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Wireless industrial alarm adapter solution overview - q42015

The best Verizon Wireless alternative to plain old telephone lines for your Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP).

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Wireless industrial alarm adapter solution overview - q42015

  1. 1. Monitor What Matters
  2. 2. Fire, Smoke and Flood Universal Compatibility Small and Rugged Secure Wireless Connectivity Smart Device Ready
  3. 3. Getting Familiar With Your WIAA Monitor What Matters Universal Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) Compatibility. Simply connect your new adapter to any alarm panel and start communicating to the best fire protection available instantly. 1 Fast And Reliable Wireless Technology We use the latest and greatest wireless services from Verizon Wireless. Connecting your life safety and security system to the nations largest and trusted broadband connectivity. 2 Easily Update Your Legacy Equipment Whether your updating to the latest in Virtual Monitoring through Sinapsium, or extending the life of your old equipment, we have a solution for you. 3 Finally Get Rid Of Phone Lines Save thousands by removing your phone lines and replacing them with wireless connectivity. The system is a fraction of the cost of the old telephone service and pays for itself within one year. 4 Getting Started With Your Connected Business System WirelessIndustrialAlarmAdapter(WIAA)
  4. 4. When it comes to life safety We Got You Covered Federal Communications Commission Approved Using the latest wireless technology for life safety products comes with some rigorous testing and certification from the Federal Government. Our product passes with flying colors. 1 Verizon Wireless Tested and Certified We partnered with the engineers at Verizon Wireless to construct the best life safety product available on the market when dealing with Fire Safety. We put the WIAA through the tests and have the certifications from the nations #1 Wireless Provider. 2 Underwriters Laboratory Listed We spent the time, money and resources to make sure our Life Safety product will perform under all circumstances in the field. Whether your protecting your home, business or building; UL made sure our product is tested and true. 3 National Fire Protection Agency Registered Part of the process that allows products to be used for Fire Safety require the oversight from the NFPA. They looked us over and highly recommend our product as the “go to” solution for communications over wireless technology while connected to Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP). 4 Field Tested Tested and Certified by the Best TestedandCertifiedLifeSafetyProduct
  5. 5. Connecting your product Its not difficult Locate your Fire Alarm Control Panel Be sure to find the Make and Model of your FACP. This will help during the registration process. 1 Locate The Old Telephone Lines We are changing the way your Alarm Panel communicates. Updating the technology by replacing the telephone lines is your first step while inside the FACP. 2 Find Your Power Source The WIAA uses 12v power that can be supplied from many sources including the AUX power Output on your FACP. Check the user manual of your Alarm Panel is your FACP has this feature. If not, we have other available power options. 3 We’ll Take It From Here Flip the switch to ON, and watch the LED lights flash while the Verizon Network and Sinapsium Monitoring Center do all the work. The process to test and turn up is fast and painless! 4 4SimpleStepstoInstall Example: Primary Telco Backup WIAA
  6. 6. Upgrading your connection Better Life Safety Technology Mass Notification The WIAA uses 12v power that can be supplied from many sources including the AUX power Output on your FACP. Check the user manual of your Alarm Panel is your FACP has this feature. If not, we have other available power options. 3 Emergency Monitoring Flip the switch to ON, and watch the LED lights flash while the Verizon Network and Sinapsium Monitoring Center do all the work. The process to test and turn up is fast and painless! 4 Howitworks
  7. 7. Getting Familiar With Your Sinapsium Platform Virtual Monitoring Center View and control your system from the palm of your hand with the easy to navigate Dashboard. Watch your system from anywhere in the world while ensuring its always connected, monitored and safe. 1 Easily change notification to add or manage your text and email messages on-the-go. You have control over the amount and frequency of your alert notifications. Set it and forget it technology allows you to feel secure that its always keeping a close eye on your home or office. 2 Enable automatic rules and alerts based on your smartphone and smartwatch location through Geo-Services. Set up notifications and alerts for people that are home when your not by setting up rules when you travel. 3 Provide additional layers of security and protection by creating passwords and user accounts. Allow others in your home or business to view dashboards, receive text messages and email notifications when your not available, securely. 4 Getting Started With Your Connected Business System SINAPSIUMVirtualMonitoringPlatform
  8. 8. Don’t settle for anything less Our Technology Is SuperiorNextGenerationTechnology 0 1 2 3 4 5 Infatrac ADT Bay Alarm Infatrac vs. Competition Savings Safety Technology The Best Alarm Monitoring Available We are changing the way commercial and industrial fire alarm monitoring is done. Feel protected by the best and latest technology designed specifically with your safety in mind. 1 Our Customers Save Money The average customer saves over $1500 per year by replacing phone lines and traditional old fashioned monitoring companies with Virtualized Monitoring solutions from Infatrac. Cut the cord to the phone company and drop the call center monitoring. Move to better monitoring. 1
  9. 9. Replacing Old Technology Simple, Robust and ReliableWirelessCommunications Everyone needs to get off copper phone lines Since the telephone company is gradually phasing our new “copper” phone systems, organizations that require fire protection will find themselves without monitoring. We have a simple adapter to solve that problem. 1 Keep your equipment, just replace phone lines You can keep your old fire alarm panel and all of its sensors in place and only replace the phone lines. No tools required. We offer a great product to solve a simple problem. 2 Wireless Technology and Virtual Monitoring Wireless technology has proven to be the better technology when connecting life safety products. Verizon Wireless has proven to be the biggest, strongest and most powerful wireless provider available. 2
  10. 10. INSTANTFireProtection Bypass and go directly to fire fighters We bring the fighter fighters to the fire with new technology for mass notification, instant response and monitoring. 1 Everyone’s connected, even the HERO’s The Sinapsium monitoring center is Virtualized Social Monitoring. Everyone is connected, everyone is monitoring and everyone is safe from catastrophic fire’s. Get notified, act fast, save your loved ones. 2 Faster and Smarter Monitoring Simply The Best Mass Notification
  11. 11. Changing the way we monitor Socialized MonitoringMonitorWhatMatters Every second counts in a fire Get instant notifications via AMBER alert type messages directly to your smartphone, watch or tablet. In most cases, you’re the closest to respond, not the fire department; especially when its only burnt toast. 1 Socialized monitoring is life safety You watch out for me and I will watch out for you, together we are safe. The system was designed with you in mind. You want to know when there is a problem and where. Emergency services are notified and your network of contacts were contacted. Rest easy, we are watching out for you. 2 FIRE Alert Fire Alert: check system at 123 daisy lane. The Alarm System detected SMOKE. 08032015 07:30am Dismiss Alarm More Details
  12. 12. Customers, Partners and Dealers Welcome Direct and Indirect SalesSourcingMadeSimple Building Owners and Property Managers Are you interested in discussing our solution? We have sales and technical support folks standing by to chat about your needs, and assist with selecting the right product and platform you will need! Sales (877) 262-6539 Option 1 Support (877) 262-6539 Option 2 1 Alarm Service Providers and Resellers Do you own or operate a local or national security installation and support company? We want to partner! Please contact our partner program manager to discus our fantastic offering. We appreciate your interest, and cant wait to work with you! Reseller Program (877) 262-6539 Option 3 2 Our products are distributed by Talk To Your Verizon Wireless Specialist We are excited to participate in the Verizon Wireless Bill on Behalf Of (BOBO) program. You can now add your new WIAA solution to your Verizon Wireless Invoice. Ask your Verizon Sales Representative for more detail. 3 Direct Government Purchasing Made Easy We offer our product and service through serval contract engines making the process of procurement easy for our Federal and State government customers. 4