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Dr. Hannibal Lecter file

  1. 1. LECTER, HANNIBAL PATIENT HISTORY AND PROFILE SOURCES: forensic evidence, public records, eyewitness accounts, interviews, and psychological profiles. Born in Lithuania. Father a Count, mother a highborn Italian. Believed to be descended from the ruthless Tuscan Guiliano Bevisangue and from the Machiavelli and Visconti bloodlines. 1944 – At 6 years of age, Lecter would have shown a frightening intensity and detachment toward those around him, with seemingly preternatural knowledge. At this time the Eastern Front of World War II collapsed, and Lithuania suffered great devastation during the German retreat from Russia. Records exist of an opulent estate near Vilnius, believed to be the Lecters’, where Nazis killed the sovereignty and servants. Several bodies were recovered; none were children. NOTE: The following is strictly theoretical. As the Nazis retreat, several scavengers lodge in the Lecter estate. Those children who survived the attacks are stored in a barn. With a particularly harsh winter, food becomes scarce, and the scavengers turn to the children. Lecter may have been considered, but thought too wiry and thin. Instead, his younger sibling, sister Mischa, is taken from the barn. She is never seen again. 1944-1970 – Lecter’s activities largely unknown. Moved to the United States and established citizenship. 1970 – While serving as an emergency room physician at Maryland- Misericordia Hospital, Dr. Hannibal Lecter admits and treats a male bow hunter with an arrow wound. 1970-1975 – Lecter establishes a psychiatric practice in Maryland. 1975 – Dr. Lecter performs psychiatric evaluations for the Maryland and Virginia state courts. Many of his affluent patients claim to have released various funds and stocks to Lecter, however, the IRS was unable to confirm transactions. Eyewitness accounts testify to Lecter driving a customized Bentley and often associating with socialite Rachel DuBerry.
  2. 2. MASON VERGER: Underwent court-ordered counseling with Dr. Lecter. After inviting Lecter to his home, Verger accepts drugs from Lecter. While intoxicated and by Lecter’s suggestion, Verger removes his face and feeds it to his dogs. Lecter breaks Verger’s neck. Verger survives. (One of two known victims to survive Lecter’s attack.) * Hannibal Lecter begins his serial murders. NOTE: Patient/Victim information destroyed by Lecter while still in practice. Case records suppressed by court order after a successful WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT filed against Lecter on behalf of surviving families. FIRST VICTIM: Records sealed. SECOND VICTIM: Records sealed. THIRD VICTIM: Female. Darcy Taylor; deceased. Flesh removed from back torso. FOURTH VICTIM: Records sealed. FIFTH VICTIM: Male. Census Taker; deceased. Attempted to quantify Lecter. Body discovered with liver removed. SIXTH VICTIM: Male; deceased. Killed 12 March 1975 by Lecter in victim’s workshop. Body found laced to a pegboard with the woodworking tools. Victim had stab and arrow wounds, similar to battle injuries matching Wound Man, a graphic illustration used in numerous early medical books. Victim previously treated for thigh injury by Dr. Lecter at Maryland-Misericordia Hospital Emergency Room. Lead investigator Special Agent Will Graham questions Lecter about treating the victim in 1970. Lecter recalls little but offers to assist Agent Graham in creating a psychological profile of the killer. SEVENTH VICTIM: Records sealed. EIGHTH VICTIM: Records sealed.
  3. 3. NINTH VICTIM: Male. Benjamin Renè Raspail, 46; deceased. At time of death, Raspail was First Flautist for the Baltimore Philharmonic Orchestra and a patient of Dr. Lecter. 22 March 1975: Raspail fails to appear for a performance. 25 March 1975: Raspail’s body discovered seated in a pew in a small rural church near Falls Church, Virginia. The thymus and pancreas had been removed. The murder generates considerable press, particularly in The National Tattler. Baltimore Homicide theorizes Lecter served the missing organs for dinner to the Symphony Board of Directors. After several meetings with Lecter, Graham returns to Lecter’s office and notices numerous antique medical books on the shelf. Lecter attacks Graham with a stiletto linoleum knife. Graham shoots him twice. Lecter is arrested by Maryland State Troopers and identified as the Chesapeake Ripper. Lecter stands trial on 9 counts of first-degree murder and chooses not to plea insanity. Nonetheless, the court finds him unfit and incarcerates him. Lecter is confined to a basement cell in the Baltimore State Forensic Hospital for 9 consecutive life terms. In order to locate one of the missing victims, doctors administer sodium amytal to Lecter, who gives them a recipe for dip. Lecter is perfectly behaved his initial year in prison, cooperating with several attempts at therapy. 6/8/1976 - Lecter complains of chest pain. Restraints are removed for ease in administering an electrocardiogram. Lecter attacks a nurse. His pulse does not rise above 85 bpm. In the struggle, Lecter’s shoulder is dislocated. Lecter receives further psychological tests and evaluations (Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, House-Tree-Person, Rorschach, Drawing of Self-Concept, Thematic Apperception, MMPI). He folds them into origami. Lecter removes the metal ink tube from a ballpoint pen loaned to him during testing. Six months later he removes a heavy-duty paper clip from additional documents. 12/25/1977 - Lecter sends Special Agent Graham a Christmas card.
