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Guy haviv - History of GUI visual design


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A brief history of desktop software GUI visual design.

Prepared for my talk at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Nov. 2010

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Guy haviv - History of GUI visual design

  1. Hello. I’m Guy. Guy Haviv @stupidapp
  2. Guy Haviv @stupidapp GUI / OS History Brief
  3. Guy Haviv @stupidapp What kinds of interactive things do we design / build? Types of apps
  4. Guy Haviv @stupidapp - In-Browser vs. On-Desktop - Web interfaces have little commonality - Desktop interface have more commonality Web vs. Desktop: a superficial look on
  5. Guy Haviv @stupidapp What is an Operating System?
  6. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Stuff that operates the hardware + means to write more software Operating System
  7. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Low level stuff + UI Libraries Means for building more software?
  8. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Buttons, Menus, Check Boxes, Pointers, Radio Buttons, Lists, File Lists, etc. UI Libraries?
  9. Guy Haviv @stupidapp an OS ships with it’s own frameworks. Windows + Dot Net Mac OS X + Cocoa Coupling♥
  10. Guy Haviv @stupidapp UI is culture.
  11. Guy Haviv @stupidapp like any other type of design, it has a rich history.
  12. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Let’s go through some of this history.
  13. Guy Haviv @stupidapp MS DOS
  14. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Every app UI was built from scratch.
  15. Guy Haviv @stupidapp WIMP. windows, icons, menus, pointer
  16. Guy Haviv @stupidapp XEROX PARC
  17. Guy Haviv @stupidapp these guys invented WYSIWYG + modern software development + most of the GUI elements we know today. XEROX PARC
  18. Alto 1974
  19. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Lisa > Macintosh (System1..9)
  20. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Video (did I remember to connect the speakers?)
  21. System 1
  22. System 4.2 Looks Familiar?
  23. System 7.5.3
  24. System 7.5.3
  25. System 7.5.3
  26. System 8
  27. System 8
  28. System 9
  29. System 9
  30. System 9
  31. (we’ll get back to Apple soon.)
  32. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Microsoft Windows 1, 2, 3.11, 95, 98
  33. Win1
  34. Win2
  35. Win3.11
  36. Win3.11
  37. Win3.11
  38. Win95
  39. Win95
  40. Win95
  41. Win95
  42. Win95
  43. Win95
  44. Win95
  45. Win98
  46. Win98
  47. Win98
  48. Win98
  49. Win Me
  50. Win Me
  51. Win 2000
  52. Win 2000
  53. Win XP
  54. Win XP
  55. Win XP
  56. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Meanwhile... Unix, Linux, IRIX
  57. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Unix Low level system + X Windows
  58. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Unix X Windows = Minimal Definitions
  59. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Unix X Windows = Each system is different
  60. Guy Haviv @stupidapp CDE multiple Unix companies join together to define a desktop standard.
  61. CDE
  62. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Linux Open source Unix + X Windows
  63. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Linux X Windows again. Multiple UI Libraries + Desktops
  64. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Linux Gimp > Gtk > Gnome
  65. Gimp
  66. Gnome 2.0 on RedHat
  67. Gnome 2.0 on RedHat
  68. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Linux QT > KDE QT is now owned by Nokia.
  69. KDE 1
  70. KDE 3
  71. KDE 3
  72. KDE 3
  73. KDE 3
  74. KDE 3
  75. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Linux What happens when you mix a Gtk app with a KDE Desktop? hint: Copy & Paste doesn’t work.
  76. Guy Haviv @stupidapp IRIX from SGI: Silicon Graphics
  77. KDE 3
  78. KDE 3
  79. Guy Haviv @stupidapp BeOS “SGI for the rest of us”
  80. KDE 3
  81. KDE 3
  82. Guy Haviv @stupidapp NeXT Steve’s other company.
  83. Guy Haviv @stupidapp QNX One Floppy OS. QNX is now owned by RIM - makers of Blackberry. It powers the PlayBook.
  84. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Apple Buys NeXT > Mac OS X back to:
  85. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Mac OS X Unix + Aqua XWindows
  86. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Jaguar
  87. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Panther
  88. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Tiger
  89. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Apple Leopard
  90. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Name roundup DOS Mac OS Classic (System 1..9) Linux: Gnome, Kde, Gtk, QT BeOS QNX Windows NeXTSTEP Mac OS X
  91. Guy Haviv @stupidapp So unlike the Web, Desktop software brings about a new term: Good Citizen
  92. Guy Haviv @stupidapp Good Citizen?
  93. Guy Haviv @stupidapp An interface should match the target platform.
  94. Guy Haviv @stupidapp But that’s a topic for another day.
  95. Guy Haviv @stupidapp thank you. Slides available on: Almost all screenshots were taken from