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36973858 14876574-market-research-on-videocon-color-television

  1. 1. A PROJECT REPORT ONMARKET RESEARCH ON COLOR TELEVISION45 DAYS SUMMER PROJECT TRAINING WITH VIDEOCON 2008 Submitted by: ROHITASH KUMAR MBA SEM. III Department Of Management Studies Poornima College of Engineering ISI-2, RIICO Institutional Area, Goner Road, Sitapura Jaipur-302 022 (Rajasthan)
  2. 2. POORNIMA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (Department of Management Studies) CERTIFICATE Of Summer ProjectTraining during July-August, 2008Certified that Mr. Rohitash Kumar student of MBA, 3rd Semester hassubmitted his report on market research on color television aftersuccessfully completing the summer practical training at VideoconIndustries from 1st July 2008 to 15th Aug. 2008, towards fulfillment of thesyllabus requirement prescribed by Rajasthan Technical University forMBA, 3rd Semester Paper. Date «««« (Dr. B.R. Singh) Principal, PCE
  3. 3. AcknowledgementAs no task is a single man¶s effort, various factors situation and persons areintegrated to prove the background for the accomplishment of a task. Therewas a time when the goal seemed to be out of my reach. But as workprogressed, my determination and the will-power grew stronger and thecompletion of this work further confirmed my belief that ³where there is awill there is a way´.I am grateful to Mr. Deepak Solanki, Branch Manager, VIDEOCONIndustries Limited, Jaipur for allowing me to undergo this project.I am much indebted to my project guide Mr. Shobhit Raizoda,senior executive of marketing in VIDEOCON Industries Limited, Jaipurwho has been to good for words. I sincerely thank him for the constant co-operation, guidance and incessant inspiration and his guidance withoutwhich this project would have been like a rudderless boat. Well to put in anutshell, without his guidance and support this project would have beenfutile.I also express my sincere thanks to Mr. R. K. Agarwal (Advisor) andextend my sincere thanks to all the PCE-DMS faculty members.
  4. 4. PrefaceThis project report has been prepared as per the requirement of the syllabusof MBA course structure under which the students are the required toundertake industrial internship. We look our training at VIDEOCONIndustries Limited at its corporate office at C-Scheme, Rajasthan. Our jobduring the training was to get an overview of the CTV of Market of Jaipur.It was a first hand experience for us as that we were exposed to theprofessional set-up and were facing the market, which was really a greatexperience.During training period, I had very touching experiences. When business isinvolved, experiences counts a lot, as we know, experience are aninstrument, which leads towards success. As we all know working withVideocon Industries Ltd., has been a pleasure.Now I take this opportunity to present the project report and sincerely hopethat it will be as much knowledge enhancing to the readers as it was to useduring the fieldwork and the compilation of the report.
  5. 5. The Department of Management studies started in academic year 2006 aimsat providing comprehensive managerial skills to the incumbents. At large,for an able technocrat, combinations of technical and managerial skills areessential to meet the challenges of industry/corporate world. TheDepartment of Management Studies, has been doing yeomen service in thisfield.Organizing regular workshops for academia-industry interface, trainings forGovt. officials, professionals and students is just a glimpse of thedepartments myriad activities.Encouraged by the performance of the department of management studies,PCE, and in view of the growing interest of students in pursuing MBAcourse, the management decided to add new institution PSOM.The goal of DMS, PGC right since establishment, has been to create adynamic environment that facilitates interaction and dialogue. The focus ofthe department is on developing the ability to think, analyze and solveproblems, work in a team have good communication skills and continue tostrive for lifelong learning.
  6. 6. ContentsChapter 1 Acknowledgement Preface Table of Contents Executive SummaryChapter 2 Company Profile History Products Financial Profile Organization Chart Type of Organization Human Resource Market ShareChapter 3 Area of Study Research Methodology Data analysis and Interpretation Findings Comparative Analysis SWOT Analysis Recommendations Limitation of Study Questionnaire Bibliography
  7. 7. Executive SummaryIn order to obtain an esteemed position and moreover maintain this positioninnovation ideas are required. The path of replication doesn¶t give success.In modern era, where customer is becoming more and more importantorganization should become more innovative.There are varieties of factors, which have prompted countries/firms toventure in the global market: Recession in domestic market, and overseas opportunities. Government incentives. Emergence of global consumers in many product fields.But in all these conditions success goes to those companies that matched tothe current environment imperatives and are ready to deliver what peoplewant to buy.It is my goodness that in such kind of competitive era I joined Videoconinternational ltd for summer training. After visiting all of the abovedepartments I came to know about the sales and distribution, marketingAt the end of my formal introduction to the company and its otherdepartments I have assigned to work on the project ³market potential ofVideocon Color Television´.It was learning experience for me. I came in close contact with market trendsand learned about various advantageous things to be achieved in the market.Company can have competitive edge over its competitors in domestic aswell as international market. It was the best opportunity for me to study suchan important subject, which gave me great industrial exposure and also anintroduction to corporate world.
