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QCL-14-v3_Cause-Effect diagram_BIMTECH_Stutidutta Mishra


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This project identifies the causes of poor placements in BIMTECH. Each cause is further investigated and a deep analysis is done to find out the root cause.

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QCL-14-v3_Cause-Effect diagram_BIMTECH_Stutidutta Mishra

  1. 1. Challenge 2 Cause – Effect Diagram Poor Campus Placements By: Stutidutta Mishra Aggyapal Singh Subhabrata Chatterjee BIMTECH, Greater Noida
  2. 2. More involvements in unnecessary extra- curricular events Not applying themselves in the rigorous academic process Academic system doesn’t give weight to originality of work, doesn’t checks plagiarism Students lacking domain knowledge Lesser importance to blogs & opinions of Industry people Reading time being consumed by Extra- Curricular involvements Excessive reliance on PPTs at the time of exams instead of books Inefficient time management Not taking Summer Internships seriously. Lesser importance to practical implication of bookish concepts Lack of soft skills and team spirit on the part of students Unprofessional behaviour and job- allocation by students during group projects BIMTECH not organising enough corporate events Low corporate-academia interface Low brand visibility Emergence of similar courses like M.Tech / MS More weightage given to technical and live experience Companies promoting their own employees/ specialists or recruiting specialists rather than generalists Companies prefer pool campus recruitments Equal off-campus selections as on- campus selections resulting in low campus recruitment In-Active Alumni cell Lack of recognition of alumni entrepreneurs Lack of entrepreneurial development & promotion Low or improper value system for generation of money Less focus & encouragement of novel business ideas Less no. of opportunities per student Sudden Increase of student intake in the course Difficulty in achieving 100% placement Not enough contacts Low budget allocation Improper media management Faculty contacts not being utilized properly Budget being consumed by Intra-College extra-curricular activities Excessive Reliance on Word of Mouth and college Website for promotions Students are not job-fit Students background and interests do not match company’s requirements More focus laid on Packages than Job- Description Excessive focus on tangible marks instead of intangible learnings of team work Poor Placements Saves time and money for the company
  3. 3. Not taking Summer Internships seriously • The evaluation of internship has two components – External & Internal • The percentage of both components is 50-50 • Students prefer to earn marks from last minute preparations of viva and ignore performance based external evaluation Remedial Actions • The percentage of external evaluation should be increased to 75% • This would increase student’s focus on actual performance during the two months rather than 15-20 minutes of internal
  4. 4. Academic system doesn’t give weight to originality of work, doesn’t checks plagiarism • Group projects are meant to increase student’s in-depth knowledge • Also, working in projects imbibes team skills and reasoning abilities in students • Lack of plagiarism check inspires students to take an easy way out • Most of the projects are copy-pasted from vast resources available on the internet Remedial Actions • Faculties should check student projects for plagiarism on
  5. 5. Excessive Reliance on Word of Mouth and college Website for promotions • The short-form of college’s name “BIMTECH” is still very uncommon • Many people confuse BIMTECH with the famous BITS college. • Many still do not know the relation between the famous Sarala Birla group and BIMTECH Remedial Actions • College should promote student participation in inter-college events, which would introduce the College to high-profile professionals who act as judges of those events
  6. 6. In-ActiveAlumni cell • Many premier institutes like IIMs are regularly visited by their alumni for interaction with students • Alumni on high-profile professional positions are invited for recruitments from campuses • Alumni database is regularly refined and updated in such institutes • BIMTECH’s alumni database is not refined and is not updated regularly • The process of contacting the Alumni is not standardized, hence, follow ups are not done properly RemedialActions • The Alumni cell should be re-organised and processes should be made standardised • Recruitment of student volunteers for calling Alumni should be taken seriously
  7. 7. Sudden Increase of student intake in the course • More number of students require more number of placement opportunities • More opportunities can be provided by increasing the number of companies which visit the campus for recruitments RemedialActions • The institute should also focus on other companies apart from the ones who regularly recruit form campus • A separate unit of placement cell employees can be installed to track the movement of new companies from one college to another