Children and education final


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Children and education final

  1. 1. Children and Education Education Project Suad Alhalwachi
  2. 2. Hypothesis Learning styles are important in how children are taught • Techniques that help connect what you are Learning to your Personal Goals • Structuring information makes learning faster • Strengthen Knowledge and Skills, which in turn over come Obstacles • Improve survival skills and can be implemented in personal and career aspects
  3. 3. Personality types/learning orientation (Myers Briggs) to effectively and efficiently communicate with people and help them learn are: • Sensory-Intuitive: Providing hard facts and general concepts • Visual-Verbal: Incorporating visual and verbal cues • Active-Reflective: Experimental learning with time to evaluate and analyze • Sequential-Global: Giving the big picture, showing details in a structured way
  4. 4. Research Methodology • Survey prepared using Monkey Survey • Survey sent to children ages 8-17, all of them answered thorough their social media pages, and sent the results to researcher as a message on facebook. • The results mirrored the concepts of the ‘Learning Technique’ methodology
  5. 5. Survey Questions 1- do you prefer to learn: reading a book watching a movie clip hearing a tape or creating by hand 2. tell me which subject teacher do you like 3. tell me why you like that teacher 4. which subject you prefer in school 5. why do you like the subject? because of the teacher or because of the subject itself 6. do you like to have one teacher only teaching you everything or a teacher per subject 7. do you like to go on school trips? 8. do you like to be taught inside the class or outside ( in a park or by the beach) 9. have you ever been on a school camp? and does your school invite you to go on camps? 10. which sport do you prefer 11. how many languages do you learn 12. do you like to learn languages? 13. have you written a short story? 14. have you visited the library? do you like it? 15. did you enter school competitions? 16. What would you do if you were asked to open a school?
  6. 6. Motivation • During an Education reforms conference held in 2009 in Bahrain, I raised the question of how we consider liberality of education and the elevation of spoon feeding if we do not hear from those involved, • Thus suggesting that we bring their views to the forefront to help educators and investors to establish the right school communities.
  7. 7. The Panel • The survey was carried out by 125 people, all of whom answered most of the questions • A panel comprising of children from the age group of 8 to 17 was chosen, to show how this age group perceive education and their preferences
  8. 8. The Best School was Suggested • One where there are plenty of outdoor sports activities, more interesting lessons been taught and the way its taught, more classes to be creative and more variety of food • The choice to use modern technology (laptops) to take notes instead of books, sitting outside in the fresh air or in a more colorful and attractive looking classroom • The freedom to have their say in terms of less work and more play, choice on subjects they want to learn and the way the management runs the school
  9. 9. Survey Results Confirmed the Hypothesis
  10. 10. Which Sport do you prefer?
  11. 11. How many languages do you learn
  12. 12. Do you like to learn languages
  13. 13. Short stories?
  14. 14. Library visits
  15. 15. School Competitions
  16. 16. If I wanted to open a school, I would do it in my own way: please explain More Activities and Competitions Healthy Food and More Choice Longer Hours Fewer Hours Smaller Class Size More School Trips More Interesting/Fun Lessons Less Tests/Exams Longer Hours for Sports and More Options Longer Holidays Longer Break Time Study Outside Pupils Choice(subjects, laptops, lockers, languages) Better Management and Teaching (more fun, advisors, rules and regulations) Better Environment to Study
  17. 17. If you had your own school, how would you run it?
  18. 18. “I would provide two languages of the students choice. Also, I would have a wider choice of lunches rather than just one. I would have some lessons outside and some inside.” “I would make the lessons fun and interesting so the pupils want to learn. Lessons would be more practical and students would not be in the classroom all the time.”
  19. 19. “I would have less writing in books and more discussing and hands on experience with the topics.” “I would have all lessons taught in a fun way using practical examples and hands on experiments”
  20. 20. “The school would have lots of competitions and extra curricular activities” “I would do more outside involved lessons and more school trips.”
  21. 21. “I would hire teachers to not only teach students, but enlighten them on morals and ethics in order to be good citizens of the world.”
  22. 22. “Pupils should be able to bring in packed lunches if they wanted to. Pupils can choose the subjects they want to do, but they must do some mandatory subjects and a kind of sport.” “I would make it as fun as I can and I would get the kids more involved with the sports so they are fit and healthy.”
  23. 23. “I would open a special needs school.”
  24. 24. “Class rooms should be creative and attractive.”
  25. 25. “I will meet students each month and open the gate to receive any complain or suggestions.” “I will ask students their opinions and improve my school according to surveys showing suggestions and complaints.”
  26. 26. “I would arrange competitions between boys and girls for gender development and creativity.”