  8. 8. Videocon is an industrial conglomerate with interests all over the world andbased in India. The group has 17 manufacturing sites in India and plants inChina, Poland, Italy and Mexico. It is also the third largest picture tubemanufacturer in the world.The Videocon group has an annual turnover of US$ 4.1 billion, making itone of the largest consumer electronic and home appliance companies inIndia. Since 1998, it has expanded its operations globally, especially in theMiddle East.In India the group sells consumer products like Colour Televisions, WashingMachines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens and manyother home appliances, selling them through a Multi-Brand strategy with thelargest sales and service network in India.Videocon Group brands includeSansui,Toshiba,Electrolux ,Kenstar,Next etc.Videocon is one of the largest CPT Glass manufacturers in the world,operating in Mexico, Italy, Poland and China.On May 23, 2008, Videocon announced that it is studying an invitation fromGeneral Electric (GE) to bid for its century-old appliances division, , whichit has put up for sale.Today the group operates through 4 key sectors:Consumer Durables Thomson CPT CRT Glass Oil Gas
  9. 9. Consumer Electronics, Home Appliances Compressormanufacturing in IndiaWe enjoy a pre-eminent position in terms of sales and customer satisfactionin many of our consumer products like Colour Televisions, WashingMachines, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens and manyother home appliances, selling them through a Multi-Brand strategy with thelargest sales and service network in India. Refrigerator manufacturing isfurther supported by our inhouse compressor manufacturing technology inBangalore.Display industry and its components With the Thomsonacquisition Videocon has emerged as one of the largest Colour Picture tubemanufacturers in the world operating in Mexico, Italy, Poland and China,continuing to lead through new innovative technologies like slim CPT, extraslim CPT and High Definition 16:9 format CPT.Colour Picture Tube Glass Videocon is one of the largest CPTGlass manufacturers in the world with a high level of experience andtechnical expertise operating through Poland and India. Videocon willleverage on this synergy after the Thomson acquisition to internally sourceglass for its CPT manufacturing increasing efficiencies and lowering costs.Oil and Gas An important asset for the group is its Ravva oil field withone of the lowest operating costs in the world producing 50,000 barrels ofoil per day. The group has ambitious plans for expansion in this sectorglobally.
  10. 10. This is the new Videocon symbol. It reiterates the ethos of a companydedicated to maintaining the highest international standards of excellencethrough quality, technology and innovation. For over a decade now,Videocon has been bringing the latest and very best in Consumer Electronicsand Home Appliances. Successfully adapting the best of internationaltechnology to suit Indian needs, and crafting it to improve the quality of life± as million of satisfied customers will agree.The new symbol of Videocon asserts its passion for global impact, and thetwo µE¶s on either side represent the Group¶s wide spectrum of interestsranging from µElectronics to Energy¶. Along with the steely glint, thiscommunicates the groups global ambition, its strength, sterling credentialsand innovative drive. A symbol that proclaims a paradigm shift. A sign thatrepresents the new force that is Videocon. Thus recapitulating our principleof reaching out and touching the lives of millions of people. Worldwide.
  11. 11. Brand BasketTie-ups with Global LeadersPartner Product Nature Of Tie-UpSamsung Electronics Fly Back Technical Support Transformers, TunersMatsushita Electric Washing Machine Technical * CollaborationMatsushita Electric Air Conditioner Design DrawingMatsushita Electric Refrigerator Design DrawingSansui Electric Co. Ltd Audio Products ODM for Indian Market and Colour TVTechneglas Glass Shell Technical CollaborationAkai Audio Products ODM for Indian Market and Colour TVHyundai Colour TV ODM for Indian MarketElectrolux AB Sweden Refrigerator, 1.ODM Indian Market Air Conditioner and 2.Sourcing of components for Washing Machine Global Market 3.ODM for Global market
  12. 12. CEO ProfileName Venugopal Nandlal DhootDate of birth 30.09.1951Qualifications B.E. (Electricals), FIE. Schooling at Firodiya High School, Ahmednagar College ± Pune Engineering College, PuneHobbies/Interest Flute recital discourse on Bhagwad-Gita Chairman Managing DirectorPresent Position Videocon Group The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of IndiaPresident (ASSOCHAM)Other a) President ± Electronic Industries Association ofAchievements Marathwada b) Member of Advisory Committee of Poona University Information Employment Guidance. c) Adviser to Govt. of Orissa for Industrial Development of Orissa d) Younger brother Shri Rajkumar Dhoot Member of Parliament
