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2013 Salary Survey


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Michael Page IT 2013 North America Salary Survey

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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2013 Salary Survey

  1. 1. www.michaelpage.comMichael PageInformation TechnologySalary Survey 2013
  2. 2. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideMESSAGEMessage  from  our  CEOWelcome to our 2013 Salary Guide. We are proud to provide the latest in salary information foreach of the disciplines we cover in the United States. Whether you are a company coming intothe market for talent this year or a current employee looking to see what the market will bear for aspecific position, our Salary Guides will provide an extensive range of accurate and detailed salaryinformation within your industry.Our over arching outlook for 2013 is that the economy will stabilize and continue to grow. Havingsaid this, we still think there is a lot of opportunity for firms to continue to search among a greatpool of never before seen levels of talent that are available due to the continuing tighter labormarkets. However, as unemployment slowly improves, we believe this opportunity will not lastforever. Already we are starting to see a tightening of the labor force for highly specialized positions.This return for the war on talent will be a definite theme as the year wears on. 2013 still presentsa significant opportunity for firms to upgrade their work-force. The time is right for firms to takethe steps necessary to set themselves up for growth once the economy starts to hit its stride.Companies that understand this incredible opportunity and seize it to make their firms better will winin the long run.Michael Page continues to be the worldwide leader in specialist recruitment and this unique positionallows us to continue to offer you the most accurate and compelling information on the global andlocal employment market. The strength of our brand in the marketplace and our relationships withall management levels has allowed us to offer you accurate and detailed salary information. With164 offices in 34 countries and over 5,500 employees worldwide, we continue to be the largest andmost important recruitment firm in the world. We are excited about exceeding your expectations ofthe recruitment industry and looking forward to working with you in 2013.As always, please feel free to contact us at any time.Yours truly,Richard VickersCopyright 2013 by Michael Page. All rights reserved. Michael Page owns all material and intellectual property rights tothis salary guide. If you reference any data or information contained within, you must cite Michael Page as the source.Michael Page assumes no responsibility to the accuracy or use of this data.Richard VickersCEO, North AmericaMichael Page
  3. 3. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideOVERVIEWAn  Overview  of  Michael  PageMichael Page Americas is currently comprised of ten specialist divisions:Michael  Page  Technology  recruits positions in financial services and the corporate sector throughoutMetro New York. Roles include ; Application Development, Infrastructure Managers, IT ProjectManagement/Business Analyst as well as IT Trade Support. The Technology Practice also covers mid andlong term contract opportunities within the same vertical.Michael  Page  Sales  &  Marketing recruits sales & marketing positions in industry and commerce,covering a wide range of roles in Sales, Marketing, Public Relations and Communications.Michael  Page  Human  Resources recruits HR Professionals across all levels for Financial Services andIndustry & Commerce clients on both a Permanent and Temporary basis. Roles covered include HRGeneralist/Business Partner, Training and Development, Recruitment, Compensation, Benefits, Diversity,and HRIS/Organizational Development.Michael  Page  Finance  &  Accounting recruits finance positions in industry and commerce covering awide range of roles in Accounting & Finance, as well as Tax & Legal areas.Michael  Page  Procurement  &  Supply  Chain recruits Supply Chain, Procurement, Demand Planning,Operations, Engineering and Logistics professionals at all levels for Industry & Commerce and FinancialServices clients on both a Permanent and Temporary basis. Roles covered include VP/Director of SupplyChain, Manger of Demand Forecasting, Procurement Director, Operations Manager, Process Engineer,Quality Engineer, VP of logistics, etc.Michael  Page  Legal recruits legal professionals at all levels, from paralegal through partnership roles, inboth law firms and the in-house market. Within in-house, Michael Page Legal covers roles across Banking& Financial Markets, commercial industry and the nonprofit sectors.Michael  Page  Banking  &  Financial  Services  recruits all roles within the banking and financial servicessector in the following areas: Accounting & Finance, Risk, Compliance, Operations, Project Management/Capital Markets, Management Consulting, Interim and Contracts Division.Michael  Page  Executive  Search  recruits functional heads and board level executive positions acrosseach of Michael Page’s functional areas. Roles covered include Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer,Controller, and Chief Executive Officer, Chief HR Officer, VP / SVP Human Resources.Michael  Page  Oil  &  Gas is a major industry sector for Michael Page both in the United States and aroundthe world and within this we have specialist teams focusing on technical and engineering. Our experiencecovers recruitment with Operators, Contractors, Consultancies, Subcontractors and Oil & Gas Services /Product Suppliers.Michael  Page  Engineering  &  Manufacturing is dedicated to the recruitment of engineering andmanufacturing professionals across all industries including: Life Sciences (Medical Device, Biotech,Pharmaceutical), Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Products, High Tech, Electronics and Energy.
