The marketing case for video-Learn why video is a must for today's marketing/PR campaign


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Video should be one of the key aspects of any marketing or public relations campaign. Used properly it can showcase your company in a whole new light and connect with today's mobile audience. This presentation will describe all the benefits of using this medium to reach shareholders and your target audience.

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The marketing case for video-Learn why video is a must for today's marketing/PR campaign

  1. 1. Video presents a huge opportunity to connect with stakeholders and build your brand.
  2. 2. It helps… Reach new audiences Enhance Perception Generate more web hits…
  3. 3. And add credibility to any Marketing/PR campaign. Here’s why…
  4. 4. Video is ideally suited for today’s growing audience of mobile device users.
  5. 5. In late 2013 Tablets and iPads Outsold PCs* *IDC Research
  6. 6. Smartphones will surpass 1.4 billion units in 2015 and account for 69% of all smart connected device shipments worldwide*. *IDC Research
  7. 7. Smartphone use is also on the rise, as of May, 2013, 51% of U.S. adults owned a smartphone.* *Pew Internet Research
  8. 8. To connect with this audience you need information that is…
  9. 9. *Brief *Informational, and, if possible *Entertaining
  10. 10. Nothing does that better than a well produced video.
  11. 11. Video also helps elevate your company on search engines.
  12. 12. You can post your video on what has in essence become the #2 search engine behind Google, YouTube.
  13. 13. YouTube has 1 billion users per month* *YouTube Press
  14. 14. Guess who owns YouTube… it’s Google!
  15. 15. Besides YouTube you can post video to Daily Motion, Veho and more.
  16. 16. Video connects you to your customers through social media.
  17. 17. Link your video to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
  18. 18. Have an email newsletter? Video increases open rates by as much as 60%.
  19. 19. Video is great for storytelling. It can portray your company in a whole new way.
  20. 20. Use video to display company history through photos and documents, and interviews with executives and staff.
  21. 21. Add testimonials from customers. Add music and production techniques.
  22. 22. Video is measurable. Viewership is easily determined and, if done right, cost effective.
  23. 23. Video creates an emotional bond between your firm and your client as only this medium can.
  24. 24. Need video, audio, PowerPoint, or media coverage? Connect with Solomon/Turner PR: @stlouispr 314-205-0800