, or honey in her coffee.A The word “coffee” is misspelled.B The word “Mayra” should not be capitalized.C There shouldn’t be a comma after the word “milk.”D There should be a question mark at the end of the sentence.ItemIDPRI0807305287
  14. 14. 00 Choose the correct sentence.A Tie the not tightly.B Tie the knot tightly.C Tie the knote tightly.D Tie the knoght tightly.ItemIDPRI0807305293
  15. 15. 00 Choose the correct sentence.A The agents received their assinment.B The agents received their assigment.C The agents received their asignment.D The agents received their assignment.ItemIDPRI0807305297
  16. 16. 00 Ramiro is looking through the encyclopedia to pick a topic for his schoolproject. What should he write down as he looks through the encyclopedia?A ideas that he finds are interestingB paragraphs about what he is readingC words and sentences that are misspelledD sentences that will help his paragraphs transitionItemIDPRI0807305314