  13. 13. Board of Directorsy Mr. Venugopal N Dhooty Mr. Pradeepkumar N Dhooty Mr. K C Srivastavay Mr. Kuldeep Kumar Drabuy Mr. Satyapal Talwary Mr. S Padmanabhany Maj. Gen. S C N Jatary Mr. Arun L Bongirwary Mr. Didier Trutt (Nominee - Thomson S.A)y Mr. Johan G Fant (Nominee - AB Electrolux (Publ) )y Mr. B Ravindranath (Nominee - IDBI Limited)y Mr. Ajay Saraf (Nominee - ICICI Bank Limited)
  14. 14. Vision MissionVideocon¶s mission: a reflection of continuity and changeVideocon¶s mission expression has been crafted to envelope both extant andemerging realities:³To delight and deliver beyond expectation through ingenious strategy, intrepidentrepreneurship, improved technology, innovative products, insightful marketingand inspired thinking about the future.´A breakdown of the statement above reveals a µmeans and end¶ approach, wherethe end is articulated at the beginning with the means linked to it.³To delight and deliver beyond expectation«´: This segment not only underlinesthe importance of the ultimate goal - customer satisfaction (µdelight¶) and ultimatetarget - the customer, but also of intermediate processes and principals, which havecontributed to building a robust, dependable Videocon value chain (µdeliver¶). As aresult of its focus on developing loyal customers and reliable associates, Videoconis able to exceed expectations.³«through ingenious strategy«´: the meansIn the cutthroat world of today, it is only by taking recourse to advance planningand strategy that a business can hope to survive. Although textbook strategy has itsuses, reproducing it in verbatim for the real world would be foolish because of theabsence of textbook conditions. Thus, there is a need for a bounded rationality, aspontaneity and improvisation that is flexible enough for scenarios both imaginableand unimaginable. Videocon¶s ingenious manoeuvres are actually flexi-strategythat abstracts from shifting ground conditions and decides game-plans, orsometimes changes the rules of the game.³«intrepid entrepreneurship«´: the meansAn enterprise with the odds stacked against it makes great business sense. This isbecause higher the obstacles, lower the number of players likely to be active in thatfield - thus, fetching extraordinary returns. The only requirement is a bold andconfident attitude willing to brave the odds. Videocon¶s foray into oil and gas is abold and intrepid endeavour that arises from immense faith on the surefootedcompetence of the company¶s in-house managerial talent.
  15. 15. ³«improved technology«´: the meansTechnology is no more a premium input; it has become the bare minimum inrecent years. Rapid advances have only fuelled this phenomenon. Videocon isextremely vigilant in shunting out dated technology and replacing it with the best-in-class offers of the times.³«innovative products«´: the meansProduct development, innovation and customisation are the tools Videocon uses tostay ahead of the competition. This is because a continuous stream of innovativeproducts excites the market and enhances brand recall. A strategy that Videoconbanks on a lot, especially on the domestic front.³«insightful marketing«´: the meansThe market share battle scene has long shifted from technology and processes tothe psyche of the customer. This means that those with deeper insights into theelusive mind of the buyer are likely to dominate. Videocon is reinforcingmarketing strengths to read better the pulse of the market and help create productsthat map perfectly into customer preferences.³«inspired thinking about the future.´: the meansThe future is unpredictable, but not doing anything about it is fraught with graverisk. Videocon extrapolates future trends on the basis of current changes intechnology and preferences as well as sheer gut feel. Fine-tuned business instinctsare worth their weight in gold, lots of it. The company has perfected its practicealmost into an art form with some calculated gambles like oil and gas proving to beabsolute money-spinners.
  16. 16. The Late Shri. Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot Founder, The Videocon Group ( 26 February 1932 - 26 April 1993 ) A man of Ideas. A man of Substance. A man of Vision.
  17. 17. Values PhilosophyShri Nandlal Madhavlal Dhoot, the founder of the Videocon Group, completed hiseducation in Ahmednagar and Pune. He was a successful sugarcane and cottoncultivator. As a next logical step to vertical integration, he boldly took upon anentrepreneurial venture by importing machinery from Europe to set up theGangapur Sakhar Karkhana (Sugar Mill) in 1955. Those were the times when thevillage did not even have electricity. Thus was unleashed an Industrial Revolution.The die was cast. Over the years, Nandlaljis path-breaking attitude foundexpression in a myriad ways, earning him the well-deserved reputation of thepioneer of industrial activity in Marathwada India.In early 80s Nandlalji initiated his three sons - Venugopal, Rajkumar and Pradeepinto business. Through a technical tie up with Toshiba Corporation of Japan, helaunched Indias first world-class color Television: Videocon. Today, Videocon ishousehold name across the nation- Indias No. 1 brand of Consumer Electronics Home Appliances, trusted by over 50 million people to improve their quality oflife.