  27. 27. “I would give my school a safe and healthy environment and encourage students and teachers to communicate freely”
  28. 28. “I wouldn’t be harsh on students, teach them different skills and develop their confidence. I would also introduce new subjects into the syllabus”
  29. 29. Suggestions for fun schools in the same language used by the children • I would have different teachers for different subjects. • I will have a Tuck shop • My school would be 9 till 4. 3 till 4 you would do activities. My pupils would have healthy food for at least three days. School trips once a month. • I would have a fun unique lessons • Play a bigger range of sport e.g. lacrosse. better lunches and longer break time, keep it from 8:30 till 5:15
  30. 30. More Suggestions • I would start school at 8:00 so the students have time to get there and have fun before they go to the classrooms. • I would have short days after having to pay a tuition and having to learn. • The canteen would have some healthy food and some foods that are not that healthy but tasty for the kids
  31. 31. • I would have more sporting competitions • I would have two languages of the students choice. Also, I would have a wider choice of lunches rather than just one. I would have some lessons outside and some inside. • I would have school trips at the end of every half term. In addition to that, every Friday I would have a no-uniform day. At the end of every term I would have a camp trip(optional). I would have longer sport lessons and break times-it’s important for children to have lots of fresh air.
  32. 32. • I would make the periods five minutes longer than usual. I would make Games shorter so more academic work can be done. Everyone can choose what language the do but they must do Latin because I think Latin is very important. • I would do more outside involved lessons and more school trips. I would also only have lessons up to lunch.
  33. 33. • I would end school at 4:00 pm and do an afternoon every day of your chosen sport. You would have lunch at 11:30 and have break for an hour and at 12:45 you would start your games. • School would start at 10:00 so you can sleep in and you would do lesson for an hour and a half each day. • You could also stay after school to do more sports , activities or lessons. You choose a week before what you have for lunch and there is a choice of nice food and dessert.
  34. 34. • Study in the classroom if it is hot, you can work outside or on a field or park and in the winter you can stay in a hot classroom and don't have to walk outside to travel to lessons. You can also have snacks like toast and chocolate during the day to keep you going and if you don't want to do games in the afternoon you can do a choice of different activities including crafts and cooking . • I would make languages optional and have sports all day after lunch
  35. 35. • I would have longer sport time and shorten the lessons to 25 minutes. Make the days shorter. More lessons in the afternoon than the morning. So that means longer games. • I would let people use their laptops for all their lessons and I wouldn't block any games during the day. I wouldn't give lots of homework on one day. • I would make the school day and the lessons shorter. We would play outside more and do games a lot more than school work.
  36. 36. • I would make the day shorter and the lessons shorter and have one day just sport and have longer break time's and pupils choice of lesson. • I would shorten school days by shortening lessons and make Games and Physical education longer • I would improve the school food a lot and lessons that are closer to one another.
  37. 37. • In my school I would have it as a sporty school. I would also have the students do a lot of maths, English and science. • I would make the classrooms warm and cozy with comfy chairs • Do everything on computers except sports • I would run it in my own way by making the subjects fun. I wouldn’t allow my staff to tolerate any silliness from children so we can have a quiet environment.
  38. 38. • Well shorten the days and have more adventure sports and longer games and PE sections • I would have less writing in books and more discussing and hands on experience with the topics. • I would first make the day end at 3:00pm, then I would have free periods so students can relax. Also I would cut down on tests.
  39. 39. • I would let pupils have a free period every day and do lots of music and science as well as a lot of languages. There will be an outdoor classroom for all subjects. • every teacher would have to be entertaining • I would make sure there were places that people could go to if they were lonely. I would have lessons outside
  40. 40. • I would have a lot of sports and teach math , English, science mostly and survival skills. I wouldn't teach Latin. • I would teach all subjects we teach at my school apart from Latin, and pupils in my school would be allowed to do Latin if they wanted to. • The school would have a lot of competitions and extra curricular activities
  41. 41. • More individual sports, more trips • I would make the lessons fun and interesting so the pupils want to learn. Lessons would be more practical and students would not be in the classroom all the time. • I would reason with students and run a school the way they would like it. • I would have a virtual computer through a helmet to learn in and electronic prep diaries would be good and all the teachers are kind.
  42. 42. • I would make sure it has a relaxed, fun environment, and would encourage the children to be outside a lot, even for lessons • I would hire good teachers and teach very well to make sure the students understand the small things in life such as manners , how to treat other people in a respectful way , but also tell them about the bad things in life so they get a full idea of reality in life.
