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5 Our Services

  1. 1. SERVICES WE CAN OFFER : Our services covers the following main areas : Sourcing This involves locating the manufacturing units depending on the customer's expectation in regard to quality, quantity, fashion and price. The source is commercially assessed in terms of financial status, bankers, and quota. It is also assessed technically in terms of machines, type of machinery, production capacity, quality control system, export performance, etc.. These services can be further extended in locating reliable fabric sources, dyers and printers, which ultimately promotes quality of merchandise. Quality Control Our endeavor has been to provide factory facilities that are Compliant to social as well as technical Audit. We utilize services of professionally qualified Individuals/ Companies for this exercise.. The QA team plays a leading role by adhering to the standards as per the requirement of the clients. Testing of production fabric in all colourways and designs to verify the conformity to buyer's quality specifications. We have in-house Laboratory Technical team is part of the QA system. It provides a check at all stages from Protos to the final inspection. Pre production approvals including size sets. Pilot runs, initial inspection followed by midline and final checks at the packing stage. Adherence to international standards for SPI, Colour fastness and Fabric shrinkages or Seam slippages. Fabric checking at different stages. Obtain best results as per International Standards. * Quality Control Work instructions flow chart. * StyleWiz-inc Quality Plan flow chart. Merchandising : The services covered under this title are as under : Individual attention to each client by merchants Achieving target prices, cost effective breakup Proto samples, approvals on PP samples as per client’s norms Time and Action Calendar and/ or Critical Path Sheets Lab Dip, trims and accessories approvals. Maintain Production Lead times. Interaction with clients & vendors on daily basis for a QUICK RESPONSE which has been our watch word. Act as a Media between the factory and the clients and be Solution Providers. Assure prompt action for attaining Delivery Schedules with required Quality of product range. * Merchanding Work instructions flow chart. Product Research, Development & Design An exclusive Research & Development team collects & updates information on current trends& styles on new launched products. Our strength lies in adding value to the product. Our design strengths go a long way in providing new fabric developments. Our R&D team also holds the capability of developing designs and styles on their own as per customer’s requirements and direction. Container Stuffing and Loading Supervision
  2. 2. An identification of the goods during the loading is made to ensure that only the inspected goods are being stuffed without getting mixed up with the un-inspected goods. Documentation and Shipping Co-ordination Shipping documents are checked as per the buyers instruction and the copy documents are sent to the buyers well in advance of the shipment to avoid any discrepancy. Laboratory Testing Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services and also facilitates the manufacturer - exporters to transact their business with least quality risk. Laboratory services includes : » Fabric : Construction particulars (counts, constructions and weight), Strength, Measurement and Seam performance. » Analysis : Flammability, Dimensional Stability (Shrinkage) to washing / dry cleaning, Appearance after washing /dry cleaning, Fibber analysis, etc. » Color Fastness : Color fastness to washing, Perspiration, Light, Rubbing, Bleaching, Dry cleaning, Organic Solvents, Hot pressing, etc. Dyes & Pigment tests are also carried out. » Garment : Dimensional Stability to washing / dry cleaning, Appearance after washing / dry cleaning are tested. Assists on Buyers visit We work as their extended arm in India. We accompany our buyers on their buying visits, factory visits and inspection visits. We help them with and arrange their itinerary and accommodation on their visits. We also orient the buyers on the dos and don'ts of the business practice in the country, its culture, customs and tradition to make their visit fruitful and enjoyable. All this at a cost which is actually a saving for our buyers! Yes, we reduce the cost of buying, cost of managing quality and cost of assuring deliveries. And, our customers get to know new developments, new products and new supply base from this part of the world.