  18. 18. Ownership Structure Shareholding Pattern as on 30th September 2007 Number of Total shares held in As aSr. Category of Number of As a % of number of de % ofNo shareholder shareholders (A+B+C) shares materialized (A+B) form(A) Shareholding of Promoter and Promoter Group(1) Indian(a) Individuals/ Hindu 13 1619838 1292950 0.87 0.73 Undivided Family(b) Bodies Corporate 44 153823583 152711452 82.6 69.57 Sub-Total 57 155443421 154004402 83.47 70.31 (A)(1)(2) Foreign(a) Individuals (Non- 0 0 0 0.00 0.00 Resident Individuals/ Foreign Individuals)(b) Bodies Corporate 0 0 0 0.00 0.00(c) Institutions 0 0 0 0.00 0.00(d) Any Other 0 0 0 0 0 (specify) Sub-Total 0 0 0 0.00 0.00 (A)(2) Total Shareholding 57 155443421 154004402 83.47 70.31 of Promoter and Promoter Group (A)= (A)(1)+(A)(2)(B) Public shareholding(1) Institutions
  19. 19. (a) Mutual Funds / 21 36571 35228 0.02 0.02 UTI(b) Financial 36 304403 291166 0.16 0.14 Institutions/ Banks(c) Insurance 5 5600352 5599752 3.01 2.53 Companies(d) Foreign 95 13467563 12706367 7.23 6.09 Institutional Investors Sub-Total 157 19408889 18632513 10.42 8.78 (B)(1)(2) Non-institutions(a) Bodies Corporate 1927 5516620 4962476 2.96 2.5(b) Individuals(i) Individual 342862 4685290 2998613 2.52 2.12 Shareholders holding nominal share capital up to Rs. 1 lakh(ii) Individual 19 1171618 1171618 0.63 0.53 Shareholders holding nominal share capital in excess of Rs. 1 lakh(c) Any Other 0 0 0 0 0 (specify) Sub-Total(B)(2) 344808 11373528 9132707 6.11 5.14 Total Public 344965 30782417 27765220 16.53 13.92 Shareholding (B)= (B) (1)+(B)(2) TOTAL(A)+(B) 345022 186225838 181769622 100 84.23(C) Shares held by 2 34867863 34862403 15.77 Custodians and
  20. 20. against whichDepositoryReceipts have beenissuedGRAND TOTAL 345024 221093701 216632025 100.00(A)+(B)+(C)
  21. 21. Corporate GovernanceCompanys Philosophy on Code of Governance:The companys philosophy on corporate governance enshrines the goal ofachieving the highest levels of transparency, accountability and equity in allspheres of its operations and in all its dealing with the shareholders, employees, thegovernment and other parties. The company believes in the philosophy on code ofcorporate governance, which provides a structure by which the rights andresponsibility of different constituents, such as the board, employees andshareholders are carved out. In carrying out this, it is ensured that the companysobjectives are well defined and performance against those objectives areadequately measured and monitored.Corporate governance is considered as an important tool for shareholdersprotection and maximization of their long -term values. The cardinal principal suchas accountability, responsibility, transparency and fair disclosure serve as themeans for achieving this.
  22. 22. Future PlansThe Future is hereTo strengthen and maintain its leadership status, the Videocon group has clearlycharted out its course for the future. Aggressive development is in full swing at theR D Centres to bring out state-of-the-art technologies including True Flat, Slim,Extra Slim, Plasma LCDs, at the earliest.Cost rationalization processes - are in various stages - including rationalizingfactories in Europe, increasing automation and improvement of efficiency inChina, accessing flass shells from India for international CPT facilities and a lotmore - are in various stages of implementation.Internationally all existing client relationships are being strengthened. The costcompetitiveness and increase in capacity in Mexico and Polland has opened up bigopportunities in the OEM business.Last but not the least, in the domestic market consolidation with multiple brandspaves the way for an unassailable lead in the market.In the Oil Gas business, having all the basic operator capabilities of aprospecting entity, the group is looking to add more explorations and productiondepth as also oil bearing assets. The group will also get into gas distribution inIndia siginificantly.
  23. 23. Philosophy ResolveNo business can function in a vacuum. There is the society at large with which itengages in innumerable transactions; the more involved the engagement, the betterits qualitative and quantitative effect on the business. Aware of this debt to society,a successful corporate like Videocon is committed to fulfilling its obligations: bothas providers of outstanding products as well as sterling community initiatives.They include, among others, a first-rate academic haven for the high-schooleducation of underprivileged girls and a 100% world-class, charitable hospitalspecializing in cancer and heart surgery for the benefit of society¶s marginalisedsections. Videocon¶s deep-rooted commitment to environment conservationtranslates into process improvements that help recycle CRT glass, curb carbonemissions and other pollutants. Among others, the group¶s India glass plant hassupported a large-scale initiative like the plantation of over 2,00,000 teak trees.Apart from material support, society needs spirit; that vital ingredient that makesthe difference between living life and merely existing. Videocon is inspired heavilyby the uplifting nature of sports; its power to generate mass passion, whereinnumerable hearts throb as in unison; its ability to draw people togetherirrespective of differences in race, religion, gender or caste. Unity of spirit andpurpose is ultimately what builds bridges between diverse cultures. This is the corebelief of a group that has operations spread over a cross-cultural milieu worldwide.Videocon supports mass sports for another reason: at the heart of sports is fair play,a virtue that enjoys exalted status among values cherished by Videocon.The group¶s sponsorship of cricketing events across the globe underlies itscommitment and passion for sports as well as its goal to uplift the spirits of aglobal audience. Videocon has not forgotten the grassroots either; the VideoconSchool of Cricket launched in Kolkata under the guidance of former India captain,Saurav Ganguly, aims to inspire budding cricketers in the age group of 10 to 17years to greater heights.
