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Leverage the power of personal branding. for success.

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Brand You 2 Altius

  1. 1. Brand You 2.0 Altius Consulting BarCamp 2009
  2. 2. [What’s this?] • What do Jack Welch, Richard Branson & Vijay Mallya have in common? • It’s not just the private jet /island etc. [They are talented and have Branded themselves]
  3. 3. [In the next 35 minutes] • We will take you through the journey of building a personal brand and tell you few tips and tricks that can you help brand YOU! • Some questions which we will address are: • What is a brand? • A personal brand : Now what new thing is this? • Why? • Who ? • How?
  4. 4. [What is a Brand?] “A brand is a perception or emotion, maintained by a buyer or prospective buyer, describing the experience related to doing business with an organization or consuming its products and services.”- David McNally and Karl D. Speak Be Your Own Brand
  5. 5. [Personal Brand] A perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you, describes the total experience of having a relationship with you. Personal Branding unlike Corporate Branding is not designed to make people just emote but asking people to trustin you.
  6. 6. [Why build a personal brand?] Because they matter! Hiring Managers. Executive Recruiters. Colleagues. Clients. Business Partners. Investors.
  7. 7. [Why…Because] – Differentiate yourself from your competition – Ensure that people remember you – Project credibility – Strike an emotional chord – Create strong user loyalty – Build a long lasting relationship Keep your marketing goals in mind and channel your efforts towards them
  8. 8. Unique persons are reliable, meaningful and differentiated.
  9. 9. They are a concept and communicate in a tangible, consistent way.
  10. 10. [Who should build a personal brand] – Anyone who has anything to sell- especially services. – CEOs, founders, media personalities, chefs, YOU!
  11. 11. Personal brands are Connected with themselves.
  12. 12. [Building YOU the right way] • Building your personal brand is something you can do whether you’re an individual in business or an employee of an organization. • The right way is to provide something of value to others where there is no apparent direct reward to you. • Tools that assist you to do so are: Blogs, wikis, RSS, Podcasts, blogs, Videocasts/Vlogs, Moblogs, MMS, social networks, virtual communities , comments.
  13. 13. [Steps to building a personal brand] Create • SWOT- Strengths', Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats • Core value- figure out what your core values are and how you can market them Communicate • Avenues to communicate the personal brand • Keep your blog updated • Network on sites like, etc • Write articles for prominent newspapers • Take on speaking assignments Confirm • Reinforce the brand • Reinvent when needed Caveats while building a brand • Allow your work to also do the talking • Be honest with your brand
  14. 14. [Personal brand footprint] • Offline : • Online: – Social network – Blog – Business cards – eBrand Assets – Personal packaging – Human relationships – Physical health – Conversation
  15. 15. [Ask yourselves?] • How well does your brand translate offline and online? • What types of impressions are you making? • What is the impact of your brand?
  16. 16. [Elements of Success] Don’ts Relevance Don’t try to be Keep to the point something you’re not! Avoid fluff Be authentic Info-tain No overselling please! Build and engage Respect listeners’ time community
  17. 17. Thanks!