Blind Trust


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Game concept

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Blind Trust

  1. 1. Fabien DI PARDO Artistic Director Sylvain ERIKSEN Project Manager Steve LA MOTTE Game Designer Baptiste MOISAN Game Designer Aymeric SCHWARTZ Sound Designer Marc SEGUIN Usability Expert
  2. 2. CONTEXT Blind Trust is a school project which was developped during our first year of Master's Degree. The Enjmin is the only public video game school in France, and after two years, students obtain a Master's Degree in games and interactive digital media. The objectives our school set was to create an interactive product which can be experienced by anybody. A person who has never seen a video game or a television, should be able to understand all the interactions and their meanings. Therefore, we drawed special attentions on the tutorial and the different feedbacks, keeping in mind an original gameplay. During the end-of-the-year presentation, several teachers and professionals encouraged us to developp the game using XNA ; which is why we saw an opportunity to share this game to everyone !
  3. 3. PRESENTATION GAME OVERVIEW Title : Blind Trust ESRB : E10 (Everyone 10+) Number of players : 2 players (no solo mode) Public aim : pick up and Genre : party game, « coopetition », card & play, family, party- board-like starter GAME MECHANICS Blind Trust is a game about trust and distrust between two players. The first player controls the only character on the screen and can't look at it, he has only sound feedbacks. The second player sees what is on screen and has to guide the other player. With the same character, each of the players has to collect their own specific items and avoid the enemies. In a word, the players must cooperate to progress but they remain in a competition of victory. During this whole document, we will name the player who controls the character without seeing it "the blind- player" ; and the player who guides the other one "the sighted-player".
  4. 4. USP INTERFACE TRUST vs. DISTRUST The two players don't have the The whole point of the game lies on same role. One player give the ambiguous relationship directions whereas the other one between both players : has to choose either to take them for granted or not. - the blind-player must figure out whether his opponent is bluffing or The blind-player has the Xbox 360 not ; controller and needs to be - the sighted-player must con his blindfolded (or at least must opponent. pretend to be). The sighted-player sees what is on But still, a certain cooperation is screen and can only give oral required in order to win... requests.
  5. 5. BACKGROUND STORY TWO PARTNERS 27th february. 12:57pm. Grand Bank. ED "MONEYMAKER": This fat one is a legend in robbery. Today's the big day. No vaults can resist him. After weeks of agreements, Ed and Bob are "SHINY" BOB: finally going to make the biggest break-in of Bob onlys cares for jewels, and this all time... Or at least of this year... greedy fellow is always trying to con you. The two partners are well organized : Ed is prepared to enter into the vault while Bob checks the control room and sets the bomb. Unfortunately, the explosion dazzles Ed who has no other choice to listen to Bob's orders. But those two deceitful thieves are going to scam each other to get more money.
  6. 6. THE 3 « C » CAMERA CHARACTER The game is in a 2D top view (Zelda The characters moves in 4 directions (4 on Snes). cardinal directions) He moves faster than the guards. The blind-player can steal some items from the sighted-player by pressing the A button. If he has less items than his opponent, he steals 3 items and spawn 3 guards on the map. CONTROL If he has more items than his opponent, he only spawns 3 guards on the map. D-PAD Moving the avatar "A" BUTTON Stealing points from the Sighted Player AND Spawning new ennemies
  7. 7. GAMEPLAY OBJECTIVES One needs to collect more items than his opponent before the level is over : - the blind-players collects dollar bills ; - the sighted-player collects diamonds. They need to avoid the guards otherwise it's a game over. One level is 3' long. When the timer reaches 2', an "exit" appears on the map, enabling the players to complete the level. If the timer reaches 3', the game is over. CHALLENGE - communicate efficiently - coordinate action and speech - find out a stratgey during the game
  8. 8. VICTORY CHART CONDITION BLIND PLAYER SIGHTED PLAYER Reaching the Exit before 3' With more Dollar Bills than Diamonds Victory Defeat With more Diamonds than Dollar Bills Defeat Victory Players are caught by a Guard Defeat Defeat The timer hits 3' Defeat Defeat
  9. 9. GAMEFLOW Following Sighted Player's advices VOYANT AND stealing Diamonds Following Sighted Player's advices Stealing Diamonds Guiding the Blind Player toward Dollar Bills Guiding the Blind Player toward Diamonds After 2', guiding the Blind Player toward the Exit AVEUGLE
  10. 10. INTERFACE Guard Diamonds SIGHTED Avatar PLAYER Dollar Bills Exit (Random position) Control of the avatar BLIND PLAYER
  11. 11. REFERENCES Blind man's bluff for : - the idea of playing "blindly" Pac-man for : - collecting items Resident Evil 5 for : - cooperating Gangster movies for : - the general atmosphere