  24. 24. Employee ContributionVideocon believes its most valuable capital are its people. Nurturing their personalgrowth is tantamount to building the groups future.As the group enlarges to envelope people from diverse social and culturalbackgrounds, creating opportunities of exchange, learning and exposure to aunique corporate ethos is becoming extremely important.Videocons main training centre in India is supplemented by other learningresources strategically located around the globe. These offer advanced programsdesigned to develop management and operational skills.Result-oriented seminars on varied topics and workshops by world-famousmotivators encourage people to expand their potential. These initiatives inspirethem to develop their creativity, thus helping build capable professionals andresponsible members of society.From 4th March 2005 to 12th March 2005 we celebrated safety week andorganized slogan competition, poster competition, and essay writing competition.The prize distribution function was held at Vivekanand hall and the prizes wereawarded by Mr. S S Nabar, Mr. Shenoy R. G, Mr. Vinay Lambay.
  25. 25. R DThe company gives utmost importance to the R D activities, which are carriedout, at in-house R D center. The company carries on new innovations in productdevelopment, cost reduction, quality improvement, process implementations,process controls.1) Specific areas in which R D is carried out by the companyDuring the year, the company has carried out Research and Development in thefollowing areas. y Home theaters - High-end models and HTIB Models. y Larger Screen Television i.e. 32 inch and 38inch. y True Flat Televisions y Plasma Televisions y Cosmetic design and new out look to the TVs y Manufacturing of components for CTV, Refrigerators and Air conditioners. y Efforts to reduce power consumption of all its final products.2) Benefits derived as a result of the above R D.The company has derived the following benefits as a result of the Research andDevelopment: y Development of new design in product and launch of various new models. y Able to compete with the foreign players in the Indian Markets by cost reductions and offering innovation features and to maintain market leadership in Television under Videocon umbrella. y Increase in Productivity. y Reduction in power consumption of some of the products.3) Future Plans of actionIn the coming days company is aiming to achieve development in the followingareas through Research Development: y Manufacturing of components for consumer Electronics Products. y Multimedia TV. y Plasma Televisions. y Launching of New Brands Sub-brands under Videocon umbrella.
  26. 26. y Composite Home Entertainment system with internet adaptability. y To work on better features, better quality improved reliability with reduced/low prices.Your company always attempts to use the latest and advanced technology inproduction process. Keeping pace with the technological developments, thecompany keeps on adding sophisticated equipments with focus on automation tominimize manual intervention in the manufacturing process thereby ensuringquality of the final products.
  27. 27. COLOR TELEVISIONColor television refers to the technology and practices associated with televisionstransmission of moving images in color.A German patent in 1904 contained the earliest recorded proposal for a colortelevision system. In 1925, Zworykin filed a patent disclosure for an all-electroniccolour television system. Both of these systems were not successful, however, theywere the first for color television. A successful color television system begancommercial broadcasting, first authorized by the FCC on December 17, 1953 basedon a system designed by RCA.Between 1946 and 1950 the research staff of RCA Laboratories invented theworld¶s first electronic, monochrome compatible, color television system. - FromIEEE Milestone Plaque.In 1940, prior to RCA, CBS researchers led by Peter Goldmark invented amechanical color television system based on the 1928 designs of John LogieBaird. The FCC authorized CBSs color television technology as the nationalstandard in October of 1950, despite the fact that the system was bulky, flickered,and was not compatible with earlier black and white sets. RCA sued to stop thepublic broadcasting of CBS based systems. CBS had begun color broadcasting onfive East Coast stations in June of 1951. However, at that time 10.5 million blackand white televisions (half RCA sets) had been sold to the public and very fewcolor sets. Color television production was halted during the Korean war, with thatand the lawsuits, and the sluggish sales, the CBS system failed.Those factors provided RCA with the time to design a better color television,which they based on the 1947 patent application of Alfred Schroeder, for a shadowmask CRT. Their system passed FCC approval in late 1953 and sales of RCA colortelevisions began in 1954.INVENTION OF COLOR TELEVISION - PART 1By 1949, monochrome television had become a commercial success, 10 millionsets had been sold, and programs were available to the general public. A change tocolor television would only be licensed if the color broadcast signal could also bereceived as a monochrome signal on these sets.