  43. 43. • I would make it fair and that anyone can join. If it was a sunny day the pupils could have a longer break. If the day was particularly cold the pupils could go into the lunch hall for hot chocolate. • Pupils should also be able to bring in packed lunches if they wanted to. Pupils can choose the subjects they want to do. But they must do the following subjects: English, math, science and geography and they must do some kind of sport.
  44. 44. • I would give more travel time for everyone, make lunch earlier, change the sports from rugby to basket ball, football to base ball and cricket to tennis • I would make it as fun as I can and I would get the kids more involved with the sports so they are fit and healthy • My school would have small classes so the teacher can focus on every one. I would have long break with healthy snacks available and it would be a sporty school with large grounds.
  45. 45. • I would have all lessons taught in a fun way using practical examples and hands on experiments. I would have a tuck shop, students would eat outside unless wet and bring their own packed lunches. • I would open a special needs school • My school would have lots of golf course sports, Astroturf shooting range, footy cricket, tennis, netball, basket ball, badminton but no rugby
  46. 46. • It would have a more colourful interior, have more time for games, allow students to choose subjects and have main buses to take students to their lessons. The school I want to run would be based on Ellesmere college. • I would have parties and competitions a little more often, harsher rules and punishments and the opening of the school will have speeches, free food and a buffet
  47. 47. • If I had my own school then I would do a survey with the children and see what they like to do and how they like to do it and I would try and make the school as fun as I could so that the children wake up and enjoy the feeling of going to school. • As the head teacher I would try and remember what it was like for me as a child to experience school and take note of what I most enjoyed and what I least enjoyed doing, and take the good things and make them better.
  48. 48. • I would open my school in a sweet shop as all kids like sweets. Students would be occasionally rewarded with sweets depending on how many points they get for answering questions right in class. • I would open sweet and chocolate shop for all day. • I would let kids eat in the classroom.
  49. 49. • I would make it a fun environment and not always be in the classroom . I would go outside and play games with the children to learn in an fun and educational way. • I would have classrooms outside. More sports and Smaller classes - so that the teachers could talk to the children easier. • I would talk to the kids who were naughty instead of shouting.
  50. 50. • I would give longer break times and I would implement every sport, from football to boxing. • I would run my school the way I like and put in my own special classes were you can relax and read and talk on bean bags with a tuck shop were you are allowed to spend 5 pounds a week • There would be games 2 periods on Monday and Friday and 1 period games Tuesday and Wednesday
  51. 51. • Yes if I would have opened a school I would have done it my own way because I want to make fair rules in my school, and I want excellent students in my school because some other kids have no manners, and don't know how to behave well in public. I also want to hire good teachers who are not strict, or tough. The last thing I want is for the students in my school to be happy. • class rooms should be creative and attractive • talented teachers
  52. 52. • If I wanted to open a school, I would do it my own way by looking back at the days I was in school and remember the way I reacted with everything provided and take my past opinions into consideration and apply them into my school. • I will keep only a teachers who could explain to students in good way. • would make it strict like my school choueifat but not as strict and I wouldn’t pressure the students by giving them a lot of exams in one week
  53. 53. • It will be a school which teaches students in a different way. Teachers must respect the students and try to be their friends. student can choose the subjects that they want to study. • I would give surveys to students that help me know what the students want the school to be like. • Thursdays we will have an assembly from a class. Exams are only for children 7-12. Term brakes will be 3 weeks long. at the end of the year we will have a production. Projects can be videos.
  54. 54. • I wouldn’t be harsh on students, teach them different skills and develop their confidence. I would also introduce new subjects • Students and teachers would cooperate with each other. I would have subjects planned by students and take their opinions into consideration. Teachers and students would share a mutual respect
  55. 55. • With small classes, longer break times and longer hours for games and sport, I would make my school fun for children by providing them good lunches and good subjects • we would be taught outside and it would be in a fun environment • I would make it with more activities and more field trips
  56. 56. • The teaching method would be fun and educational. Due to that, the school's reputation will spread quickly and everyone will enroll their children there. Trips and activities should take place, because without them, education will be boring for students • I will do a survey of which kind of activities or facilities would like to add at the school. I will try my best to implement these ideas at the school to encourage the students to like coming to school and develop an interest in it.
  57. 57. • I would hire friendly teachers to make learning more fun. My school would be segregated and girls would be provided with lovely lunches. • If I opened a school I would call it "international school for girls." Every year I would organise a fashion show with cash prizes for the winners. • burgers, chilidogs, cake, ice-cream, steak, Indian food, Chinese food, and sushi would be served as part of the school’s international cuisine.
