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K-POP 选秀服务平台


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K-POP 选秀

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K-POP 选秀服务平台

  1. 1. K-POP 选秀服务平台
  2. 2. 请点亮你的歌声 K-POP 选秀服务平台 K-POP 选秀 声乐培训 基于网页技术 社交媒体平台
  3. 3. 사업 추진 배경 在中国,韩流具有很高的人气。 SM, JYP, YG, FNC等很多企划公司都在如火如荼地开展选秀活动。但是在百万名参赛选手中 只有五名选手会成为练习生。如此激烈的竞争使得选秀不管是对于企划公司还是参赛选手都是一个艰辛的过程。
  4. 4. 项目目标 打造网页版的音乐社交媒体平台 音乐教育,K-POP选秀,声乐训练 与娱乐企划公司和电视台强强联手
  5. 5. 线上选秀的现状与目标 现状 没有商业模型 只是上传声频与视频 本质与线下选秀相同 目标 实现作曲,制作,录音, 合成,编辑,共享,协作 形成互动 线上选秀模型 声乐训练模型 专家音轨交易 提供多种多样的娱乐内容 JYP Example
  6. 6. 商业模型 Hey come on! Select a music to produce. Find material from the Internet or ask your friend. Type into IMS and listen. Wow! Find more and add more. Change whatever you want. Mix your vocal by smartphone. Upload to SNS. Everybody is surprised. “Are you a musician?” One woman is interested in your song and she wants to arrange. One guy mixed his violin play. Purchase a professional music track to mix from a TRACK STORE. Your post is more popular. It is real. 00:00 15:00 25:00 40:00 50:00 TRACK STORE MIDI producersComposer and musician Track sales Profit share 音乐的组成元素 旋律 和声 节奏 音效 声乐 使用声音美化器 DEMO Before After 商城音轨贩卖 DEMO Before After
  7. 7. 音乐教育市场调查 线上音乐教学试点与需求调查(2014年4月) 首尔、一山、盆唐的钢琴学院21处 提供样本音源、教学中录音 •《爸爸》和 《粉色蜡笔》等五首童谣 •《G旋上的咏叹调》等两首古典音乐 3周时间观察学生的学习效果后 45%的院长有付费使用的意愿 采用 45% 35% 免费的话 未定 20% 一定采用 30% 价格合适的话 15% Tutoring Market
  8. 8. 盈利途径 音乐教育及教学市场 使用费用每月(三万韩币/月) 选秀市场 选秀报名费(三千元韩币/次) 声乐培训市场 战略性免费政策(提供免费内容和学习信息) 音轨商城及声音美化器 购买音轨费用(五百-两千元韩币/首)
  9. 9. 公司简介 研究室(独资企业) 网页版的媒体平台(视频,声音与音乐)和 社交媒体服务的核心技术研发 (独资企业) 社交媒体服务平台主体 이승택 (李昇澤) 所有者(Mediacast研究室 & MyFriends公司) 解决方案架构师 首尔大学 本科,硕士 计算机工程专业 计算机网络
  10. 10. Key Technology HTML5 based web service for real-time music producing, playback and collaboration is an real-time music producing service that works through web browser. No additional software is necessary. lets users cooperate to produce music with true CD quality audio and to mix their vocals easy. Around 3 years and 14 man-power have been used to the project and all rights are reserved to Mediacast Laboratory. DEMO Spring of Hometown A good day Frozen (music video)
  11. 11. Online B2C Community Engine is an online community service engine which has upgraded twice since developed 10 years ago. It has several leading technologies such as web based video producing and streaming which was 1 year earlier than Youtube as for commercial product. Interesting features of patented analytical approach for talent discovery and a fortune teller service based on Indian Vedic Astrology are included. Key Technology
  12. 12. Business Readiness Key Solutions Interactive Music Studio is ready Mobile Interface needs to be developed Web Services and Seed Contents Development is in progress Staffs 6 persons available but dedicated to Korea market Marketing Strategy Ready for audition/vocal training market Prototype 月亮代表我的心 기다리다
  13. 13. Business Prospect 0 100 200 300 400 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Revenue Profit Expense BEP Paid service begins Open beta service begins Break even point Media marketing 1,000 USD For Korea market