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My world hina

  1. 1. My World Suad Alhalwachi Even though I have been in the accounting and economics field for a very long time, and even though I love figures and analysis, but finding my real path and mission was something that I had tumbled upon by coincidence. Mathematics was a field that I had always loved, I still remember the teacher in 11th grade, splitting the blackboard into two halves and asking the number one in class and myself to solve a theory, and would time us to see who is going to solve it first, of course needless to say that I was first. I wasn’t the top of my class, nor the second, but was high enough to give me a status in schools (those days only grades count, if you were an artist or an athlete it doesn’t matter). So I had to go for
  2. 2. economics, at uni, and then found out that jobs in those days for Economics were not that great, and mathematics was nagging at me, so I changed major to become an accountant. Went all the way to become chartered, then entered a PHD programme but had to exit with a masters level when I found out that I will reach retirement age before I can become a Dr Suad, and of course at that time the real passion surfaced. I found out that I am a teacher at heart, so went into teaching. But, this had to come with a certificate of teaching, I realized while doing it that teaching theories were fascinating, so I decided I must venture into this field. And here I am working fully on how people study, and how they learn, and what career path that really suits them. Even though most students still have the “my friend is going for this so I I will go for it too” approach, but we (by we I mean the counselors in all the schools) are working hard to make the change to direct the students to the available majors and what their potential is. My real problem is not the students as he or she are easily swayed to make the correct decision, its his or her parents. They are the ones that still have four majors in their minds: doctors, dentists, engineers and lawyers; Some will add accountants to this list. If we even attempt they will change the school, the country and the consultancy. In my private time, reading is a pastime hobby, not so great in conforming to the norms of going to the gym, exercising and swimming, even though I do this, but I am not so good in keeping a schedule and following a regime. So I cannot really call myself an athlete or a gyn freak. No wonder I have many spare tyers around my body, which I hope to get rid off when I find the time. Most of my time thses days is spent on something that I realized I am perfect at. In actual thing I am perfect in tow things, I will talk about them in different paragraphs, hope it will not be so boring. The first real passion is cooking, however like my diet and exercise, I hate following recipes, so I make up my own. Add ingredients that I have in my pantry. My house keeper learnt my tricks and is doing exactly the same. So everyday is a surprise, if I want to make apple crumple and we don’t have apples, then it will be peach, orange or dates; it could even be banana crumple, why the hell not? I think cooking is what tastes good, and if taste good then do it, flour and Quaker oats is good with anything I found out, so why not. Also if you don’t have butter, then use margarine, or oil, and if you don’t have oil, use olive oil. If sugar is not there, you can use date syrup or golden syrup. At the end you can have a 100 combinations and permutations of something that resembles apple crumple. The same goes for salads, rice, meats and sauces. Cakes is a different kettle of fish, you have to follow a recipe, nevertheless, what you add to the basic recipe is up to your fridge, you do not have to go out of your way to find the flavoring. For example I made once this great cake that had green apples and cheese in it; everyone loved it; I was going to make it the second time, and I didn’t have phily, so I added cheddar cheese, it wasn’t as great, but it was nice with a strange flavor. The third time I didn’t have green apple, so I put pieces of dates, and then it went on to become a totally new type all together. My berianies are also something to die for, but beats me if I can make the same dish all the time, and my mum always scolds me for ruining her recipes and still make them sumptuous. I guess that is admitting that food is good
  3. 3. when there are people to eat and they are a good company too, as you will never feel that it wasn’t how mums used to make it. My second newly discovered passion is social media. The girls at the office and my kids call me the social media freak. I get surprised when I meet people who are youngest than me and are not bothering about it. Especially twitter, I thought when it came out that women will be great at this, as its like a group of 50 women sitting in a lounge blabbering about this, that and the other, at a speed of light and in short sentences that no one will dare to be against and is understood at the same time. Of course what us the women hate is following others, as we want to be followed, so everyone is telling me off for having over a 1000 followees, and that I must have over a 1000 followers. I don’t care, I want to know what others are blabbering about! And because I want to know about many things, I grouped those that I follow in categories, so I have a group on education, education technology, art, politics, and health. So when the social media newspaper was created, I was the first to do my tribune, this comes daily and has the same categories as those mentioned above. So all the links and discussions are like articles and now I don’t need to read a proper newspaper, as I have my own, with the news that I like. How about that. Of course social media doesn’t end at twitter, facebook and linkedin; there is blogspot, wordpress and many others, so my best now is blogging, and to tell you the truth, I never knew that I will be a good blogger, it’s the same as women blabbering about anything and everything. Of course this had created an avenue for me as I was never published in any newspaper, so both my blog and the office magazine are media that made me accomplished writer, soon you will see my blogbook, my animationbook, and my cookbook. All of this will be done using social media. Wish me luck.