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Twitter advertising in Canada #Ritu4Twitter


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In this presentation, I share my research and ideas on how to grow Twitter's ad business in Canada, keeping in mind its world class service to advertisers. Advertisers, media planners and brand managers will find this useful. If you want to know how Twitter advertising in Canada is shaped up and where it's headed, this presentation will paint that picture.

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Twitter advertising in Canada #Ritu4Twitter

  1. 1. Product Specialist @rituashrafi Twitter Canada
  2. 2. Twitter North 2 years since launching in Canada, Twitter advertising is now responsible for increasing brand reach for a Canadian company by more than 2.3x vs organic efforts. So, what’s stopping us for doing this for all Canadian Brands? Source:
  3. 3. 6.8 Million Canadians are on Twitter They are consumers and INFLUENCERS. And open to Brand conversations. Source:
  4. 4. “Promoted Tweets drove 2.3 times more site visits to Shomi, on average, than organic tweets.” “People having those conversations online is why Twitter works well for the entertainment industry.” - Rita Ferrari, Shomi
  5. 5. Conversations = Conversions
  6. 6. Communication with customers and influencers through Tweets, #hashtags, video, images and 
 intelligent campaigns 
 that string all the above together is what 
 Canadian Brands want.
  7. 7. Marketing Dollars The custodians of the brands are creative agencies, media planning and buying agencies and of course brand managers and Twitter Canada needs to be the most trusted advisor to them when it comes to telling them how to spend their marketing dollars online.
  8. 8. VIDEO
  9. 9. 300 hours of video are being uploaded to Youtube every minute, and Facebook’s hosted videos are earning some serious pre- roll video ad budget.* The good news? Advertisers are more than OKAY to spend their video ad budget on social channels. *Source:
  10. 10. Enter Twitter Amplify Allowing Networks to retain control of their content as well as the monetisation of it. Allowing Brand advertisers to sponsor premium Network content, in real time.
  11. 11. Audiences can immediately relive that moment or experience it for the first time on their mobile phones while they engage in Twitter conversations. 
 - Twitter Amplify
  12. 12. AMPLIFY Multiple Screens Many Touchpoints Many points of Conversion
  13. 13. “It’sTwitter, not rocket science.” 
  14. 14. Simplifying Twitter Reach your customers at scale, speak with them, get their feedback, leverage their influence, persuade and gain new customers. These are the end results of advertising on Twitter. And here are the steps to get there…
  15. 15. The average CTR on Twitter Ads are 8 to 24 times higher than the average ad on Facebook. -
  16. 16. Users who engage with a brand’s Promoted Tweet report on average… 53% higher purchase intent than non-engagers. - Promoted Tweet
  17. 17. Users are 72% more likely to buy from a brand they already follow on Twitter. - Promoted Account
  18. 18. Get users to Tweet for you. Users Tweeted about a Brand 22% more after seeing a Promoted Trend. - Promoted Trend
  19. 19. Algorithm Twitter makes sure only those who should see your Promoted Tweets will see it. How? With Resonance, AKA the “secret sauce” of Twitter.
  20. 20. Targeting Hyper geo-targeting, demographic, intent, device or retargeting, you name it, Twitter’s got it. Resonance, meet zero media wastage.
  21. 21. #branding
  22. 22. Culture The power of Twitter can turn your brand campaign into pop- culture*. *No pun intended.
  23. 23. Tweet to Vote Tweet to Drive Tweet to Eat Tweet to See Tweet to Wear Tweet to Drink
  24. 24. Brand Advertiser + Video + Twitter Amplify + Resonance + Visual + Targeting Putting it Together
  25. 25. Case Study Client: Dove Canada Campaign: #choosebeautiful Summary: This campaign took a bold social experiment and turned it into a social movement with the power of the #choosebeautiful hashtag. This allowed for users to identify with feeling beautiful, which is associated with using the Dove product.
  26. 26. Case Study Client: Bell Canada Campaign: #bell_letstalk Summary: In this campaign, Bell turned its own communication power over to talking about mental health issues. It succeeded in getting influencers involved and reaching a mass Canadian audience.
  27. 27. Case Study Client: Coca Cola Canada Campaign: #trophytour Summary: In this multichannel digital and experiential campaign, Coca Cola and FIFA partnered to spread the love of soccer across Canada. The feelings of “winning” and celebration were associated with Coca Cola and multiplied digitally with each Tweet.
  28. 28. Nerd Alert I believe that without love for a product, it’s hard to sell it, and I love Twitter. A lot. When it comes to powering up Branding with Twitter, I’m almost a nerd about it and I’m not afraid to tell the ad-world about it either. -@rituashrafi
  29. 29. #ritu4twitter Twitter is a global household name. I believe the advertising influence of the company should match the size of the name and I want to help make it so. Technology owns the world today and the best tech engineers call Twitter home. Being able to sell their work to the marketing and ad world would be the biggest accomplishment for me. Thinking big doesn’t scare me and I already have 5 ideas on proposing the biggest, most immersive digital campaigns for Canada’s top brands like Campbell’s, Downy, L’Oreal, Rogers and Ford. I genuinely like working with sales people. Their energy gives me a buzz and no matter what colourful personalities are in the team, they fuel me and make me want to show up everyday and give it my best.
  30. 30. @rituashrafi 6+ years of experience in online ad solutions. My sales presentations have helped individual Account Execs close $250K+ per quarter. Selling Solutions Focused.
  31. 31. #letstalk 
 @rituashrafi +1-647-462-2214