  28. 28. INVENTION OF COLOR TELEVISION - PART 2The introduction of color televisioning using the CBS Field Sequential ColorSystem had been a commercial failure in 1951, and the intervention of the KoreanWar, and prohibition on production of color television sets, let CBS gracefullywithdraw.History of Early Color TelevisionColor Television System Development - Colorcasting Development - ColorTelevision Receiver DevelopmentMonochrome-Compatible, Electronic Color Television, 1946-1953In 1946, then, RCA committed to developing an all-electronic system designed tothe same reception standards enjoyed on monochrome sets.The Story of Color TelevisionThe premier of Walt Disneys Wonderful World of Color in September, 1961, wasa turning point, persuading consumers to go out and purchase color televisions.
  29. 29. Area of studyIn period of two month of my summer training my project guide assign meresearch topic ³market research on Color Television´. It was purely marketingresearch topic and I have done this job with my full of interest.Objective of Study y Study of dealer Awareness about Color television y Study of dealer Perception about the Color television y Identify the level of dealer satisfaction about CTV¶s price and quality y Market effectiveness of Videocon CTV as compare to competitors y Effect of Advertising and Sales Promotion Schemes and incentive on Consumer and Dealers y To study the position and potential of the product in Jaipur
  30. 30. Research MethodologyResearch Type : Descriptive ResearchData Type : Primary and Secondary dataResearch Tools : Questionnaire Observation EnquirySampling Units : Dealers/ RetailersSample Size : Dealers/ Retailers (140)Sampling Method : Random Sampling MethodSample drawn from : Jaipur
  31. 31. Assumption: Modern consumer is conscious and aware of quality and price of the product. They give importance to quality than price. Advertisement has certain impact on customers. The main aim of the advertisement is to draw attention of the customers towards the product. The company specified to find out its market share, brand perception among customers, and advertisement effect on the brand. For this purpose a study on large scale was carried out. Retailers /dealers and consumers both are selected for the study. Questionnaires were prepared separately for the customer and retailers/dealers.Research Design:Research design specifies methods and procedures for study.In this study the company was interested to know the perception of consumers aswell as retailer/dealers, brand positioning and the market share of VideoconRefrigerator and its competitors.Sufficient thought have been given to frame research question and data types to becollected procedures to be used for the study among retailers/dealer andconsumers. However it was exclusively personal interview. To solve the purposeof the study separate questionnaires for consumers and retailers/ dealers weremade.Data Collection:This report was prepared after collecting data from the retailers/ dealers and pastdata was arranged from the various studies conducted in last few years and variousother records of company.Primary Data:These data were collected by personal interview with consumers and retailers/dealer. For this purpose questionnaires were prepared in such that all necessarydata would be collected.
  32. 32. Secondary Data:Information regarding the project, secondary data was also required. These datawere collected from various past studies and other sources of the company.Research tools: Questionnaires JournalsAnalysis of dataAfter the data was collected, the real task was started. The analysis of data requireda number of closely related operations such as establishment of categories, theapplication of these categories to raw data through coding, tabulation and thendrawing statistical inference. The unwieldy data was condensed into a fewmanageable groups and tables for further analysis. Thus classified the data intosome purposeful and usable categories. Coding, editing and tabulation was donesimultaneously a then analysis was based on computation of various percentages.Preparation of report:Finally I prepared the report with great care, under the able guidance of my projectguide.
  33. 33. RESEARCH AREALocal market in JAIPUR REGION ± y Jayanti Market y M.I.Road y Nehru Bazaar y Kishanpole Bazaar y Chandpole Bazaar y Tripolia Bazaar y Malviya Nagar y Tonk Road y Heda ki mori y Galta Road y Brampuri y Barket Nagar y Ram gunj y Subhash chawk y Gangori bazaar y Sanjay bazaar
  34. 34. Data Analysis and Interpretation1. What brand are you dealing with in CTV?Samsung 15%Onida 5%Toshiba 0% TCL 5%Haier 2%Sony 5%Vediocon 17%Sansui 11%LG 12%Otherbrand 30% avaiibility Samsung Onida 35% Toshiba 30% TCL 25% Haier 20% Sony 15% Vediocon 10% 5% Sansui 0% LG 1 Other brandInterpretationIt is cleared from the above data that maximum dealers are havingVideocon,Samsung and Sansui.
  35. 35. 2. Which brand do you sale maximum?Vediocon 19.04762Sansui 9.52381LG 38.09524Samsung 14.28571Onida 9.52381Otherbrand 9.52381 Maximum Sales 10% Vediocon 10% 19% Sansui 14% 9% LG 38% Samsung Onida Other brandInterpretation It is shown from the above chart that LG is the king in the CTV section in Jaipurcity.Videocon and Samsung come after LG.