  4. 4. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideGUIDELearning the most recent salary and employment trends is critical to any firm’s long termsuccess and profitability. Michael Page has compiled the most accurate and up-to-date salaryinformation to help your company plan for the future and meet new challenges in the yearahead.We conduct regular salary surveys and market research based on the day-to-day activity ofour specialist markets and from our established client and candidate relationships.The Michael Page 2013 Salary Guide is one of the many resources our professionalrecruitment team offers to help business professionals plan recruitment and hiring decisions,from support functions to middle and senior management positions, across the Technologyvertical.All salaries, bonuses and total compensation are an approximation. Bonuses are discretionaryand based on performance.2013  Salary  Guide
  5. 5. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideEXPERTISEThe technology industry is being driven by unrelenting change; our clients are part of ademanding and evolving business environment that requires recruitment partners whounderstand the dynamics of the industry. As a testament to our understanding of theindustry, a large percent of our business represents repeat business.Michael Page’s Information Technology Practice brings you a pro-active, professional andconsultative recruitment service that reflects a fiercely competitive business. Our specialisttechnology recruiters are adept at attracting, assessing and securing the most sought aftercandidates.u Chief Technology Officers,Chief Information Officersu Program & Project Managementu Business Analysisu Application Developmentu Technology Risk & Governanceu Information Security, Systems & Testingu Front Office Technology Supportu InfrastructureOur  Information  Technology  ExpertiseInformationTechnology TeamCorporatePracticeBankingPracticeConsultingPractice
  6. 6. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideMarket  Overview  2013MARKETIn the first half of 2011 we witnessed Technology Recruitment charge ahead in hiring withinthe Banking & Financial Services space. Development, Application Support, BusinessAnalysis, Project/Program Management, and Infrastructure professionals benefitedfrom project demand across the investment banks as well as banking related softwaredevelopment firms. Technologists in this sector will continue to see steady hiring opportunitiesacross the vertical starting 2013, albeit they will feel a gradual slow down as Q4 continues.These positions are projected to have the largest increase in total compensation with anaverage gain of 4.5 percent from the previous year, adding to the bullish outlook in techhiring. “When we look at the top skill sets for technologies, as you would expect, generally itcomes down to Java,” says Constance Melrose, Managing Director, eFinancialcareers NorthAmerica. “In financial services, however, the C languages -- C, C++ and C# -- are in mostdemand. [They] allow you to handle large, real-time data flows for high-frequency tradingand risk management.” Along with C language developers, professionals in Infrastructure,Security and Control Units (risk, finance, valuations, compliance and operations) have had alarge investment to improve systems to better handle the new regulations and will continue todo so through 2013.
  7. 7. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideSALARYInformation  Technlogy  Salary  Guide  2013Role Minimum Maximum Bonus Contract RateSenior ManagersCTO/CIO 195k 500k 35k - 1,000kIT Managing Director 240k 345k 40k - 700kIT Director 170k 255k 40k - 400kIT Vice President 125k 185k 20k - 150k 1200 - 1500PMO Managing Director 245k 350k 40k - 750kPMO Director 180k 260k 40k - 400kPMO Vice President 130k 190k 20k - 200k 1200 - 1500Infrastructure Managing Director 225k 345k 40k - 550kInfrastructure Director 165k 230k 30k - 350kInfrastructure Vice President 120k 180k 20k - 150k 900 - 15005 to 10 years ExperienceIT Manager 105k 145k 10k - 75k 600 - 900Program Manager 140k 185k 15k - 100k 800 - 1100Project Manager 120k 165k 15k - 80k 600 - 900Business Analyst 85k 125k 5k - 45k 700 - 1200C++ Developer 105k 165k 15k - 100k 700 - 1000Java Developer 90k 140k 15k - 85k 600 - 900.Net Developer 95k 145k 15k - 80k 650 - 850C# Developer 85k 145k 15k - 80k 600 - 850QA Tester 95k 130k 10k - 45k 750 - 1400System Analyst 75k 120k 5k - 30k 500 - 800IT Trade Floor Support 70k 115k 5k - 40k 500 - 700IT Security Manager 90k 125k 10k - 40k 600 - 750Architect 130k 189k 20k - 90k 1000 - 1600Data Manager 135k 169k 20k - 70k 950 - 1600Database Administrator 105k 138k 10k - 45k 650 - 900
