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Simple mango ltd powerpoint presentation

  1. 1. Simple Mango Ltd<br />“We remind the right people about you”<br />
  2. 2. About us<br />Simple Mango Ltd provides advertising solutions for large and small corporations, we specialise in display advertisement. We are located directly opposite Wembley Stadium (the UK’s national stadium) and Wembley Arena.<br />Based on the strategic advantage of our location we are able to make use of a highly effective method of display advertisement; rocket blimps, inflated with helium standing high at approximately 60 metres above ground. The Stadium and Arena attract huge crowds of like minded people for each type of event. 450,000 people attend the Arena, and 2.5 million people attend the Stadium, making the yearly attendance of these two venues just shy of 3 million.<br /> Our blimps are situated in a location which allows us to encapsulate the attention of the passing crowds thereby making Simple Mango a service that provides value for money based on the viewing figures our location provides.<br />We have in our team professional, experienced and reliable members who always do their best to meet the standards that are expected of us. We hold integrity and honesty as to be the key elements of the success of Simple Mango Ltd.<br />
  3. 3. What we offer<br />At Simple Mango Ltd, our aim is to raise awareness of your company or brand through targeted advertisements.<br />We seek to inform the public as to what your company has to offer. Our location is the reason we are able to encapsulate the attention of various crowds that pass through Wembley on an annual basis.<br />We recognise that brand/product may not be applicable or relevant to all the various audiences therefore we will provide you with details of each events including the type of audience, an estimate of the number of people attending, and what advertisements would be suited for each event. Whatever your brand there is usually always a relevant event. <br />We follow a strict code of standards set by the Civil Aviation Authority. We are fully insured against public liability.<br />
  4. 4. Location<br />We are currently operating from Latif house which is situated on First way HA9 0JD. Literally directly opposite the stadium and Arena.<br />Our location is available to view on the map below. The events audience will drive or walk through the path shown on the map. The visibility of blimp as shown means that out of the whole audience at the very least 60% will notice the blimp. It is also very common to find queues of people waiting for up to 15 minutes to enter the Arena or Stadium, we are therefore in a position of strategic importance for advertisement.<br />Currently no professional service as such is available in our vicinity further strengthening our position.<br />
  5. 5. Location Map<br />
  6. 6. Blimps<br />The Blimps we supply are 20ft x 8ft and are available in PVC or Nylon. The blimp and the helium will be provided by us. The blimps are secured to the ground via tether lines. We will have someone operating the blimp at all times.<br />We do not provide artwork although we can do if need be at an extra charge It is therefore a requirement that we are provided with the artwork for the blimp prior to any commencement and we kindly ask that the artwork is provided in the highest resolution possible in order to ensure that your image or message is not distorted and is also clear to those on the ground regardless of their viewing distance.<br /> The clarity of the advertisement artwork is essential and a key aspect to utilising the efficiency of a blimp. We advice that the less information that is on the blimp the more noticeable and effective (readable) it will be. 3 Lines of text with 4 words per line is the maximum recommended.<br />
  7. 7. The advantages of using blimps as a form of display advertisement<br />Firstly above all advantages that this form of display advertisement has is the fact that it is located where an audience of nearly 3mil people will be passing each year (and those that are queuing to enter the front of the Stadium) and that they will also be directly in sight of the blimp (150m).<br />They are enormous (20ft – 8ft), thus they can be seen from a very long distance and at many different angles (up to 2 mile radius) when flown at 50 metres. They have fins which helps them adjust to the weather and also make it look like it’s in motion, creating more attraction. <br />They are fascinating in that they are different to other forms of advertisement. Simple Mango Ltd will be able to provide blimps with our recommendation or with the specific needs of our client. <br />The cost per 1000 of potential viewers is very small compared to any other form of display advertisement (Radio, TV, Magazine, Leaflets and so on). It is also very rare that those walking or driving past will not view the blimp, a 50 metre high blimp is hard to miss, not to mention that it may even appear on a TV broadcasting. The surrounding residential buildings and houses will also be attracted by this blimp 50 metres in the sky.<br />
  8. 8. What is required to fly a blimp<br />We will organise all the relevant components needed in order to fly the blimp, as well as the location.<br />In order to fly a blimp in controlled airspace it is necessary to obtain the relevant authorisation from the Civil Aviation Authority, we have an established rapport with the C.A.A and are able to obtain such permission as and when it is required.<br />In addition we provide public liability insurance incorporated in the price.<br />The blimps need helium to fly, this is part of the price we charge.<br />The artwork does need to be provided by you before any agreement can be implemented.<br />
  9. 9. After Sales Service<br />Our after sales service at Simple Mango Ltd is second to none. We aim to provide our customers with as much help as they require and also we wish to ensure that our clients advertising operations run smoothly without any setbacks or inconveniences. <br />For your assurance purposes we provide live CCTV feed in real-time on our website for the sake of our clients being able to view the blimp in action and view the response it is receiving as well as to get an overall view of the atmosphere.<br />We will also have operators managing the operation on site at all time. These operators will be ready to answer any questions, queries or concerns that may arise on the clients behalf regarding the blimp and its operation. We will also devote another member of staff for any other question that the client may have.<br />