  4. 4. INTERVIEWS WITH SPECIAL AGENT WILL GRAHAM The following events and conversations were recorded and certified by F.B.I. Special Agent Will Graham between 26 July and 25 August, 1978 while investigating and apprehending Francis Dolarhyde, a.k.a. The Tooth Fairy and The Red Dragon. REFERENCE CASE FILE: DOLARHYDE, FRANCIS 7/30/1978 - Lecter receives note from Dolarhyde, signed Avid Fan. 8/2/1978 - Lecter questioned by Special Agent Will Graham regarding the Tooth Fairy case. 8/3/1978 – After discovering the Red Dragon symbol, Special Agent Graham visits Lecter in his exercise pen to discuss the symbol’s importance. Lecter returns to his cell and requests to telephone his lawyer. Instead, he calls the University of Chicago Department of Psychiatry and requests Will Graham’s phone and home address. Lecter responds to Dolarhyde with a coded message placed in The National Tattler, giving Dolarhyde Agent Graham’s home address. 8/4/1978 - Dr. Chilton informs Jack Crawford that a note was found in Lecter’s cell during routine cleaning. It is the Avid Fan letter from Dolarhyde. 8/6/1978 – As punishment for the letter, Dr. Chilton removes Lecter’s books and toilet seat. 8/15/1978 - Agent Graham returns Lecter’s books and privileges in exchange for Tooth Fairy identity. Lecter agrees, demands “dinner and a show.” AUGUST 1978 – Dolarhyde attacks Agent Graham and is killed. Lecter writes to Graham and wishes him a speedy recovery from the Dolarhyde attack.
  5. 5. INTERVIEWS WITH AGENT TRAINEE CLARICE STARLING The following events and conversations were recorded and certified by F.B.I Agent Trainee Clarice Starling 7 through 22 February, 1983 while assisting in the investigation and apprehension of one Jame Gumb, a.k.a. Jamie Gumb, John Grant, Buffalo Bill, Billy Rubin and Louis Friend. REFERENCE CASE FILE: GUMB, JAME 2/7/1983 - Agent Starling asks Lecter for assistance in psychological evaluations and criminal profiling. Lecter refuses but finds “Multiple” Miggs’ discourtesy to Agent Starling rude. Lecter urges Agent Starling to visit “Miss Mofet” in “Split City.” That evening, Lecter verbally persuades Miggs to swallow his own tongue. As punishment, Dr. Chilton removes Lecter’s drawings and forces Lecter to view religious programming. 2/8/1983 - Lecter writes a sympathy note to Crawford regarding his ill wife. 2/14/1983 – Agent Starling questions Lecter regarding the unidentified severed head of “Miss Mofet.” Lecter offers to trade information on Buffalo Bill. 2/18/1983 – Agent Starling offers Lecter a transfer to the VA Hospital in Onada Park, New York in exchange for the identity of Buffalo Bill. He agrees if Agent Starling offers personal information. Quid pro quo. Dr. Chilton reveals to Lecter Agent Starling’s false bargain. Chilton arranges a legitimate transfer to Tennessee under the approval of Senator Ruth Martin. Lecter agrees but will only communicate with Senator Martin in Tennessee. Three hours later, Lecter is flown to Memphis and discloses Buffalo Bill’s identity as Louis Friend. 2/19/1983 - Lecter is incarcerated in the Shelby County Courthouse. Agent Starling trades intimate details of her childhood, is then expelled from premises. LECTER ESCAPES FROM MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – After dinner, Lecter removes a metal tube from his mouth and uses it and the paperclip inside to pick his handcuff locks. He kills Sergeant Pembry and Lieutenant Boyle, then removes Pembry’s face with a pocketknife. He uses Pemry’s face as a mask and impersonates the officer, feigning unconsciousness. Paramedics hurry Lecter past Memphis S.W.A.T. into an ambulance. The ambulance never reaches the hospital. Both EMTs are killed. DEPOSITION BY SPECIAL AGENT CLARICE STARLING
  6. 6. The following events were recorded under sworn testimony by F.B.I. Special Agent Clarice Starling surrounding the escape of Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Memphis, Tennessee in 1983, through Lecter’s reemergence in Florence, Italy and the United States in 1990, and to Lecter’s disappearance shortly thereafter. 2/20/1983 - Lecter murders Lloyd Wyman in St. Louis, stays at a hotel across the street from a cranio-facial surgery hospital. Lecter disguises himself with bandages, pretending to be a patient. Lecter is not seen leaving the country. Lecter calls to congratulate Agent Starling on ending Jame Gumb’s “couturier career,” tells her he’s having “an old friend for dinner.” The call is most likely made from Buenos Aires, the last known location of Dr. Chilton. 