  8. 8. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideINTERIMWith economic uncertainty we have seen a huge increase in the need for contingent labor atall levels of business. The market for contract and interim help is on the uptick as companiesremain cautious. Many businesses have decided to work with contingent professionals whileevaluating their long term hiring needs for the future.We have noticed lengthier hiring cycles across all businesses which has been another reasonwhy companies have looked to contingent professionals for assistance. In addition, we haveseen many companies that simply dont have the green light to hire and need assistanceduring critical or peak periods of business, and require specialized or niche skill sets. Theyhave benefited greatly from hiring on contingent staff. Many companies have been utilizinginterim or contract professionals to meet business needs and monitor costs withoutoverhiring.Michael  Page  Interim  &  Contract  
  9. 9. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideUntrue! We have sourced, interviewed and reference checked Big 4 andFortune 500 professionals that happen to be out of work and looking toadd value to a company.Temp  Candidates  do  not  possess  a  high  quality  skill  setTemp  hires  are  very  expensiveThrough our size and scope, we are able to offer a cost effectivesolution that saves you time.Two words: Insurance & Liability. Michael Page is a $1 billion businessand as such, has excellent coverage for when a temporary worker ison-site.What  is  the  danger  of  hiring  a  temporary  employee  from  a  boutique  recruitment  firm?Benefits of hiring a temporary employee from Michael Page:end the assignment with an hours notice. This can be a huge advantage.Michael Page consultant.I  don’t  understand  the  benefit  of  this  approachTo learn how Michael Page’s TemporaryServices can help you, please contact:John Ali or 212.336.6239We have had great success offering a retention bonus, i.e.: wehold back a portion of the employee’s pay and offer a lump sumat the completion of the assignment.How  can  I  guarantee  a  temp  completes  their  assignment?Setting the Record Straight!Common Misconceptions about Hiring aTemporary Resource
  10. 10. 2013 Information Technology Salary GuideAPPROACHMichael Page can help you recruit the best candidate for your job by matching your specificrequirements to our professional candidates.Recruiting through Michael Page begins by meeting with one of our consultants. Thismeeting will help the consultant understand priorities for the position including the skill set andareas of expertise you require, the salary you wish to pay, your corporate culture and whether youwish to secure a permanent, contract or temporary employee.These meetings are consultative in nature and give you the opportunity to question a recruitmentexpert about anything including: whether your brief best fits a retained assignment, marketconditions, candidate availability, suitable package, timing and so on. The consultant you meet willhave extensive and specialist experience in the sector in which you are recruiting.Michael Page has an excellent reputation among our candidates and they trust us to secure themquality roles. As such, you can be guaranteed that we will secure your company high caliberemployees. Our philosophy is to find the right match for you and our candidates, thus ensuringmaximum and mutual satisfaction. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our reputation.A  Consultative,  Specialized  ApproachA  Reputation  You  Can  TrustFor  more  information  please  contact:or  visit  us  at:  www.michaelpage.comJohn Ali SamadzadehSenior Recruitment ConsultantT: 212.336.6239E:
  11. 11. 2013 Information Technology Salary Guidewww.michaelpage.comInformationTechnologyIf you would like more information on the organization or the services provided byMichael Page please contact:Michael Page1 Sansome Street34th FloorSan Francisco, CA 94104p. 415.926.7400f. 415.926.7424Michael Page2500 BroadwaySuite F-125Santa Monica, CA 90404p. 424.238.4468f. 424.238.4301Michael Page177 Broad Street7th FloorStamford, CT 06901p. 203.905.5250f. 203.905.5299Michael PageOne East Wacker DriveSuite 2650Chicago, IL 60601p. 312.263.7471f. 312.263.8469Michael Page125 High Street15th FloorBoston, MA 02110p. 617.428.3680f. 617.428.3793Michael Page99 Wood Avenue SouthSuite 310Iselin, NJ 08830p. 732.623.4500f. 732.623.4528Michael Page405 Lexington Avenue28th FloorNew York, NY 10174p. 212.661.4800f. 212.661.6622Michael Page1717 Arch Street14th FloorPhiladelphia, PA 19103p. 215.861.7050f. 215.861.7093Michael Page5151 San FelipeSuite 1400Houston, TX 77056p. 713.568.7200f. 713.568.7201