  36. 36. 3. Which category is the most desired nowadays? 21Conventional 6%Flat TV 90%Slim 4% 21 4% 6% Conventional Flat TV Slim 90%InterpretationIt is cleared from the above chart that Flat TV is in demand nowadays.21´ CTV isthe king of market in jaipur city.
  37. 37. 4. What is your counter size? 1-5 6-10 11-15 more than 15 [a] Samsung [b] Onida [c] Toshiba [d] TCL [e] haier [f] Sony [g]Videocon [h]LG [i]SansuiInterpretationAccording to my survey dealers were having Samsung ,LG,Sansui¶s product 6 to10 in display.Toshiba,Haier,Onida were lesser in display.
  38. 38. 5. How many year you are distributing / dealing with this brand (sales maximum)?0-5 40% 5-10 30% 10-15 30% Time of Distribution(years) 45% 40% 40% 35% 30% 30% 30% 0-5 25% 5-10 20% 10-15 15% 10% 5% 0% 1Interpretation According to above chart 40% dealers were having their shopsfrom 0 to 5 years.30% dealers were having their shops from 10 years and others were having morethan 10 years.
  39. 39. 6. Which of the following attributes enticed you to try the brand initially?Best quality 10%Brand Image 5%Price 40%Service 5%Percentage ofmargin 40% 40% 40% 40% 35% 30% Best quality 25% Brand Image 20% Price Service 15% 10% Percentage of margin 10% 5% 5% 5% 0% 1InterpretationAs shown in the above chart 40% dealers were giving preference on the margin ifthey get a new brand at their shops.40% dealers gave weightage on price.10%dealers said they would get a new product if the quality is good.5% said that theywould go for service.
  40. 40. 7. What are some aspects of CTV that can be improved?Some dealers said that in Videocon sound system could be improved.Maximum ndealers had a silent view on that.8. Why do you selling this particular brand?In the answer of this question some dealers went for brand image.maximumdealers said that 40% customer have no idea what should buy so it is upto themwhat they sale.
  41. 41. 12. Which thing do you prefer in CTV?BrandImage 2Bestresolution 1 Price 3 2 Brand Image 3 Best resolution Competitive price 1InterpretationAccording to dealers all the customers give the most preference on the price thenthey go for brand image and at the last they go for resolution and other features.
  42. 42. 13. In which season sales occurs the most?Deepawalifever 60%regular 40% Time of Sale 70% 60% 60% 50% 40% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% deepawali fever regularInterpretationAs we can see from the above graph that 60% sales occurs on the Deeepawalifever and regularly 40% sales take place.
  43. 43. 14. Which company is giving the best after sales service?Samsung 30Onida 5Sony 20Sansui 5LG 40 After sales service Samsung Onida Sony Sansui LGInterpretationAs we can have idea from the above graph that LG is giving the best after salesservice ,Samsung and Sony take the second and third places respectively.
  44. 44. Findings Spending on advertisement and publicity of less as compare to the competitors. There is need to increase advertisement. Consumers prefer electronic media for advertisement and retailer also prefer TV advertisement. The quality of Videocon CTV is acceptable to the market. Consumers and retailers both are satisfied with the quality of Videocon CTV. Price range preferred by consumers is generally in between 7000 to 10000. Consumers are mostly gets attracted by the price discount being offered by company and the product warranty. Consumers are aware about Videocon CTV. Dealers are not satisfied with the incentive provided by the company. The categories of the people who are using the CTV are mostly economic income people. Consumer perception about Videocon CTV is good. Advertising of Videocon CTV is not striking as compare to the competitors. Sales promotion scheme are sufficient. LG and Samsung is the main competitor of Videocon¶s CTV. Market growing so that is good sign for company in coming year. Videocon is on 4th rank in Jaipur CTVVideocon CTV has good potential in market according to survey.
  45. 45. SWOT AnalysisStrengths 1. Videocon has largest distributed capacity manufacturing base across India with 12 facilities. 2. Manufacturing capacity is 1, 40000 units. 3. Videocon has a network of 400 plus service and 85 mobile service vans to give better service to their customers. 4. Tie up with the Matsushita electric company of Japan add to the goodwill of Videocon 5. Customers are aware about Videocon¶s products. 6. Company has good brand name. 7. Strong backward integration 8. Videocon has largest distribution manufacturing based across in India.Weaknesses 1. Less investment on advertisement of Videocon CTV 2. Fewer margins to the distributor/dealer. 3. Weak promotional strategy of CTV. 4. No proper approach of target customer.Opportunities 1. Videocon take over the Electrolux. 2. Videocon buy Thomson color picture tube manufacturing plant. 3. Videocon international is going global. 4. Videocon exploring whole new segment 5. During the climate of Jaipur becomes hotter day by day and coolers do not fully satisfy the customers requirement. This provides a great opportunity for ac manufacturers. 6. Growing semi urban market. 7. Industry is in increasing phase. 8. Price has come down; now more and more people are going for it. 9. Due to financial facilities even the medium segment is going for it. 10. Purchasing power of people is increasing day by day.Threats 1. Entrance of global competitor like china. 2. Brand loyalty is more of XYZ Company. 3. Market condition like slumps in market.