1990 – FLORENCE, ITALY Lecter kills the curator of the Capponi Library. Using the pseudonym Dr. Fell, Lecter is appointed temporary Master of the Palazzo Capponi Library. Lecter writes a letter to Agent Starling regarding her involvement in a violent shootout while attempting to apprehend a suspect. Dr. Fell attends the Atrocious Torture Instrument exposition at the Forte di Belvedere. Dr. Fell visits the Church of Santa Croce, drawing with black charcoal. Local pickpocket Roger “Gnocco” LeDuc bumps into Dr. Fell. LeDuc’s femoral artery is severed, and he bleeds to death within minutes. Dr. Fell attends the concert of the Florence Chamber of Orchestra at the Teatro Piccolomini, a 19th Century theater. Dr. Fell visits the Farmacia di Santa Maria Novella, where he samples various fragrances. Dr. Fell performs a lecture on Pre-Renaissance, given to the Board of Trustees at the Palazzo Vecchio in the Salon of Lilies. Afterward, Lecter kills Commandatore Rinaldo Pazzi of the Florentine Questura and then kills Matteo Deogracias, a Sardinian mercenary hired by Mason Verger to capture Lecter. Lecter escapes and visits the village church of Santa Reparata, just south of Florence. There he retrieves passports, money, and keys from inside the “Devil’s Armor”, a 15-century Italian armor suit.
  7. 7. Lecter writes a letter to Mason Verger from the Excelsior Hotel in Florence and informs Verger they will meet again soon. Disguised as a member of a Canadian tourist group, Lecter flies back to America in steerage. EARLY FALL, 1990 – UNITED STATES Lecter rents an isolated house on the Chesapeake shore in Maryland. Lecter attends museums and symphonic concerts in New York. He purchases two rare instruments: a late 18th Century Flemish harpsichord and a theremin, built in the 1930s by Professor Theremin. Lecter shops at Hammacher Schlemmer, purveyor of fine home and sporting accessories and culinary equipment. He stops at Tiffany and Christofle, buys Gien French china, 19th century silverware, crystal wine glasses, two portable gas burners, a copper sauté pan and copper fait-tout. Lecter then stops at Mercy General Hospital and steals a Stryker autopsy saw. Lecter attends the Mid-Atlantic Regional Gun and Knife Show in the War Memorial Auditorium, Virginia. Lecter purchases a Harpy knife; a straight, serrated Spyderco with a four-inch blade; a Spyderco Civillian; a crossbow; and two dozen quarrels. DONNIE BARBER: Wildlife sportsman Donnie Barber attends the Gun and Knife Show. Barber is later found dead in the woods alongside his illegal deer kill. Barber’s body is arranged like “The Bloody Eagle,” a Norse sacrificial custom with Barber’s short ribs separated from the spine and lungs pulled out the back to look like wings. DECEMBER, 1990 Lecter travels to Hubbard, Texas and stops at the Battle Creek Cemetery. He exhumes a coffin for relocation. Lecter conceals the skeletal remains inside a viola case and leaves the coffin at the Fish Trap Cemetery outside Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas. 12/17/1990 - Lecter revisits the Maryland-Misericordia Hospital. He knocks out a surgeon and pharmacist and steals vials of prescription drugs. Lecter then travels to Annapolis and purchases a $325.00 bottle of Château d’Yquem in Agent Starling’s birth year. 12/21/1990 – Lecter leaves a gift under Agent Starling’s parked car. In the process he is captured by Sardinian mercenaries under the employ of Mason Verger, taken to Muskrat Farm, and stored in a barn. Agent Starling tracks Lecter to the barn and releases him but is injured by one of the mercenaries. She is then kidnapped by Lecter.
  8. 8. 12/22/1990 - Authorities discover Mason Verger’s body and a voice message from Lecter claiming responsibility for Verger’s death. Forensic evidence indicates no involvement by Lecter. NOTE: The following is speculation. Events transpired between Lecter and Agent Starling and are uncorroborated. Lecter analyzes and converses with Agent Starling 22 through 25 December 1990. Starling, recovering from injuries, is kept by Lecter under deep hypnosis and injected with hypnotic drugs. Lecter presents Starling with the exhumed skeletal remains of her father. 12/26/90 – Authorities discover Deputy Assistant Inspector General Paul Krendler at Lecter’s rented Chesapeake home. Krendler’s body, with his cranium removed, was seated at a dinner table with three place settings. Portions of Krendler’s frontal lobe were missing. There was no sign of Agent Starling. LECTER’S WHEREABOUTS REMAIN UNKNOWN. UPDATED REPORT: 1993 An eyewitness account in Buenos Aires, Argentina, places Lecter at the Teatro Colón opera house before a presentation of Tamerlane, accompanied by a woman resembling Agent Starling.