  58. 58. • To improve uniform, I would have no tuck-in shirts, and no ties I would have to books or black boards, or white boards, instead I would have projectors and allow mobile phones. • My school would have wonderful teachers. It would also have a lot of field trips and the students would have a free period everyday. The cafeteria food would be delicious. Plus it would be an only girls school! The playground will be huge! Also the girls will get free chocolate every week.
  59. 59. • I would have creative artistic subjects, delicious cafeteria food and free lessons for students to relax. • My school would encourage girls to use their brains and beauty. • I’d Have The Students learning subjects like History and Math in games because those Subjects have certain things to be memorized, games would make it easier, I would also cut down on end of unit tests so children wouldn’t have any pressure.
  60. 60. • If I owned my own school it would allow students to play and have show and tell every four hours. The cafeteria would have books to read, and children would have a half an hour lunch, and a P.E session to do what they like. • student will have their own laptops and lockers . Play time will be two hours. • cheap books and a lot of breaks • I would make learning interactive and have a football league after school
  61. 61. • I would have loads of school trips and camps • wonderful teachers fun activities and more equipment for P.E. • I would improve uniform and have educational trips • I would make it more easy and comfortable. more learning skills. • I would use laptops instead of books and take the students to fun trips every term
  62. 62. • I would give each pupil one laptop, so there would be no more books and pencils and we could save the trees and stop the global warming. The teachers would be highly trained such. if I had a school I would make fun areas for students to be, like a cinema and a café. • I would choose subjects students are interested in for the future.
  63. 63. • I would make it shopping heaven. • I would Like to design the way it would be big or small. • I will open a school that have actual real teachers that can get the ideas, and information in the students brain or head, and I would like to have a great building for the school and a strict administration, a affordable for parents and satisfying.
  64. 64. • I will arrange competitions between boys and girls • I will include many learning trips with fun. I would listen to what student think of their teachers and the subject and change if possible. I would evaluate every teacher before hiring them • I will have rules and also, will not use the punishing system. I would use advice system instead. • would use a different teaching style and I will put my own curriculum.
  65. 65. • I will give them the opportunity to choose their own subject and time. • I will meet students each month and open the gate to receive any complain or suggestions. • I will go trip with them to sit with them and listen to them. • I will make an evaluation for students and discuss with them why teacher good or not. • I would also give students the liberty of choosing the courses they want in their majors and allow them to choose teachers they want to attend their classes
  66. 66. • I would treat my students as adults. Give them some freedom, but a lot of freedom can cause mistakes, but more rules can cause more mistakes. • I will have good facilities for students to use, as laptops or classes. • I would have advanced internet connections that allow students to download movies and access websites but also prohibit them from accessing bad things ,
  67. 67. • I would also allow them to fix their schedules for them to say when they want each class and at what time and who they want to teach them, i would also make students feel at home and more comfortable with school and not tie them up with rules. • I wouldn’t tell students how to dress, I think giving the liberty for students to dress how they are comfortable is better then to judge them on how to dress.
  68. 68. • I will use different teaching materials where children can find what method of teaching they prefer. • I will use my style to teach and help students more to understand easily on their way. • I will check the old ways and try to do it in better way. I would like to change some rules of studying, like every teacher should have a laptop and explain the lessons by presentation.
  69. 69. • More activities for students. • I will be with my student in the camps all the time to see what is going with them also I will have exams for myself to avoid forgetting the feeling so I can say something to my student make them feel better and confident. Also i will keep doing competitive games, also for the trips I will arrange it for them to go for learned one and fun one as well so they will not hate going to the school.
  70. 70. • I would have a school that was modernized like a college • I will decorate in my way which I can see very attractive and make the students love the school. • I will setup the study in way that the student s likes. • I will arrange the study class in way that make the student happy. • I will let each student to setup their own schedule in way they wants. • It be only for a girls
  71. 71. • I will put specific standards for school facilities and students. Also, I will provide students suitable materials that help them to learn and love studying inside and outside classes. In addition, I will let my students participate in any useful occasion weekly and I will try to choose different activity each week. • I would learn how each student liked to learn and try to teach in that way.
  72. 72. • I would make it a mixed school, and students wouldn’t need to wear uniforms, they can wear anything they want. Mobiles are allowed only outside class so basically I would make it a nice school for students to enjoy and as for the education system there, I would teach them the regular classes but get proper teachers that teach in a good way and ones that can control the class and make them understand concepts easily. The school will have school trips to good places and camps if the students are interested and some after school activities.
  73. 73. The only autocratic answer • Yes, I would run a school my own way because I like to have rules of my own, and I want the students to obey my rules. I also want gentle and loving teachers at this school instead of strict teachers. There are also three more things I want: good food, well behaved students and a clean school.