  46. 46. Recommendationsy Advertising of Videocon CTV lacks creativity and it should be heart touchingy Company should distribute free key chain, calendar, t-shirts for making brand popular among people.y Company should introduce low price and low power consumption Refrigerator for acquiring the middle income group.y Company should do repeated advertising. It would be produce results.y Add innovative feature in Videocon CTV that will the differentiate the Videocon Refrigerator among the competitors.y Exclusive showroom should be open at the prime locations.y The survey indicates that quite a large number of dealers are marginally satisfied with the service network. So company must take concrete steps to upgrade and improve the prevailing service networky Since dealers play a significant role in making brand choice for customers, they should be provided with extra benefits and incentives every now and then, the incentive included cash discount, gift like camera, audio system, cordless phone and some percentage in sales given to dealers after completing some fix target given by the company.y Dealer desire more advertisement to be done through local newspaper and cable TV ads. To make consumers aware about the product. Hoarding in major area, mouth publicity through dealers etc.y In newspaper advertisement should not be space oriented (half a page or full page) instead the company¶s logo should be given a major stress.y Because of repeated striking on customer mind it would produce results. Logo of the of the VIDEOCON CTV can be penetration. This service has been provided by postal services of India at subsidiary rates.y Dealer scheme and policy of cash discount reviewed time to time.y Quite number of qualified should be appointed.y Number of call centre should be open. Suggestion by dealers which I recommended to managementy There should be no boundation of billing.y Maintain the stock of spare parts and should be easily available.y Promptness of service in time.y Distribute the key chains and calendar to increase the popularity of Videocon CTV.
  47. 47. LIMITATION OF STUDYAlthough I tried my best in preparation of this project, but this study hassome limitation: 1. The period of the project was not sufficient to study all the factors in deep. 2. Visiting various places for the study consumed a lot of time. 3. We cannot say that what the consumer have revealed will be right for each and every situation because their perception is influenced by many factors. 4. Many consumer and dealers/retailers showed less interest in providing information and haven¶t cooperated. 5. Some of confidential information viz. credit period, schemes, policies and sales figure were not disclosed by the competitors.
  48. 48. Questionnaire OF CTV1. What brand are you dealing with in CTV? [a] Samsung [b] Onida [c] Toshiba [d] TCL [e] Haier [f] Sony [g] Vediocon [h] Sansui [i] LG [ j ] Other brand2. Which brand do you sale maximum?3. Which category is the most desired nowadays? 14´ 15´ 21´ 29´ y Conventional y Flat TV y Slim4. What is your counter size? 1-5 6-10 11-15 more than 15 [a] Samsung [b] Onida [c] Toshiba [d] TCL [e] haier [f] Sony [g]Videocon [h]LG [i]Sansui
  49. 49. 5. How many year you are distributing / dealing with this brand (sales maximum)? [a] 0-5 [b] 5-10 [c] 10-15 6. Which of the following attributes enticed you to try the brand initially? [a] Good looking [b] Price [c] Percentage of margin [d] Best quality [e] Good selection [f] Just what I need [g] Resolution [ j ] Not sure7. What are some aspects of CTV that can be improved?8. Why do you selling this particular brand? Factor Excellent Very good Good Satisfactory [a] Price [b] Scheme [c] Warranty [d] Service [e] Model9. If the above company were no longer available then, would you replace it with?10. If you are looking to replace the above brand, what are some of the reasons to do so?
  50. 50. 11.Which company is giving more seasonal discount? [a] Samsung [b] Onida [c] Toshiba [d] TCL [e] Haier [f] Sony [g] Vediocon [h] Sansui [i] LG [ j ] Other brand12. Which thing do you prefer in CTV? y Best quality y Competitive price y Brand which season sales occurs the most?[a] deepawali fever [b]summer [c]Winter [d]regular14. Which company is giving the best after sales service? [a] Samsung [b] Onida [c] Toshiba [d] TCL [e] Haier [f] Sony [g] Vediocon [h] Sansui [i] LG [ j ] Other brand
  51. 51. 15.Over all,how satisfied are you with brand? y Very satisfied y Satisfied y Neutral y Somewhat dissatisfied y Very dissatisfiedName of the Place««««««««««1. Name of the dealer /distributor «««««««««««««««««««« Address«««««««««««««««««««««««««« «««««««««««««««««««««««««««««« Contact no ««««««««..Date
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